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Sanjeev Ravishankar
Student (Other)

Fayol's Unity of Direction Principle of Management

I'm looking for some further explanation and examples of UNITY OF DIRECTION as the 5th principle of Fayol's Principles of management? The 12manage summary says: "People engaged in the same kind of activities must have the same objectives in a single plan. This is essential to ensure unity and coordination in the enterprise. Unity of command does not exist without unity of direction but does not necessarily flows from it."
Many thanks...


Mutaka Musitafa
Student (University), Uganda

What is Unity of Direction by Fayol

Hello, the fifth principle of management "Unity of Direction" by Fayol can be understood further in the following ways:
That all activities in the organization aiming at attaining a specific objective and goal must be supervised by one person. For instance, if the organization aims at improving on the performance of its employees, the supervision of this, with its range of strategies must be supervised by one person or department from the many that may be available.

Jack Mwangi
Interim Manager, Kenya

Meaning of Unity of Direction

Hello Sanjeev. Unity of direction as depicted by Fayol simply means an objective of being administe... Sign up

Aastha khanna
Student (Other)

Explanation of Unity of Direction

Unity of direction means all the units of an organisation should be moving towards the same objectiv... Sign up

Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands

Unity of Direction versus Unity of Command

@Mutaka Musitafa: I believe what you are describing is unity of command; not unity of direction. Un... Sign up

Alka Jain, India

Management by Fayol

Good discussion! And opening eyes further on Fayol's fifth principle of unity of direction. Group! K... Sign up

K.Narayana Moorthy
HR Consultant, India

Fay's Unity of Command & Direction

Henry Fayol's 4th & 5th Principles are Unity of Command & Direction. These two are hand-in-hand prin... Sign up


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