Good and bad managers...

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Good and bad managers...
Why don't all managers follow the principles of management?? Still they become managers?? Why?? How??

Good and Bad Managers
Because these 14 principles are not part of the job description of a manager. He manages and is free to manage in his own natural style.

14 Management Principles
The 14 principals are not always practical, it depends on your work area and your surroundings. A few things remain the same, but management decisions and management policies change frequently.

Response to Arijit: Culture
Speaking from experience of developing country, the culture of inefficiency and ineffectiveness perpetutated by the highest office of the country makes it challenging for the principles to work. This culture is not only present in the country as a whole but in organisations as well. The general situation of the country's socio-economic and political structure provides poor environment for the managers to practice good management. (Opinion/reflection)

Good and Bad Managers
muhammad sharif
Dear Arijit, sometimes managers have to mold themselves according to the situation and they seem not to follow the principles.

Managers and Principles of Henri Fayol
Managers usually do not follow the principles because they are free to control the organization or the firm.

Managers are only Human
Evelyn Mendoza
These 14 principles of management are not always followed by managers for reasons that they are only humans and they make mistakes in handling and managing their people.

Principles are just Guidelines
These principles are just guidelines for the manager which help him to take decisions and actions. We know that no two individuals are similar in personality, thinking etc. Therefore being a human being, everybody has its own way of thinking and analysing things.

Management Princples for Study, not Practice
Furqan Jamil
The 14 principal are only used for to study in books, not to apply them in the organization completely. So managers do their job as they want according to their mind.

Applying and Blending Management Theories
Ashok A kella, Finance Manager, India, Member
All theories make you perceptually intelligent. They do not call you to apply these theories and principles as written ditto. It is their blends which gives flora of your intellectuality and beauty of the theories.

Fourth Principle - Unity of Command
archna jain
Some managers read these 14 principles & find their crooked ways to safeguard their position by misusing these principles.
For example in my organization. Mr. X top manager in my co will not allow anyone under him to contact his bosses - the unity of command is well taken care of. But when it comes to the team below him he will not let this happen. Sometime Mr. X directly contacts these lower level employees. In the year end Mr. X tells you you are not able to handle your subordinates. Wow! Very smart, very cheap & very cunning.

Principle 6 - Subordination of Individual Interest
Dennis Munene, Manager, Kenya, Member
Some managers have developed a bad culture due to ignorance of this principle at the place of work. So because everyone goes to work to attend to own interests, family, education and general well being in the society, some managers misuse their position in the verge of achieving their individual interests an approach that makes them become harsh to employees and at times issues harsh penalties to subordinate staff which at the end leads to demotivation and high labour turn over all because of bad management.
The managers should be the best example to see the value of this principle in an organization.

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Principles of Management - Fayol
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Principles of Management - Fayol
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