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Management Mantras
Raghu Raman, Member
What is the present management mantra practiced in your organisation? A paradigm shift in management may lead to innovations which may lead to new applications.
Or are the old management theories still being practiced in your organization?

Management Mantras: 'Reduce Cost Without Compromising on Quality'
Jaap de Jonge, Editor
We can see many companies aiming to reduce cost without compromising on quality.
They work on things like: economies of scale on a global level, operational excellence, downsizing, outsourcing, efficient backoffice systems, competitive purchasing strategies and offer a product/service that is both low-cost AND offers good specs/functionality/features.

Management Mantra
Bantwal Prabhu, Member
Management mantra should be time dependent and need based satisfying the basic requirements and should be adaptable and relevant to the changing environment of the times. It should be a time tested culture and should evolve a business trend with fundamentals of ethics benefiting life in society.

Indigenous Management
mohammad tahamtani, Member
What is the indigenous management? How can change management theories fit with the tradition in a country?

Indigenous Management
Bantwal Prabhu, Member
IndIgenous management is the philosophy of management which is unique to the group of people, locality or country based on good practices followed to solve their day to day problems individually or jointly.
Such a philosophy/culture might have evolved over a period of time and today there may be a tradition of the same in that society and may be written in the form of scriptures such as Bhagavad Gita in India which highlights ancient management philosophy which is applicable even today in the area of problem solving.

Suggested Management Mantra
Ruwan Bandara, Member
Our planet will vanish if we don't properly manage it. If our management superiority or high quality keep causing environment damage on this rate, this earth can not survive for another 100 years.
All top managers will be responsible for the damage done to the earth.
So the Management Mantra for today has to be...
Reduce Use... Reuse... Recycle

The 3R, 3S, 3P, USA and IDEA Principles
Bantwal Prabhu, Member
The management mantra of the future can be simply described by using the:
- 3R Principle - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle,
- 3S Principle - Strategy, Systems and Structure,
- 3P Principle - Purpose, Process and People,
- USA Principle - Understand, Simplify and Automate,
and lastly motivating people using the:
- IDEA Principle - Involvement, Development, Encouragement/Empowerment and Acknowledgment.

Management Mantra? We Must Protect our World Together
Ruwan Bandara, Member
Yes teacher Prabhu, remembering the 3R, 3S or 3P we must minimize the exploitation of the earth's resources and the exploitation of labor etc. If managers are satisfy customers & go further & delight customer on the cost of planet on tread. What is the purpose of this short term customer delight on long term risk for planet.
The problem of many top managers is they focus on profit too much while not protecting the earth. Protecting earth is like beggars soup with every beggar thinking another beggar will contribute rice to the soup and expecting delicious soup.
We ALL must protect our nature and understand we are a product of nature, not the other way around.

Protect our World Together
Bantwal Prabhu, Member
@Ruwan Bandara: yes, you are right we should protect our world together. How many are concerned about this?
The attitude today is "it is not my problem", hence the progress is very slow in protection unless some catastrophe takes place. The governments are not very serious. The people of wisdom should join together in a movement all over the world and take action right on time to save the world from chaos and catastrophe.

Environment Management Must Be the Prime Focus of Management in the 21st Century
Ruwan Bandara, Member
@Bantwal Prabhu say 3R, 3S, 3P etc. For example the world's most powerful economy, the USA has 4% of the world population yet emit 38% of global green house gas into the environment.
How can they be happy as a nation while they're damaging the environment this much? Oil producers do not pay any environmental tax. We must redefine our business model soon by FOCUSING on the environment first.
It must be ensured that all existing management mantras in the world do not end our world. If our mantra provides us with short term productivity for a few customers, but long term problem for all animals, humans, plants and not enough oxygen, then what is the purpose of such management Mantras?

Management Mantra: Business First, People are Secondary
Sreenivasan, Member
My experience with first-gen organizations is that entrepreneurs treat business as first and people as secondary.
I have also seen that organizations rest on a few key people and others are just there for transactional jobs. But the bottom line is those organizations have thrived to some extent.
Yet, I have seen also other organizations where information is hoarded and these continue to be good revenue-earners too. Loyalism seem to be having upper hand than professionalism.

The Japanese Lesson: MAKE IT SIMPLE - Bettter with Less
Javier Elenes, Member
SIMPLE = BETTER WITH LESS (versus better with more)
This means: BETTER value delivery to the customer, with LESS use of key resources (time and money)
For example: better service with less inventory. When I was Managing Director for an engine bearing manufacturing company we improved the service level to 99% from 60% reducing cycle time to 12 days from 120 days.
IPADE (Mexican version of Harvard Business School) wrote a case CLEVITE DE MEXICO, wich Im wiling to send to whom want.

Universal Management Mantra
Ruwan Bandara, Member
It is not Japan, USA or UK to produce carbon foot print and water footprint effect to whole being in the world human, plant and animal.
Ecological environment is first priority. Our society operates in the environment and depend on it too. The environment does not depend or operate on society. Businesses are operating and depending on society. Indian great philosophers Nigantanatha Puthra,Makkali Gosala and Gauthama Buddha have this view point.


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