Are Fayol's Principles of Management also applicable to non-profit organizations?

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Are Fayol's Principles of Management also applicable to non-profit organizations?
nashmia khan, Student (MBA), Pakistan, Member
Fayol's principles of management were written having industrial (mining) firms in mind. Obviously these are for profit companies.
Are the 14 principles also applicable to non-profit organizations? Which principles would have to be changed should we want to apply them to not for profit organizations?

The Real Principles of Management
John Troughton, Sustainable Business Management, Australia, Member
Management concepts should be universal as it is primarily system to manage human behaviour. Hence it should apply to all institutions. Once neurophysiology figures out how the brain works, we understand human networks and integrate these with the cyberbrain a new conceptual model will arise. Fayol's principles will still be pretty good.

Henry Fayol's Principles are Applicable to Non-profit Organisations Too!
biresh chaubey, Manager, India, Member
Yes there is no doubt about it. I have been so much attracted by it that I always carry them along with me I have codified them as: "dadu ussr coi pee" this has been codified by taking the first letter of each principle, starting with "division of work" also called specialisation of labour. Its very relevant for even non profit organisations.
The only principle where money is involved is remuneration, which means 'compensation' and nowhere Fayol talked about profit. The 14 principles are the heart and soul for the very existence of every successful organisation, be it profit-making or non-profit-making.

Difference is Only the Mission of an Organization
nashmia khan, Student (MBA), Pakistan, Member
@Biresh Chaubey: I like that code. Have you coined it?
And can we say that the only difference between both types of organization is just the mission i.e. profit making for one and social welfare for the other?

Henry Fayol's Principles are Applicable to Any Organization
Muhammad Shafi, Analyst, Pakistan, Member
The emphasis is on value and utilization of humans and structure of an organization... Therefore I agree the principles can be applied and customised for any organization...
Even to an informal setup of people working in any environment...

Fayol's Principles of Management are Applicable for Non-profit organizations
Vivek Hattangadi, Management Consultant, India, Member
Fayol's principles are still valid even after 100 years of existence.
It holds good for both commercial and non-profit organizations
It can be used to improve the basic effectiveness of the a manager, especially his decision-making skills and capabilities.
It encourages the use of rewards based on performance and merit, thus preempting disturbance in harmony.
Peter Drucker also has similar views.

Appliction of Fayol's Principles to Non-profit Organizations
nashmia khan, Student (MBA), Pakistan, Member
Is there any principle of management among the 14 that does NOT necessarily needs to be applied in the non profit organization?

Fayol's Principles are Universal for any Organizations
Justin Mwangi, Partner, Kenya, Member
I believe all the 14 principles apply to any organization, therefore they are universal. I don't think there is need for any change.

DADU USSR COI PEE - Remembering the 14 Principles by Henry Fayol
biresh chaubey, Manager, India, Member
@Nashmia Khan: yes Nashmia, I have coined it for better long lasting remembrance by myself as well as for teaching to students.

Applicability of Fayol Principles at Public Colleges and Schools
Dr Muhammad Nadeem Anwar, Entrepreneur, Pakistan, Member
Yes, the 14 principles are applicable to non-profit organizations as well. Just consider the example of government schools/colleges. These are entirely non-profit organizations, but you can observe the 14 principles are applying for effective functioning.

How can Division of Work Be Applied to a Non-profit Organization?
nashmia khan, Student (MBA), Pakistan, Member
@Dr Muhammad Nadeem Anwar: OK, let's take an example of the first principle: "Division of work that leads to specialization". It seems to be more applicable to the manufacturing sector, so how it can be applied to a non-profit making organization?

Application of Fayol in Business and Public Administration
Sabvukutwa, Manager, Zimbabwe, Member
Fayol forms the framework of general management. His principles are applicable to any organisation regardless of the organization's mission. Profit or no profit.

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