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Difference between Adminstration and Management
SAMUN JAJA RAHARJA, Teacher, Indonesia, Member
Should't Fayol's principles be called the 14 principles of Administration? Why was 'administration' (in the French language) translated into English in 1949 as 'management'? What differences are there between the area of studying administration and management?
Remember that the original concept from Henry Fayol was called "Administration, industrielle et generalle" (in French) so should be translated as : "General and industrial administration".

Management versus Administration? Differences
Elisha Simon, HR Consultant, Nigeria, Member
I think management and administration are the same.
The only difference however is that while administration is more popular with the public sector, management is more used in private, business settings.

Current Meaning of Management versus Administration
rasik, Accountant, India, Member
Presently, administration indicates internal operations, whereas management term is used for a much wider meaning. Management refers not only to internal, but also to external activities.

Management versus Administration
Shailendra, Student (MBA), India, Member
Management is two way and more participatory in nature.
Administration is one way and directionary in nature.

Joseph Mathew, Manager, India, Member
Nowadays a manager/administrator is a fused personality of two individuals: one a leader and the other a manager. A leader can have ideas and directions. A manager can motivate the team and implement the ideas.

Management versus Administration
M Ramesh Babu, Director, India, Member
In a way both are the same, but management is more of systems and structures while administration is more of discipline and people centric.

Administration and Management
dineshselvam, principal, India, Member
In my view, management is executive and operational. Administration is about planning, policy making. Administration is top level and management is middle level.

Commerce, Finance- Difference Between Management and Administration
raihanath.m.p, Student (University), India, Member
@Elisha Simon: I believe in a business organisation, administration and management are NOT the same. Administration is a higher level function in a business organisation. I am unsure if this also applies to other organizations.

Difference between Adminstration and Management
Uche isaac nwogu, Manager, Nigeria, Member
In my view, management is more complex than adminstration:
- A manager must not per se follow a laid down policy of an organisation to achieve his goals, whilst an adminstrator is mandated to follow policies of an organisation.
- Management is about taking vital decisions at any point in time to achieve organisational goals.
- Adminstration on the other hand is red tapism in application.

The Meaning of the Term: Administration
Jaap de Jonge, Editor, Netherlands
An attempt to summarize the discussion so far:
- Most people 'ON THE STREET' would probably recognize 'administration' in the way @Uche isaac nwogu is mentioning: a relatively low level procedural activity, taking care of formal procedures and rules.
- When used in BUSINESS, such as when we study 'business administration', I believe the term is a little bit outdated synonym for 'management'.
- When used in the PUBLIC SECTOR, as @Elisha Simon said, there are regions in the world where they use the term 'administration' to be approximately the same as 'government', such as in the USA when they speak about the Bush administration or the Obama administration.

Meaning of Management and Administration
wilfred, Financial Consultant, Member
To me management is coordinating the activities of the entire organization which is bigger in nature than administration.

Difference Between Administration and Management
peter marley, Student (University), United States, Member
In my opinion, the nature of the activities between the two differs, whereby Administration is determinative in nature while Management is executive in nature.
Administration does not actively concern with direction of human efforts in determination of the plans, while management deals with active human efforts in execution of the well defined objectives laid down by administration.

Definition of Management
David Wilson, Manager, Canada, Premium Member
If you look at the term "management" from the perspective of a bargaining unit, management means the out-of-scope or non-union leadership of the organization. To manage the organization, they must plan, organize, direct and control the workforce. In addition management will supervise, hire, appraise, discipline and dismiss employees. Administration is the level of work that would be below management. However, many organizations have their own definitions that they apply.

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