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Amar Deep Seetohul
Manager, Mauritius

Manager in Conflict with Top Management...

Conflicts occur regularly in almost all organisations. Managers having a conflict with top management normally have to accept the decision and command of top management.
But quite often, the lower/middle manager may actually be right as he is the one who is conversant with the intricacies of the shop floor, not top management...

  Jorge Garrido, Mexico

Conflict Between Lower, Middle and Top Management

Top managers in most cases never work on the floor. And even if they did, they forget what they learned at the shop floor.
So indeed normally the one that knows better how things can be improved is the people from the shop but sometimes they are not able to express the situations.
So we need to help them to describe them in a better way, to do diagrams or lay-outs in an easy way that everybody is able to understand (A3 form, lean culture).
In this way you will empower your people to make decisions, and you can reduce the need for managers.

Manager, India

How to Handle the Confilct Between the CEO and the Employees?

To avoid conflict, we shoud first listen to the employees about their grievences. Psychologically, employees will have some fear for CEOs. So we should make them feel at ease. And there's nothing wro...

  chilufya chabu floyd
Student (MBA), Zambia

Avoiding Conflict Between Top Managers and Middle Managers

Most conflicts between top and middle managers are due to misunderstanding between each level and this can be avoided by making argument based on information generated by the organisation as the basis...

  David Wilson
Manager, Canada

Managers Need to Learn How to Win-win

Managers should learn the art of appreciate inquiry to avoid conflict. I would also suggest managers should learn to use the Toyota Way, including the role of sensei (teacher/coach). The more senior ...

  Ruwan Bandara
Manager, Sri Lanka

Wear Strategic Hat and Operational Hat Simultaneously

Top managers think strategically and operational managers think operationally. This is the main cause behind this kind of conflict. Most of such conflicts, if they're managed well, can result in brea...

  A Kum

Formal Communication to Avoid Conflict

@Jorge Garrido: The only way to avoid conflict is contrary to popular belief instead of sitting together and discussing informally that top management should make the decisions, and all communication ...

  Jorge Garrido, Mexico

Conflicts Between Management Layers

Managers have to follow the rules but they may have to be changed in a proper way, so the results can be obtained in another way. Most of the proposals of top management do not work that's why manager...

  K.Narayana Moorthy
HR Consultant, India

A Manager in Conflict With Top Management

A conflict is a process in which one party perceives that his/her interests are negatively affected by another party. Conflict occurs whenever disagreements exist in situations over issues of substanc...

  Javier Elenes
Business Consultant, Mexico

No Conflicts Between a Manager and Top Management. The Boss is the Boss

By definition there is no such thing as managers in conflict with top management THE BOSS IS THE BOSS. When the boss commands an order, he never made a mistake. If he made a mistake, he commands agai...

Professor, Peru

Managerial Conflicts?

I am in favor of Javier Elenes' point of view. Conflicts are only valid between managers of the same rank. Then, their boss should define who is right. That is the end. Conflicts with outside author...

  K.Narayana Moorthy
HR Consultant, India

Conflict Types

Conflict occur when two or more values, perspectives or opinions are contradictory in nature. Basically this happens mostly because of poor communication. Types of conflicts are: 1. Interpersonal co...

Professor, Peru

Conflicts Between 2 Management Parties

Whenever a conflict arises within an organization in which a good will approach exists (Technical, HR, budget, timing, functionality) it should be easily resolved with dialogue. If dialogue does not w...

  Jack Mwangi
Interim Manager, Kenya

Conflicts are Part of Management

Whether we like it or not, it's an accepted fact in management that possibilities of conflicts occur, especially in the time of administering change. The line manager of course knows the ins and outs...

  Tito Rafael Hidalgo Barcia
Strategy Consultant, Ecuador

Managers in Conflict with Top Management

Conflicts (difference of opinions, positions, ideas...) are a normal part of any social-cultural development or evolution. Without it, we, humans, would have not developed to the present time. Perhap...

  Javier Elenes
Business Consultant, Mexico

Protocol: Are You Aware of the Effects of your Decicion?

@Tito Rafael Hidalgo Barcia: Good point, to create a protocol, hope you like this: Ask a key question: Chief are you aware of the effects of you decicion? (Jefe żesta consciente e los efectos de su d...


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