(Why) Do we Need Managers?

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HR Consultant, Angola

(Why) Do we Need Managers?

Why do we need managers? They are a layer of cost and add no real value, so why do we have them? Most specialists left their field to be managers and usually hate it and perform at lower levels than in their previous roles.
What if we reduced managers to stewards and facilitators and paid them like other specialists - would this help?

Turnaround Manager, Kenya

Managers are Needed

I read your comment on managers with a lot of consternation. The truth is that we need managers who also double up as leaders in their roles. The essence is that managers help units pull in one direction using the corresponding communication channels. Managers also enhance the spirit of responsibility and shorten the required time in delivery.
Take the situation in Africa for instance. We have plenty of resources, but we lack prudent managers in the name of leaders. Hence the continued under utilisation and proliferation of poverty.
A case in point is Nigeria with massive oil resources, but not fully utilised to create capital and avert biting poverty.

  Niranjan Chatterjee, India

Why We Need Managers

Managers are not there to get involved hands-on in the processes of an organization. They are there to coordinate and lead without which any organization is bound to flounder, no matter how efficient...

  Deepesh Kaveeshwar
Manager, India

Why do we Need Managers??

Manager are role models. They can lead as well as manage the task with the help of growing trends in management education. Now especially in India we have people as a manager who have both a commerc...

HR Consultant, Angola

Why do we Need Managers

I think you need to read the whole statement - specialist are needed and we need those that can lead, but they need not be managers, managers need to be stewards to facilitate and guide the specialist...

  gloria edem kuetsinyah

Why do we Need Managers?

We need managers so that organizations can meet it goals and objectives. Without a leader a team cannot be productive enough....

  Nitin Thakur
Manager, United Kingdom

Why do we Need Managers

@Santiago: Your raise a very valid point, something as someone who moved from an engineering (specialist as you call it) background to management, I had the same question time and time again. I also...

  Margaret Kilonzo
Manager, Kenya

Why Managers are Needed

We need managers to give direction if people are not led there would be total chaos. Imagine everyone doing want they want or think is right. It would be like children playing on their own without a ...

Turnaround Manager, Kenya

Specialists versus Managers

@Nitin Thakur: I note your perspective in regard to specialists and managers, you will note that in the pyramid for managers there are three levels of work categories (operational, tactical, strategic...

  Olumide Oni
Manager, Nigeria

Of Course we Need Managers

We cannot underestimate the importance and role of managers in organisational processes. They are no doubt an expensive layer, however, they are also a very cost-effective and money-saving layer, espe...

  Tengue Felix, Ghana

We Need Managers

@Olumide Oni : Sister, you are right, without managers organizational goals and objectives would not be realised, they lay down strategies to ensure that organisation meet their targets....

HR Consultant, Angola

Yes do we Need Managers... and Specialists

Well we do need leaders and someone or a team who sees the big picture, who has the broad perspective, to allow specialists to do great work. Managers and leaders are of course needed, but they must ...

  Phillip Baka
Student (MBA), South Africa

Fayols Management Roles

Yes as Fayol said we need managers to plan, organise, command, coordinate and control the organisation. ...

  pinar Basaran

Why do we Need Managers?

I agree that we need managers in order to plan, organise, coordinate and control the organisation but I think "command" has become a wrong word in modern society......

  Amar Deep Seetohul
Manager, Mauritius

Should we Reduce the Role of Managers?

@Martin: We need managers to fulfil the pivotal role required in any organisation. Their linking (coordination) between the top management and the operational level is crucial. They should be above th...

  pinar Basaran

Reduce Hierarchy - Not the Role of Managers

We should reduce hierarchy instead of reducing the role of managers....

  Ajay Nagariya

We Need Leader as Manager... not Just a Manager

We need managers who can lead a team by example, assist team members to grow their individual contribution, and work as catalyst to increase team efficiency and throughput. I'm sure in any organizati...

HR Consultant, Angola

Reducing Hierarchy

@Pinar Basaran : That is so true and with that the non value adding bureaucracy which reduces initiative and creativity in most organisations. Of course when you take out layers of hierarchy you also...

  Daniel Griffith
Teacher, United States

(Why) Do we Need Managers?

I think there needs to be an understanding on this issue that there is a difference between leaders and managers. A leader, to me, is a specialist within his/her career field that steps up and takes c...

HR Consultant, Angola

Why do we Need Managers

@Daniel Griffith: I like what you added, and yes in my mind the leader is from the team and may step down after a project, or even after an event. The manager is there to help the team deliver, facili...

  Dali Horeshka
Business Consultant, Albania

Manager Have a Brokering and Facilitating Role

@Daniel Griffith: You are right. That is the role of managers: brokering and facilitating. While the role of managers contains difficulty, that of leaders contains risk concerning objectives to be ach...

  David Wilson
Manager, Canada

Leaders and Managers

I am not sure we should be separating the role of leaders and managers. In one organization where I worked we asked all managers to be leaders. It seemed to work better than trying to create managers ...

HR Consultant, Angola

Leaders or Managers?

David, you are of course right, leaders are not separate from managers they have overlapping roles, and this should be recalled in our governance model when we want to handle conflicts especially on r...

Consultant, Portugal

Why we Need Managers... Who else would Manage Otherwise?!

One reason: they are the one's who achieve goals, retain costumers and employees. As for managers or leaders, you can be one and not the other, or be both at the same time. Effective managers are lea...

  Jorge Garrido, Mexico

When Managers are not Needed

Managers are not needed if you work in a high culture organization, where everybody has the right training and the goals are clear. You can reduce a lot of management layers if the top manager has emp...

  Divyani bhansali, India

It Depends on Employees

If everyone can manage themselves properly, then there would be a low need for managers. If really the employees need supervisions and guidance, then more managers are needed...
Editor: Yes, compar...

  Biju T A
Professor, India

Oh Yes. We Need Managers!!!!

Have you ever noticed the difference between laser and ordinary light? The laser is well arranged with synchronised movements of photons and this structure gives it the strength to cut through the har...

Accountant, Uganda

When we Still Need Managers

To win in the a new world, organisations need inspirational leaders, not just managers. With the growth of technology in each and every processes of production to service delivery there is greater nee...

HR Consultant, Angola

Managers versus Leaders do we Need Them

Think about the manager as the facilitator, the steward who makes the details work, (s)he looks after the daily stuff people need. While leaders inspire, create a vision and define the values that ta...

  Biju T A
Professor, India

Difference between Managers and Leaders is Outdated

@Santiago: it is matter of what we believe and what we are... The managers are leaders and please donít find any difference in this, because the 1960s theories of management have died out and we have ...

Consultant, Portugal

Outdated Arguments?!

Hi everyone, in fact, managers should be leaders, but they may be not... As said before, a leader is someone who has followers, and there are many managers that aren't followed by anyone. People may...

  David Wilson
Manager, Canada

Leaders and Managers - There is no Difference!

@Biju T A: thank you. I agree that a leader needs to be a manager and a manager needs to be a leader. Many innovative organizations are developing leaders at all levels, leaders who also need to be ma...

  Elisha Simon
HR Consultant, Nigeria

Why we Need Managers

@Santiago: in answering this question, we need to know what a manager is. A manager, simply put, is a person who - in some way - coordinates and directs the action of others. So it is not out of pla...

  Jorge Garrido, Mexico

Do we Need Managers?

Leaders are normally needed, but if you train your organization like a real team you can make it work as an independent, autonomous team, where people in the lowest levels can take decision. Managers...

  Edna Rotich

Why do we Need Managers

A story is being told of two rowing teams: - Team A had one manager and six rowers - Team B, had six managers and one rower. Obviously team A won. Manager's should be there, but not to micro manage...

  Tebogo Lebodi, South Africa

How do we Combine the Qualities of both the Specialists and the Managers?

@Santiago: I agree we see most specialists undervalued to a point where they have to opt for management positions in order to achieve some level of recognition. However in other cases, some specialis...

HR Consultant, Angola

Specialist versus Managers

@Tebogo Lebodi: great questions Tebogo. 1. We need to train managers to be stewards and facilitators and understand that they do not have the power (remember managers evolved from bureaucracies and h...

  Elarbi oussama, Belgium

Managers May Cost too Much Comparing Their Productivity

I totaly agree. Thank you. Just look at the gap of the salary between a manager in a company and the simple employee. Now compare their productivity.. It often is not proportional!...

Consultant, Portugal

Specialists, Leaders and Managers - what a Mess

Hi Everyone, this discussion turned into a "mess". We started discussing "no need for managers" and it should have stopped there. Managers are needed, and managers, specialists and leaders are differe...

  halima Sheikh, Kenya

Why we Need Managers

@Santiago: We need managers in an organization because employees need some direction, organizing and a basic sense of command and/or authority. But on the other hand it is absurd when people who are s...

  irawan sugito
HR Consultant, Indonesia

Why do we Need Managers

What we need today is leaders, not managers. Too many managers did not do their roles e.g. managing, developing, evaluating people and their contributions, while leaders are expected to lead, provide ...

Management Consultant, Zambia

Why do we Need Managers

All managers are not leaders, you can't teach leadership, it's something an individual should possess. We need sensible managers who have the capability to mentor their team with commitment and empath...

  Amar Deep Seetohul
Manager, Mauritius

Principles of Management - Fayol

A manager should lead in a way that the people led do not even notice they are being led... He should form part of the team both officially and on a personal basis... He should know his staff's psycho...

  Popovic Zeljko, Slovenia

Why do we Need Managers

There is a difference between a ''real'' manager and the leader. The question is reasonable, if we have both of them in company but we can not recognize who is who. In this case we are paying at least...

Professor, Ukraine

No Organizations that do not Need Management

I thought about the topic: "Are there any organizations that do NOT need management?" Well, I think there are no such organizations. Although any organization has its own FORM (way) of management and...

  Tendekai Dzinamarira
Manager, Zimbabwe

Companies Without Management

@Molokanova: There are myths surrounding organizations without management. It's a good idea if we explore a bit into these myths citing examples if there are any. A book written by Frederic Laloux cal...

  Mrs. Sayran Ghafuri
Coach, Iraq

The Role of Managers Cannot be Ignored

Managers cannot be dispensed with, but competent managers must be selected. And when you find a large number of managers in an organization without justification, it is better to reduce their numbers....

  Suresh P Raghupathy
Director, India

Need a Manager?

Just imagine an hour at 9AM without a traffic management system nor a traffic junction police.That horrible will be the situation for any project or program without a parent called "Manager"...

  Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands

Managers are Needed More than Ever But they Need to Adapt

The required role of managers has changed a lot over the last 3 decades, due to process reengineering, digitization, the agile movement and the pandemic/flexible work among other things. No wonder tha...


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