(Why) Do we Need Managers?

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(Why) Do we Need Managers?
santiago, Member
Why do we need managers? They are a layer of cost and add no real value, so why do we have them? Most specialists left their field to be managers and usually hate it and perform at lower levels than in their previous roles.
What if we reduced managers to stewards and facilitators and paid them like other specialists - would this help?...Register

Managers are Needed
MARTIN, Member
I read your comment on managers with a lot of cons...

Why We Need Managers
Niranjan Chatterjee, Member
Managers are not there to get involved hands-on in...

Why do we Need Managers??
Deepesh Kaveeshwar, Member
Manager are role models.
They can lead as we...

Why do we Need Managers
santiago, Member
I think you need to read the whole statement - spe...

Why do we Need Managers?
gloria edem kuetsinyah, Member
We need managers so that organizations can meet it...

Why do we Need Managers
Nitin Thakur, Member

Why Managers are Needed
Margaret Kilonzo, Member
We need managers to give direction if people are n...


Of Course we Need Managers
Olumide Oni, Member
We cannot underestimate the importance and role of...

We Need Managers
Tengue Felix, Member
@Olumide Oni : ...

Yes do we Need Managers... and Specialists
santiago, Member
Well we do need leaders and someone or a team who ...

Fayols Management Roles
Phillip Baka, Member
Yes as Fayol said we need managers to plan, organi...

Why do we Need Managers?
pinar Basaran, Member
I agree that we need managers in order to plan, or...

Should we Reduce the Role of Managers?
Amar Deep Seetohul, Member
@Martin: We nee...

Reduce Hierarchy - Not the Role of Managers
pinar Basaran, Member
We should reduce hierarchy instead of reducing the...

We Need Leader as Manager... not Just a Manager
Ajay Nagariya, Member
We need managers who can lead a team by example, a...


(Why) Do we Need Managers?
Daniel Griffith, Member
I think there needs to be an understanding on this...



Leaders and Managers
David Wilson, Premium Member
I am not sure we should be separating the role of ...

Leaders or Managers?
santiago, Member
David, you are of course right, leaders are not se...

Why we Need Managers... Who else would Manage Otherwise?!
Monteiro, Member
One reason: they are the one's who achieve goals, ...

When Managers are not Needed
Jorge Garrido, Member
Managers are not needed if you work in a high cult...

It Depends on Employees
Divyani bhansali, Member
If everyone can manage themselves properly, then t...

Oh Yes. We Need Managers!!!!
Biju T A, Member
Have you ever noticed the difference between laser...

When we Still Need Managers
Egessa, Member
To win in the a new world, organisations need insp...

Managers versus Leaders do we Need Them
santiago, Member
Think about the manager as the facilitator,...


Outdated Arguments?!
Monteiro, Member
Hi everyone, in fact, managers should be leaders, ...

Leaders and Managers - There is no Difference!
David Wilson, Premium Member
@Biju T A: than...

Why we Need Managers
Elisha Simon, Member
@Santiago: in a...

Do we Need Managers?
Jorge Garrido, Member
Leaders are normally needed, but if you train your...

Why do we Need Managers
Edna Rotich, Member
A story is being told of two rowing teams:
- ...



Managers May Cost too Much Comparing Their Productivity
Elarbi oussama
I totaly agree. Thank you.
Just look at the g...

Specialists, Leaders and Managers - what a Mess
Monteiro, Member
Hi Everyone, this discussion turned into a "mess"....

Why we Need Managers
halima Sheikh, Member
@Santiago: We n...

Why do we Need Managers
irawan sugito, Member
What we need today is leaders, not managers. Too m...

Why do we Need Managers
vasumathi, Member
All managers are not leaders, you can't teach lead...

Principles of Management - Fayol
Amar Deep Seetohul, Member
A manager should lead in a way that the people led...

Why do we Need Managers
Popovic Zeljko, Premium Member
There is a difference between a ''real'' manager a...


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