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Managers versus Leaders
Steyn Mashabane, Manager, South Africa, Member
Not all managers are good leaders and not all leaders are good managers. We need to develop both managers and leaders to realize the vision and mission of the company....Sign up

Managers versus Leaders
arwin sushil, CEO, India, Member
Managers love to follow details while leaders point towards the right broad direction....Sign up

Not All Managers are Good Leaders and not All Leaders are Good Managers
solomon cabrera, Management Consultant, Philippines, Member
It is real true that not all leaders are good managers. As leader you lead (pull) people. Managers focus more on performance. Managers can also...Sign up

Difference between Leaders and Managers
Narendra C.Sawant, Project Manager, India, Member
Leaders believe in empowerment versus manangers follow delegation.
Good leaders can be judged on the number of people they have dev...Sign up

Managers more Important than Leader
chakradhar, Manager, India, Member
I think managers are the backbone of the organization.
Because at the end execution is most important. Leaders just make a decision out of variou...Sign up

Managers versus Leaders
A leader anticipates change by emotional and rational intellect; however the manager likes to standardize things to ensure better con...Sign up

How Managers are Unlike Leaders
nafisa khatoon, India, Member
Leaders are the ones who create vision, mission and set directions of an organisation, they also act as a role model with their ethical ...Sign up

Manager versus Leader
GS RADJOU, CEO, France, Member
Managers run a business on a daily basis, while leaders give the business direction, a sense of appropriateness, and set the mission on ...Sign up

Leaders versus Managers
Sripathy K.R, Management Consultant, India, Member
The reactions are acceptable and good. All managers are not necessarily leaders, but all leaders can be managers.
Leadership qualities are presen...Sign up

Managers versus Leaders
Pravesh SAWON, Mauritius, Member
I am of opinion that many employees working in an organization possess leadership characteristics germinated in them through their long years of exper...Sign up

Liked your Point
bala, Manager, India, Member
@Chakradhar: dear sir, I liked your comment. I was in a thought that leaders are better than managers. Now I am con...Sign up

Leadership is the Ambition of Managers
Amar Deep Seetohul, Manager, Mauritius, Member
I believe that the manager having leadership qualities is what should be the ideal but we are not living in an ideal world. So leadership should be th...Sign up

Leaders and Managers have Different Authority Bases
JACK COOK, Consultant, United States, Member
The debate/dialog on the differences between and/or the correlation of leadership to management has been ongoing for at least five decades.
A Yah...Sign up

Managers versus Leaders - Formal and Informal Authority Bases
Jolanta Sz, Professor, Poland, Member
@Jack Cook: Yes, the dispute about this topic is almost eternal. You've pinpointed the main and most important diff...Sign up

The Current Environment Needs Leaders - Managers
David Wilson, Manager, Canada, Premium Member
Is there a difference? Should there be a difference? Do leaders manage and managers lead? Is the captain of a ship a manager or a leader? I would argu...Sign up

Managers being Leaders is a Romantic View
Jolanta Sz, Professor, Poland, Member
@David Wilson: Wonderful wishful thinking: -)) - a manager being a leader - always and everywhere.
I wish it c...Sign up

Managers Develop into Leaders
GS RADJOU, CEO, France, Member
Remember, in business organizations leaders typically start as managers. They move along a leadersh...Sign up

Leaders are Politally Incorrect Persons
claudio pizzi, Business Consultant, Argentina, Member
Dear all, all comments are very interesting. We have a big problem when we wish to link a manager with a leader.
Of course, the best person is th...Sign up

Are the Standards for a Manager-leader Too Low?
David Wilson, Manager, Canada, Premium Member
Organizations need managers who are leaders, and leaders who are managers. Anything less than this results in a less than great organization. While ma...Sign up

A Leader is a Nexus
claudio pizzi, Business Consultant, Argentina, Member
Great points of view. Please, let me introduce a concept.
I think a leader is the nexus between the organization and its employees. They a...Sign up

What Managers and Leaders Have in Common
Phanindra Sai A, India, Member
A leader and a manager share many similarities. For example both leaders and managers are involved in decision-making, influencing, teamwork, and are ...Sign up

Commonalities of Managers and Leaders
Dali Horeshka, Business Consultant, Albania, Member
Managers look after the tactics to achieve objectives.
Leaders look after the strategies to achieve objectives.
They are in different positi...Sign up

Required Dose of Charisma for Managers and Leaders
claudio pizzi, Business Consultant, Argentina, Member
Charisma is generally defined as a natural ability to seduce and attract people. As people are different, this feature may be more or less present. I'...Sign up

Leader Versus Managers
GS RADJOU, CEO, France, Member
@David Wilson: I agree fully with you regarding the absence of clear cuts between these 2 functions.
Managers ...Sign up

Intangible Benefits Of the Leader
claudio pizzi, Business Consultant, Argentina, Member
Thanks all for your excellent inputs so far. I think managers are committed by efficiency and through this point by productivity, but if you want to p...Sign up

How to Measure Leadership?
GS RADJOU, CEO, France, Member
Maybe you could count the number of followers, also the job of leaders is to render what is invisible into visible - perhaps you could find a visibili...Sign up

The Dose of Charisma Embodied to Leader and Managers
Dali Horeshka, Business Consultant, Albania, Member
@Claudio Pizzi : Determination of the dose of charisma is a very complex issue. In my perception, what determines t...Sign up

Managers Build Control, Leaders Build Esprit de Corps
Wiafe Akenten Mends, Student (MBA), Ghana, Member
Not all managers are leaders. Managers who are not a leader build and rely on control. Soon they destroy the Sign up

Managers Build Control....
GS RADJOU, CEO, France, Member
Yes, you are right ''not all managers are leaders" (some are more than others):
- Leadership is a trust act or result of a leadership action betw...Sign up

Mix of Managers and Leaders Needed
Osama Kamal, Management Consultant, Egypt, Member
Leaders know what to do strategically and urge people to reach it.
Managers know how to do it, and are procedure- and process-oriented.
To s...Sign up

The Roles of Managers and Leaders
Nowbuth Satyavan Anuj Kumar
Managers are the backbone of any organisation, while the binding element in the backbone remains the spinal cord - the leader....Sign up

Leaders Do the Right Thing, Managers Do Things Right
GS RADJOU, CEO, France, Member
@Nowbuth Satyavan Anuj Kumar: I like your comment. Remember also that managing is about doing things right, while l...Sign up

The Manager Leader — A New Paradigm
Nowbuth Satyavan Anuj Kumar
The degree of authenticity determines the life of he organism which the backbones supports. The moment the manager starts navigating in the ocean of a...Sign up

Leaders Don't Necessarily Follow the Rules
claudio pizzi, Business Consultant, Argentina, Member
A manager is a person that knows what is the limit between the rules of the company and the rules of the team. There are extreme situations in which w...Sign up

Difference Between Leaders and Managers
Julius B. Bertillo, Professor, Bahrain, Member
@Narendra C. Sawant: Leaders are the ones who lead by example over others and are most influential in an organizati...Sign up

About the Difference between Leadership and Management
Amirruddin Baba, Malaysia, Member
- Management is doing things right; Leadership is doing the right things.
- Management is efficiency in climbing the ladder of success; leadersh...Sign up

Differences Between Leaders and Managers
Salma Fazly, Student (University), Sri Lanka, Member
Here are some short differences between the traditional stereotypes:
- Leaders have followers versus managers have subordinates.
- Le...Sign up

Leaders & Managers
JACK COOK, Consultant, United States, Member
Additionally to what I posted before (@JACK COOK),
- Leaders accrue followers who admire and respect the perso...Sign up

We Need to Focus on Training Better Leaders and Managers
Alan Kennedy
@David Wilson: I agree with your position that arguing the differences between a leader and a manager is probably ...Sign up

Leadership and Management
Hilda Mohlotsane, Manager, Botswana, Member
@Pravesh SAWON: I really agree with you and that means for an organisation to be successful, the manager should be ...Sign up

Leadership & Managers
JACK COOK, Consultant, United States, Member
@Alan Kennedy: I agree every manager by definition is a leader and indeed that belief in no way guarantees that a m...Sign up

Leaders versus Managers
Ruwan Bandara, Manager, Sri Lanka, Member
Leaders win followers' minds and hearts. For example Hitler in Germany and Gandhi in India were effective leaders who both won followers' minds and he...Sign up

Leaders Not Always Very Useful
Jolanta Sz, Professor, Poland, Member
@Chakradhar: Of course, you're right. The backbone of the organization are its managers. Leaders can be useful alth...Sign up

10 Differences Between Managers and Leaders
Phanindra Sai A, India, Member
1. Managers have employees. Leaders win followers.
2. Managers react to change. Leaders create change.
3. Managers have good ideas. Leaders ...Sign up

Managers and Leaders Need Different Skill Sets. Some People Have them Both.
Dr. Alan Williams, Professor, Thailand, Member
There is clearly managerial work and there is clearly leadership work, they have a different purpose. You can find positions which are totally manager...Sign up

Manager versus Leader
Cuniah Shikshah, ICT Consultant, Mauritius, Member
A manager is the one who caters for the proper running of the business and a leader is the person who drives the personnel to achieve the objectives o...Sign up

Leaders Inspire Managers
BALAKRISHNA, Manager, India, Member
Both managers and leaders are important. Managers are in the battle field looking into the present and are inspired by leaders who anticipate the futu...Sign up

The Different Drives of Managers and Leaders
Warenburg, Manager, Netherlands, Member
My opinion is that most "managers" operate by ego and chase their own success and career. It is a "created" situation". A manager is a tool to achieve...Sign up

Leader and Manager
Pierre Lesage, Student (University), Canada, Member
The leader is Noah who asked to bring a pair of every animal species in his ark. The manager is Noah asking to ensure that the elephants do not see wh...Sign up

Leader versus Manager
hind, Student (MBA), Morocco, Member
@solomon cabrera: I think it’s totally different. A leader is a model type to follow. It means he pushes followers ...Sign up

Managers versus Leaders
Karen Iacino, Manager, United States, Member
@Chakradhar: Most managers are leaders. They may not be administration, top leaders but they do lead their coworker...Sign up

Recommended Reading
Romuald Kepa, Poland, Member
Please read: What Leaders Really Do - J P Kotter, HBR, Dec 2001....Sign up

Leaders versus Managers
Jerome, Manager, South Africa, Member
A leader is someone who can work/guide people in a certain direction where the individual feels he/she wants to go. They would feel comfortable follow...Sign up

A Man Gotta Do, what a man Gotta Do
Jorge Avila, ICT Consultant, Mexico, Member
If a team has plenty of talented people, it needs a leader who sets the target, and makes them focus on the goal; some management has to be done in or...Sign up

You Manage Things and Lead People
Philip Laurette, United States, Member
These are not mutually exclusive categories or disciplines. Managers can also be leaders and vice-versa. Some people are better at one than the other ...Sign up

Leaders versus Managers
Jeffrey Hewes, Manager, United States, Member
Leaders inspire, coach and mentor.
Managers dictate, control and require authority.
Who would you rather work for?
If you hire talented...Sign up

Aspects of Management versus Leadership
Danford Mapp, Project Manager, Trinidad and Tobago, Member
All leaders are managers i.e. they have to manage people and situations if they are to be effective leaders. Not all managers are leaders. True leader...Sign up

Vision of Manager and Leader
Muttu, Entrepreneur, India, Member
The manager's vision is limited to the short term, whereas the leader has a long-term vision....Sign up

Management versus Leadership Roles
The leader finds the way and makes it happen. Meanwhile the manager takes control on what happens. Everyone has their own role. Both roles are require...Sign up

The Difference is not Between a Manager and a Leader
Bernhard Keim, Business Consultant, Germany, Premium Member
I regard the discussion whether a leader is superior to a manager as pretty useless. There are good and bad managers, and no leader will succeed if he...Sign up

Leadership and Management, Overlapping Aspects/perspectives
Peter Jetter, Coach, Germany, Member
To me, management is based on the assumption, that desired outcomes can be reliably achieved by applying white box approaches (i understand how the wh...Sign up

Managers versus Leaders
Jonathan Narducci, Business Consultant, United States, Member
@Phanindra Sai A: Good list. But I believe the third one is backwards. Leaders tend to create visions through idea...Sign up

Why Leaders Need to be Managers as Well
gadifele veronica molefe, Manager, Botswana, Member
@David Wilson: I do agree that managers should also be leaders. When a leader devises strategic directions like the...Sign up

Fayol's Principles Were Created to Improve Management by Leaders
Tom Wilson, HR Consultant, United States, Premium Member
Managers believe there is a difference between leaders and managers and leaders believe they must become better managers....Sign up

Leaders Must Have Good Management Skills
Halima, Lecturer, Nigeria, Member
I agree an essential part of the traits of a good leader is to have excellent managerial skills as vision can only see you halfway. Follow-up is very ...Sign up

Leaders are to Dream and Managers are to Wake Them up out of their Dream
Ramji Sharma, PhD, Professor, Nepal, Member
Leaders are to dream; and managers are to wake them up out of their dream, making things happen. Therefore, an organization is successful not with a l...Sign up

Leaders are Vision Molders, Managers are Executors
Friday O. Ngbodi, Student (MBA), Nigeria, Member
Leaders are organization's vision molders while managers play the role of executors. The responsibility of reporting financial performance for a given...Sign up

Leaders versus Managers
Ravi Krishnamurthy, Consultant, India, Member
Almost all business leaders raise up from the ranks, whether in the same company or in different companies. At junior levels you have to demonstrate m...Sign up

Leaders, Managers and Bosses
Mayta Braun, Business Consultant, Netherlands, Member
Leaders and managers are not in the same league. Because you lead people and manage things.
And then you have different kind of leaders. Real lea...Sign up

LEADERS are Followed; MANAGERS are Obeyed
LAKSHMAN PURIHELLA, Accountant, Saudi Arabia, Member
A LEADER is one who knows the job and can mentor the subordinate when he/she is on the wrong side. So subordinates follow him with respect.
On th...Sign up

Manager and Leader
Dr. Chima .S. Ugwulashi, Nigeria, Member
A manager is a generalist while a leader is typically a specific goal achiever....Sign up

Leaders versus Managers
Livy Makhubedu, Business Consultant, South Africa, Member
  • Leaders choose the path, while managers determine the number and the type of steps that need to be taken to travel the path.
  • Good lead...Sign up

Managers versus Leaders
ZELJKO BURCAR, Professor, Croatia, Member
Managers are orientated to do things right and leaders to do the right things.
Leaders encourage the hart and soul of the followers while manager...Sign up

To Become a Good Manager You Must Be the Best Leader
jorge anibal hoyos hoyos, Manager, Colombia, Member
I wonder why do you rule out the manager's inner-self-leadership as the most important point into their profile to reach the results of a company, whi...Sign up

Leadership versus Management
Paul Steele, Consultant, Australia, Member
@Chakradhar: You need both effective leadership and efficient management to compete in any market today.
It sh...Sign up

Supervisor as Front Line Leader
Tom Wilson, HR Consultant, United States, Premium Member
@Paul Steele: I agree with your comment. And, in those industries where supervisors have designated roles, those su...Sign up

Managing versus Leading
Halima, Lecturer, Nigeria, Member
@Paul Steele: you've hit the nail right. It's not competitive but collaborative. Most people learn and incorporate ...Sign up

A leader Manages the Managers
Rehmatullah Khan, CEO, Pakistan, Member
Managers just accomplish the task with experience they earned from their seniors and through routine work whereas leaders are more visionary, analytic...Sign up

Warren Bennis on the Manager versus the Leader
Kiron Rao, General Manager, India, Member
There is a good summary provided by Warren Bennis in "On becoming a Manager"
1. A manager administers, a leader innovates.
2. A manager is a...Sign up

Manager versus Leader. LEADER Acronym
Ajay kapoor, CxO / Board, India, Member
What is leadership? Someone who is able to lead people, influence people, command people and guide people.
There are two type of leaders:
Sign up

The Great Leader - a Warning
Bernhard Keim, Business Consultant, Germany, Premium Member
After I have read the various contributions I just have to repeat my warning. The Great Leader theory is an illusion and it is dangerous. Stalin was u...Sign up

People don't Need to be Managed but Like to be Led
Joseph, Consultant, Zambia, Member
We manage things that have no feelings. People have feelings and hence as leaders we need to be aware of this as it can have a negative impact on the ...Sign up

Leaders are not Managers But Managers Can also Be Leaders
Titus Muzvuwe, Strategy Consultant, Zimbabwe, Member
Managers use decree and boast of power given to them by the company whereas leaders emerge for a certain reason.
Leaders are futuristic and peopl...Sign up

Characteristics of a Manager versus a Leader
K.Narayana Moorthy, HR Consultant, India, Member
Characteristics of a Manager are:
  • Administers the activities
  • Maintains the situations
  • Focuses on systems and structuresSign up

The Leadership/Management Dichotomy
Jon Littman, Project Manager, United Kingdom, Member
I wonder if there is a cultural aspect regarding the difference between leadership and management?
In my point of view the relationship is not as...Sign up

Management versus Leadership
Dr. Alan Williams, Professor, Thailand, Member
Most organizations need manager positions and leader positions and in reality we often see these two different roles within one job description, meani...Sign up

Manager is a job. Leader is a State of Mind
Pierre Lesage, Student (University), Canada, Member
Manager is a job title.
Leader is a state of mind (for him and for the others).
So, a Chairman of the Board can be a manager and nothing els...Sign up

Leadership is not Linked to an Organisational Position
Masocha Michael, Student (University), Zimbabwe, Member
Leadership is not necessarily related or linked to any organizational position. Leaders tend to think without a box framework whereas managers derive ...Sign up

Leadership and Management
ANTONIO BARRANCO RUIZ, Manager, Spain, Premium Member
We manage with the mind and we lead by heart. We need managers who lead. A management p...Sign up

Managers and Leaders
Dr. Alan Williams, Professor, Thailand, Member
@Pravesh SAWON: Organizations need both managers and leaders. A manager's work has value, and a leader's work has v...Sign up

We Need Managers With Leadership Skills
ANTONIO BARRANCO RUIZ, Manager, Spain, Premium Member
We need managers who lead. Both functions are necessary in the organizations. If we help managers to develop and increase their leadership abilities i...Sign up

Manager and Leader
Dr. Chima .S. Ugwulashi, Nigeria, Member
Managers and/or leaders are important in any organization. They are different capacities that work for the sustenance of the organization:
    Sign up

Leaders Have Better People Management Skills Than Managers
Titus Muzvuwe, Strategy Consultant, Zimbabwe, Member
Even if leaders have better people management skills than managers. I still think managers at times overdo it, they over-manage so much that the antic...Sign up

Managers Being Leaders is Not a Romantic View
ANTONIO BARRANCO RUIZ, Manager, Spain, Premium Member
@ Jolanta Sz: In my opinion, that is too sharp and deterministic, too emphatic. People are more than that. I think ...Sign up

Managers versus Leaders
ALBAN ONWULIRI, Student (University), Nigeria, Member
When you mention the word "managers", most people see them as those who are passionate about their work and are task/result oriented, while "leaders" ...Sign up

False Dichotomy
Jon Littman, Project Manager, United Kingdom, Member
I think I am with Antonio on this one. I very much like the idea that leadership is visceral and emotive; if you cannot reach people, how will they fo...Sign up

The Right Manager
jorge anibal hoyos hoyos, Manager, Colombia, Member
All of the points brought forward by the participants at this forum, duly interwoven, in action, produces the right, the real and the best manager, th...Sign up

Leaders and Time of Achievement
Friday O. Ngbodi, Student (MBA), Nigeria, Member
The discussion is tilting toward morality of leadership which is dangerous. A leader is as good as what he achieved in the office not minding whether ...Sign up

Great Difference Between Managers and Leaders
Ayele Abdata, Manager, Ethiopia, Member
Managers are made and taught; Leaders are born.
Managers drive people; Leaders motivate people.
Managers love and work to produce followers;...Sign up

Effective Leadership Requires Efficient Management
Paul Steele, Consultant, Australia, Member
@Ayele Abdata: Leaders are far from being born, they are developed through their environment and how their temperam...Sign up

Managers versus Leaders
ZELJKO BURCAR, Professor, Croatia, Member
I agree with Bennis.
But I would like to add that leaders develop followers as well. And leadership without followers cannot be observed.
Le...Sign up

Leaders versus Managers
Briolett, Manager, Canada, Member
Leaders can learn to manage, but not all managers have the ability to lead. Leaders provide vision, explore new possibilities, are adaptable to change...Sign up

Evidence of Leadership with Positive Outcomes
Peter Jetter, Coach, Germany, Member
@Bernhard Keim: I would say Ghandi and Martin Luther King demonstrated leadership with positive outcomes (good/bad ...Sign up

What we Mean by 'Manager' Has Changed!
Jaap de Jonge, Editor, Netherlands
Thanks all for your many and excellent contributions to this important subject!
@Peter Jetter: I agree with yo...Sign up

Management Prefers White Box Approaches, Leadership Values Black Box Control
Peter Jetter, Coach, Germany, Member
Another aspect is how you achieve desired outcomes.
Management uses white box methods, because it assumes a sufficient understanding of how every...Sign up

How Leaders and Managers Handle Uncertainty
Bernhard Keim, Business Consultant, Germany, Premium Member
@Peter Jetter is mentioning an important point. Managing the daily routines successfully provides an apparent secur...Sign up

Leaders are Raw Materials of Themselves
Ayele Abdata, Manager, Ethiopia, Member
@Paul Steele has thrown some light on my understanding and insight of leadership. Some leaders are created to lead....Sign up

Principles Of Management - A Leader
K.Narayana Moorthy, HR Consultant, India, Member
I agree to disagree with Ayela Abdata. A LEADER is involved in the process of social influence, which maximizes the efforts of others towards the achi...Sign up

Managers versus Leaders
Danford Mapp, Project Manager, Trinidad and Tobago, Member
@JACK COOK: I appreciate your comments Jack and I think that the issue of what kind of power is being used is indee...Sign up

A Leader PULLS, a Manager PUSHES
Javier Elenes, Business Consultant, Mexico, Member
@Danford Mapp: Consider also these 2 key words:
A Manager PUSHES: moves the organization to a mission defined ...Sign up

Managers & Leaders
JACK COOK, Consultant, United States, Member
Thank you, Danford Mapp, for your kind words. And your short list of distinguishing characteristics of managers & l...Sign up

Managing versus Leading
K.Narayana Moorthy, HR Consultant, India, Member
In my view, the differences between managing & leading are as follows:
- Managing is function while Leading is relationship.
- Managing is p...Sign up

David Wilson's Comment in Managers and Leaders
Wiafe Akenten Mends, Student (MBA), Ghana, Member
@David Wilson: It is very difficult to find people who are considered manager-leader or leader manager these days. ...Sign up

Combinations of Manager and Leader Skills
Dr. Alan Williams, Professor, Thailand, Member
In many ways I agree with @David Wilson that plenty of candidates are good at both. Overall I would summarize as fo...Sign up

Managers versus Leaders
Chandia Peter, Manager, Uganda, Member
Managers 'do things right', because they follow clearly laid out procedures of an organisation.
As opposed to Leaders who are more original and o...Sign up

Managers Versus Leaders
K.Narayana Moorthy, HR Consultant, India, Member
In addition to details already given above - following is further added:
Normally managers ask: 'What Problem has to be solved?' and 'What are th...Sign up

Managers versus Leaders
Danford Mapp, Project Manager, Trinidad and Tobago, Member
Team, so many valuable points are being made here and the discussion continues… I wonder sometimes if we are not over-thinking it. My foundational pri...Sign up

Leading & Managing
Francois Laenen, Manager, Kuwait, Member
People follow leaders, you can see this by voting. Voters do not know if their leaders are skilled managers, they just follow them and believe that th...Sign up

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