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Add #15 Principle: Conformity to the Basic Origin
Konopatov S.N., Professor, Russian Federation, Member
Aristotle noticed that well-being everywhere depends on two things: a choice of the correct goal, and a choice of a correct way of its achievement. In other words, to do the right things in the right way.
The 14 principles of Fayol define how to reach the goal (define the right way), but don't define, how correctly choose the goal (don't define the right things), what goal is correct.
As Peter Drucker has noticed, there is nothing more useless than to perform work effectively, that is not necessary to do at all.
So: what is necessary to do?
The answer has been given by N. Machiavelli with the concept of the "Basic Origin". Any organization which has deviated from the «basic origin», loses success & stability.
What is the «basic origin» of any system? It is the function, that is necessary to the suprasystem for which' execution the system was created, and which it should execute.
In my opinion (hypothesis), it is necessary to add to the 14 principles of Fayol the 15th principle: «Conformity to the Basic Origin».
Substantiation: this 15th principle:
1. Is orthogonal to fourteen principles of Fayol (mutually exclusive): it is not deduced from these 14 principles;
2. Essentially supplements the 14 principles of Fayol: it raises the exhaustiveness of the principles;
3. Destroys the isolation of Fayol's principles: connects them with others theoretical tools of management. For example, with Value Based Management (VBM). It is toolkit of application of a principle of conformity to the basic origin.
The trouble of modern management – it has many theoretical islands. Frequently not or poorly connected among themselves and even contradicting eachother.
The above suggested addition to the principles is directed against this trouble.

Conformity of the Basic Principle
GS RADJOU, CEO, France, Member
In Aristotle thinking, well being depends on a choice of correct goals (assumption 1) and a choice of correct ways to achieve it (assumption 2).
However this is not fully correct and does not cover all cases of well being.
Suppose I am a captain of a team lost in the mountains. To find a solution and keep the staff alive, I need to move on - even if I may be wrong in the choice of the correct goal, and the correct way... It may be that by moving, I will find the open door... And find the exit possibility to survive with my team.

What are Correct Ways of Achieving Goals?
Anitha Jagathkar, Consultant, India, Member
Who defines what are the correct ways of achieving a goal? Several organizations with similar products or competencies may draft different ways of achieving a similar goal.
Suppose community education is my goal, I may rope in the services of NGOs, others may do it differently, therefore it is difficult to determine the correct ways of achieving a goal.

Achieving Goals
GS RADJOU, CEO, France, Member
I think there is not one way, but several ways whether you're running a school, a business, an NGO, an administration... It depends on the attitude and performance of the team members, it is up to the managers, CEOs...
If you look at the contingency theory of management, a mix of science and behavioral approaches to management, I think it is saying exactly that, there's no one way to achieve business goals.

@Anitha Jagathkar
rasik, Accountant, India, Member
The word correct "ways", implies more than one way. Hence, different ways could be one of the correct ways.

Additional Principles of Management by Henry Fayol
Ren Magdales, Student (University), Philippines, Member
From the information I got from my professor in management, Fayol's principles is now 16. Yes, most of the websites or references this principle is still 14. The two new principles is span of control and simplicity. As time passed by, there will be always new principles occurring based on the global development of management.

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