The Power of an Ownership Attitude among Employees

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The Power of an Ownership Attitude among Employees
Gaurav Prakash, Analyst, India, Member
As per my analysis, if any employee has an ownership attitude towards his organization, he does not require any kind of management theory to succeed in any kind of competitive market.
Using all kind of management and motivational theories (like Maslow Theory), if we can develop a sense or attitude of ownership inside all employees, such group of person can build a giant organization ...

Sense of Ownership
Arul S Ramakrishnan
I do accept but not fully, as I doubt ownership attitude may affect the employee performance to be a good team member.

Ownership Attitude is not Enough
Colin Goodluck, Student (University), Guyana, Member
To have an employee with an "ownership attitude" and without doctrine of management theory/ies, is like a plane taking flight without a compass. An employee with the right attitude and without the adequate secular instruction can easily be demotivated, especially if the company does achieve planned goal(s) that are directly linked to him. Also, an employee that is without any secular instruction to accompany his motivational attitude, is often observed as the victim of internal management conflict(s).

Principles of Management
Vinod Menon
I fully agree with views expressed by Gaurav. Most of this so called 14 management principles are from another era. Some may work but majority won't.

Ownership Attitude is not Enough
Venkatesan M R, Manager, India, Member
I agree with Arul, that this will affect the employee performance in respect of his work as well as his attitude. As of me it will work to some extent.

Ownership Attitude is not Enough
Gaurav Prakash, Analyst, India, Member
If a team is having an "ownership attitude" then definitely they will work in cooperation and co-ordinate with each other. In such a case there will be no question of individual interests and efforts will be given to the team objectives.
Hence saying ownership attitude will affect team objective is not acceptable.

Ownership Attitude is OK But...
Majid Abdul Wahab Bawazir, Accountant, United Arab Emirates, Member
An ownership attitude is okay for employee, he/she should be self-motivated by this concept which will increase the potential of employee and his responsibility towards his task, contributing to the organization ultimately. But it should be checked by the organization that the employee doesn't grow overconfident, taking decisions himself without consultations.

Ownership Attitude is Good But not Enough
Emmanuel Guobadia, HR Consultant, Nigeria, Member
I agree with you guys ownership attitude is good but remember that individuals have varying backgrounds. So despite ownership attitude they must be able to integrate it all together to have a balanced work environment. That's why emotional intelligence and team building are key as well.

Ownership Attitude Good and Dangerous
Arjun, Student, India, Member
Ownership attitude towards organization is good to an employee, but as the natural tendency of a human being is if he does something for any body, he expects something and if he has ownership attitude he/she may have a high expectations from organization & that thing is not fulfilled there will be negative approach towards organization. So I conclude that it is good but dangerous too.

Ownership Attitude
Ashok A kella, Finance Manager, India, Member
Ownership attitude is ultimate contributor to all contribution but it is not only one. One must give equal weights to team work, intelligence, innovation. However a strong rooted sense of ownership will lead towards all other parameters.

Ownership Attitude - The Primary Ingredient
Kunal Bhat, Entrepreneur, India, Member
Having see all the posts above, and having experienced management in different flavors of teams, I feel everybody is right from their own experience. Training, attitude, team work etc. do make a difference, but ownership is of paramount importance. I have personally measured my performances with and without the sense of ownership and believe me, I can see the gaps in the dark. However, what matters the most is the sense of collective ownership. The manager should not only have the sense of ownership, but should be capable of infusing the same into his team. However, beware, ownership is not the only thing but just the starting point - that huge kick to get things started (not get things done). Planning, training, understanding the goals and the people involved in achieving it form the remaining pillars.

Ownership Attitude
GS RADJOU, CEO, France, Member
Sorry, I don't know what does this mean for an employee to have an ownership attitude, and why because of that he is able to manage a firm.
Owners are one thing, managers are another... If you think an owner can be a manager. Well it could be! If you are thinking about Maslow Pyramid as was already pointed out above.
Arabs got another theory, which enters the pyramid from the top this time. It is a about communication and they end up at the bottom, which is management.
Also, about development, some countries have lots of resources and they are poor, others have no resources and they are wealthy. These examples show, one may enter the pyramid anywhere. Some individuals would prioritize self-esteem even if they live in the street (no house), others will just stay all their lives on basic food security and shelter and are not looking for being in charge of a company. Not even when their basic needs are satisfied.
So let me mention contingency theory, where any roads/means matter to get to the top. No priority!

Putting the Right People in the Right Jobs
Edna Rotich, Kenya, Member
As Jim Collins puts it, to put the right people in the right jobs is better than developing a strategy. Ownership attitude applies in organisation where the right personnel is put in the right position. Where success of the organisation comes before ones ego.

Taking Ownership for Problems
Sripathy K.R, Management Consultant, India, Member
I think what Gaurav means with "ownership" in an organisation is different.
- I feel the first part of what he says is right, that ownership attitude has to be there. This mindset is a gateway for solving issues and problems, everything starts with ownership as a leader, as a manager, as a team!
- About the second part, that management theories are not required, I don't fully agree... For example when a problem is reported from the customer, the first reaction often is: we didn't do it, it can not not have happened here! The normal human tendency is somebody else did it, not me/us. No one wants to own the error! In victories/successes every one wants a stake.
As managers and leaders, one should give credit to team members who achieve successes, but also to ones who own the problems. When you own a problem, you can find a solution as a team.
The Japanese say: own the problems, invite them, they are opportunities for improvements!

Sense of Ownership
enoch teye, Student (MBA), Ghana, Member
Its good to have ownership attitude as an employee, however, that alone is not enough. As a management consultant, I have seen a lot of business owners who are the cause of the poor performance of the business and not employees. Apart from the ownership attitude, employees would have to employ some good management theories. Good business ethics must also be observed for the good fortunes of the organisation.

Good and Bad Aspects of an Ownership Attitude
moboluwaduro, Entrepreneur, Nigeria, Member
Looking at the positive side of ownership attitude a lot can be achieved, with the right person doing the right job, great teamwork result. Alongside with remuneration.
But looking at the bad side of ownership attitude, as humans we tend to be egocentric and this results in high expectations from the employee of the organisation. This can be counterproductive and hamper the growth of the organisation.

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