How to Remember the 14 Principles by Fayol?

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How to Remember the 14 Principles by Fayol?

How to remember the 14 principles of management, if we find them difficult to remember?


Memorizing the 14 Principles by Fayol

The real question is, do you really need to memorize them? My answer - and advice - is that memorizing them wouldn't add a value to you as a manager.
Understanding the principals & how they are - or should be - implemented is an assurance that you know them without really needing to memorize them.


How to Remember Fayol's 14 Principles

Can any one tell in a simple way to me how to remember them?

  P Kamesh

Remembering 14 Principles

Take the first letter of each of the principle and create an acronym which should be sounding funny.

  M. Ali Mateen

Easiest Way to Remember the 14 Principles

Here is the simpliest formula to keep the beginning letters in mind for years:
1_2_3_13 6_10 4 6_11_14 8_5_7_9

  Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands

Trick to Remember Fayol's 14 Principles

Wow Ali, I'm impressed!

  Vipin Verma

14 Principles of Henri Fayol Memory Aid

13 1_11_8_10_3_14 4_6_9_7 5_12_2

  Bindu dogra
Student (MBA), India

Remembering Fayol's 14 Principles

Good job Vipin --- for providing: 'I decode USSR U (...)

  HarshaVardhan Guntupalli
Student (MBA), India

Remembering the 14 Principles of Fayol

DAD, UR US CO IS SEE. 1_2_3, 4_7 5_6 8_10 13_ (...)

  liza cristobal
Professor, Philippines

14 Principles of Management

@Said: _ I agree with Said, you don't have to memo (...)

  Matthew Masiyazi
Manager, Zimbabwe

Mnemonic for Fayol's 14 Principles

SERIOUS DUD CASE Scalar chain - Esprit de corps - (...)

  Monish Verma

Principals in Sequence

DADUU SRCS OESIE Just the first characters of the (...)

  Salim Bellemcherrah
HR Consultant, Algeria

Remembering the 14 Principles of Fayol

Have you seen ever any lawyer memorizing in his mi (...)

  Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands

No Need for Rote Learning Any Management Models, But...

@Salim Bellemcherrah: Haha, that's right and we fr (...)

Lecturer, India

Shortcut to Remember Fayol's 14 Principles

DAD U C USSR? O I SEE Division of work - Authorit (...)

  Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands


@SATEESHA SINDHE: Brilliant! (...)

  Johari Jemain
Management Consultant, Malaysia

Acronym: Reality versus Theory

As one who is involved in peojects from 5 process (...)

  Millicent okwach
Student (University), Kenya

Remembering the 14 Principles by Henry Fayol

@Said: Hooh! I have chosen to use DAD U C USSR? O (...)

Manager, India

Best Trick to Remember the 14 Principles by Fayol

@Matthew Masiyazi: Good One dear...Mathew Serious (...)

  Gandhi Heryanto
Management Consultant, Indonesia

Generic Strategies for Remembering Something

There are many ways to remember certain things, ba (...)

Lecturer, India

Remembering Fayol's Principles is Needed Less

Fayol 14 principles were developed to suit to the (...)


לא צריך לזכור צריך לדעת ולהבין

There's no need to memorize or remember the 14 pri (...)

  Maurice Hogarth
Consultant, United Kingdom

Memorising & Applying Fayol's Principles

Is it possible to put these principles into action (...)


14 Principles of Fayol in Current Context

@Srinivas: Very true. The 14 Principles of Fayol (...)

  Maurice Hogarth
Consultant, United Kingdom

Why Remember What?

@Jaap de Jonge: I believe it was Einstein who (pos (...)

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