Entrepreneurial Blitzkrieg as Solution to High Unemployment

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Entrepreneurial Blitzkrieg as Solution to High Unemployment
Joseph Patrick Bulko, Member
After analyzing the 2008 financial industry meltdown and the resulting jobs decimation, which has left us with an enduring 9 percent unemployment rate, I devised a plan based around the concept of launching a tsunami of new entrepreneurial ventures to "jump-start" the flagging U. S. Economy. The proposal describes a mechanism through which we can fund a massive number of new business ventures by tapping the financial power of Wall Street to create jobs on main street. The purpose of this mechanism is to take a private sector proactive approach to address the nation's expected long-term high unemployment problem. The particulars of the plan are described at my website.
Your feedback on this matter will be most appreciated.

Entrepreneurial Blitzkrieg as Solution to High Unemployment
Dr Can Veldet
I checked the website and like the idea, except the words 'blitzkrieg' and 'tsunami', as they relate to war and destruction, respectively. The idea is good. Now, how to put it in action - not only in the USA but also in Europe?

Entrepreneurial Blitzkrieg as Solution to High Unemployment
Joseph Patrick Bulko, Member
I understand your concerns about the terms Blitzkrieg and Tsunami, and I would prefer to find other words that express the concept with the same degree of energy and finality. Perhaps, too, I'm trying to detach them from current connotations and distill from them their otherwise powerful essence.
How to put the plan into action? Aye, there's the rub! I believe we need to create some sort of consortium of investors, investment bankers, entrepreneurs, and related to come together and launch a prototype of the concept. How to make this happen? In my case, I'm introducing the concept to as many people as possible, hoping to achieve a "critical mass" of acceptance and willingness to take that next step. Thanks for your comments!

Entrepreneurial Blitzkrieg
Kirk C. Heriot, Member
The problem as I see it is not a lack of capital, but uncertainty about the future. Investors want to feel comfortable with where they invest their money. The vsb you propose does not alleviate the basic uncertainty in the US economy.
The government's share of the economy has grown to new high levels. The solution to our current plight is to have the government get out of the business of trying to create jobs.
This can be done, but likely will not, by reducing the size of the federal government in the US. We are now spending $3.8 trillion at the federal level. Ten years ago the federal budget was only $2.0 trillion. What in the world happened to justify a 90% increase in federal spending in ten years. The $1.8 trillion was not a temporary expenditure of funds, but a permanent increase that has not been reduced. How can any sane business person invest money when they are concerned that the US Government is going to continue to take hard-earned profits and spend them on more programs?

The Role of Entrepreneurs in the Economy
Jos Nieland, Premium Member
Joseph, I'm sure Nassim Taleb would agree with you. At the end of the 4th chapter of his recent book "Antifragile", Taleb well known for this Black Swan Theory, says to all US entrepreneurs:
“Most of you will fail, disrespected, impoverished, but we are grateful for the risks you are taking and the sacrifices you are making for the sake of the economic growth of the planet and pulling others out of poverty. You are the source of our antifragility. Our nation thanks you.”.

Entrepreneurial Blitzkrieg
Joseph Patrick Bulko, Member
@Kirk C. Heriot: Professor Heriot, I'm not sure that investors care about anything other than the capacity of consumers to purchase their products and services. Government spending translates directly to economic activity (all those programs and recipients spend the fed money they receive in the economy generating business activity and jobs), so deficits high or low should not be too big of a concern.
There are plenty of government contractors (civilian and military) on the receiving end of that deficit spending who account for a considerable portion of GDP. As long as money flows through the economy in sufficient quantity, there will be plenty of customers and thus plenty of incentive to invest in new businesses.
Currently, we are faced with a situation that despite high levels of government spending, there still is not enough money flowing through the economy; hence, the economic doldrums we are experiencing. Thanks for your thoughtful question!


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