Definitions of Emergent Strategy

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Definitions of Emergent Strategy
Emergent strategy, is a strategy that is not carefully pre-planned; it is discovered in the lack of purposes, or in an unexpected form possibly as a result of changes in the environment; alterations in the personnel, who may have different perspectives and motives; and adjustments made by those involved in the implementation in order to take account of local conditions not anticipated by the planners of the strategy.

What is Emergent Strategy
Stefania Di Cristofalo, Member
Emergent Strategy is a strategy that can emerge in a Learning Organization where System Thinking is supported by the the ability of Presensing (presence+ sensing).
As Otto Sharmer says, it is a strategy based on the driver: "Lead from the future as it emerges": A strategy can be considered emerging if it is the result of a collaborative, creative process where everybody is aware and confident to make the difference for something very important: E=Dm (E=energy, D=difference, m=matter) =personal energy is function of making the difference for something very important.

Emergent Strategy. Simply
Hamour Adam, Member
It's a part of a dynamic vision towards strategy formation. According to this thinking, the strategy is continuously updated due changes in the environment and unexpected events and new opportunities that present themselves. It is a strategy that is adopted gradually as we advance and as new situations present themselves.

What is the Meaning of Emergent Strategy
Mohammed Ghazy, Member
Emergent Strategy (ES) is a chain of actions that responds to the reality occuring to an organization.
It contradicts a deliberate strategy where actions are planned. Instead ES stimulates learning and allows for mistakes that convert to what we call experience.
No one can judge which strategicv choice is better, importance is given to how to strive and survive in today's ever volatile environment. To authorize people to take the right actions is important in today's business and could turn into big savings compared to sticking to old plans that might not represent the drug of choice for today.

There Always is an Emergent Strategy
Bernhard Keim, Premium Member
No organization is running without a concept representing its future and how to cope with it. It is formed by experience and expectation. This is the organization's emergent strategy. Even your grocery store around the corner has one until the day he goes out of business. The smarter ones test their concepts for validity from time to time and act accordingly.


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