Who Teaches the Customer?

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Who Teaches the Customer?
J. D. Popham, Member
Budgets and forecasts are imperfect and risk is associated with them.
But it seems that the "customer" wants perfection every time. Perhaps the "customer" also needs to be educated as to what she or he could expect of companies.
If so, then who could be the teacher?... Register

The Market is the SchoolSign up
Eric Schmitz, Premium Member
I suppose supplier and customer meet each other on...

The Customer Teaches HimselfSign up
D P BABU, Member
You should be getting feedback from your customer,...

Coach your CustomerSign up
Didier Delaval, Member
Customers should be driven to what they need an...

Who Teaches the CustomerSign up
Madan Gopal Agarwal, Member
At times, the 'customer' is different from the end...

Guiding BehaviorSign up
mehdi zaribaf, Member
Things that guide the customer behavior to ...

The Supplier Teaches the CustomerSign up
meena, Member
No doubt it is the supplier (seller).

Who Teaches the CustomersSign up
majdi makki
Two main teachers:
Voice of the CustomerSign up
Bantwal Prabhu, Member
The persons or the company which listens to the

Who Teaches the Customer?Sign up
Palister Yeboah, Member
I believe is the sales and customer service car...

Who Teaches the Customer? The EnvironmentSign up
ali reza nosrati, Member
Internal and ...

We can Learn from the CustomerSign up
Uchitha Pathirage, Member
The customer is often crowned as “Queen” be...

Who Teaches the Customer: The Service ProviderSign up
Millie Voon, Member
Despite the fact that most customers see themselve...

Managing ExpectationsSign up
J. D. Popham, Member
Thank you all for your comments.
My role in t...

Sales and Customer Care OfficersSign up
Wilma Merello, Member
I must agree with Palister Yeboah. The sales an...

How the Customer Learns...Sign up
AWOUMEPE William Rostand, Member
I think that customer have many kinds of teachers,...

The Customer is a Self-LearnerSign up
Smitha, Member
The customer is his own teacher. Customers ...

Modern Customer is EducatedSign up
Saad Alan Al Damen, Member
I agree that the customer learns from experience, ...

Who Teaches the Customer: The EntrepreneurSign up
Luigia Petti, Member
The entrepreneur teaches the customer by hi...

Before you can Teach the Customer...Sign up
Selliez, Member
An internal or external 'provider' or 'supplier' c...

Wrong QuestionSign up
Leodegardo M. Pruna, Member
Probably, the question should be rephrased: Fro...

The Customer is a Self-LearnerSign up
seema Akhter, Member
Who teaches the customer? In my opinion the custom...

Customer Cloud FactorSign up
Rakesh Bhatia, Member
Today's customer is very smart. Before purchasing,...

Customers Teach the CompanySign up
Dilip Khanal, Member
Teaching customers is irrational. The company coul...

Understand the (Latent) Needs of the CustomerSign up
Peter Loubele, Member
For me, the question is already making a wrong ass...

Customer + Supplier + Neutral PartiesSign up
It may require that all stakeholders are in...

Marketing and Experiences and RegulatorsSign up
Jim Larkin, Member
I believe marketing creates an expectation for ...

Supplier MethodsSign up
Mansour Bilel, Member
I think that the information and the 3rd P of the ...

Training and SimulationSign up
Joseph Bushnell, Member
Unfortunately where most processes taper off is th...

Leaders must Understand their CustomersSign up
Raymond J. Wennier, Member
The leadership of a company should announce...

Trust and ReferencesSign up
For sure customers need education. Words like "per...

Needs, Channels and 7P'sSign up
kavithavenkatesh, Member
Managing the Expectation of the CustomerSign up
Tim Connor, Member
Aren't we all guilty of over-selling?
I work...

Who Teaches the CustomerSign up
Ravindra Kumar Sharma, Member
In competitive market condition, suppliers ...


Many Try, But The Customer Learns by HimselfSign up
Jagdish B Acharya, Premium Member
First, who SHOULD teach the customer - idea...

Who Teaches the Customer? Everyone!Sign up
Moura, Member
Everybody in the company, at anytime, everytime an...

Educating the Customer???Sign up
Sabine Pitcher, Member
I completely agree with Tim Connor. And in additio...

Who Teaches the Customer?Sign up
Arif ur Rehman, Member
The customer's efforts comes to him in the shape o...

Who Teaches the Customer?Sign up
John Michael Donohue, Member
Dr. Schumpeter responded to this point a ce...

Who Teaches the CustomerSign up
Raymond J. Wennier, Member
The "kingmaker" has to see the difference betwe...

Customer Ring Educates AlsoSign up
Jagdish B Acharya, Premium Member
In this particular chain of comments the starting ...

Educational AidsSign up
Connor, Member
Are we fooling ourselves to believe that we can ed...

The Environment Teaches the CustomerSign up
The environment is teaching the customers. What th...

Who Teaches the CustomerSign up
Raymond J. Wennier, Member
The companies top management has to "read" ...

Thousands of Teachers...Sign up
Dilip Khanal, Member
If one has the apt for learning, everyone help you...

Social NetSign up
Arif ur Rehman, Member
Mr Dilip Khanal's above idea of a social net

Who Teaches the CustomerSign up
kvssiyer, Member
I am regular visitor to the premises of suppliers ...

Who Teaches the CustomerSign up
Arif ur Rehman, Member
While endorsing Kvssiyer's views that though you -...

A Pitcher Put in Receiving Mode Fills Up, Otherwise EmptiesSign up
Jagdish B Acharya, Premium Member
Everyone of us acts like a transceiver (tra...

Who Teaches the CustomerSign up
kvssiyer, Member
Mr Acharya and Mr. Ehman brought out the realities...

Filling and Empyting the PitcherSign up
Arif ur Rehman, Member
Jagdish's transceiver expresses the concept beauti...

Non Conformances in SuppliesSign up
Arif ur Rehman, Member
While responding to an earlier entry by Mr. Dilip ...

How to Educate the Customer?Sign up
Andrew Blaine, Member
The buying process involves the customer, who wish...


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