Who Teaches the Customer?

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Who Teaches the Customer?
J. D. Popham, Professor, China, Member
Budgets and forecasts are imperfect and risk is associated with them.
But it seems that the "customer" wants perfection every time. Perhaps the "customer" also needs to be educated as to what she or he could expect of companies.
If so, then who could be the teacher?...Sign up

The Market is the School
Eric Schmitz, Consultant, Belgium, Premium Member
I suppose supplier and customer meet each other on the market. Based on his experience with suppliers, the customer will specify his needs and ...Sign up

The Customer Teaches Himself
D P BABU, Strategy Consultant, India, Member
You should be getting feedback from your customer, as long as he tries to suggest us? Although educating customer is a simulation to improve sales, te...Sign up

Coach your Customer
Didier Delaval, Strategy Consultant, Thailand, Member
Customers should be driven to what they need and can afford rather than to what they dream of and cannot afford and what you would like to sell...Sign up

Who Teaches the Customer
Madan Gopal Agarwal, Business Consultant, India, Member
At times, the 'customer' is different from the end-user. If at all, the end-user needs to to taught! But this is contrary to delighting customer/end u...Sign up

Guiding Behavior
mehdi zaribaf, management , Iran, Member
Things that guide the customer behavior to make the final decision to purchase something are the teacher. These can include: the seller, compet...Sign up

The Supplier Teaches the Customer
meena, Manager, India, Member
No doubt it is the supplier (seller).
- The first phase of teaching is through advertisements in different medias like TV channels,...Sign up

Who Teaches the Customers
majdi makki
Two main teachers: branding and alliances.
Well known com...Sign up

Voice of the Customer
Bantwal Prabhu, Teacher, India, Member
The persons or the company which listens to the voice of the customer (VOC) and satisfies ...Sign up

Who Teaches the Customer?
Palister Yeboah, Manager, Ghana, Member
I believe is the sales and customer service care officers, because they know what the company can offer to the customers. So they must educate ...Sign up

Who Teaches the Customer? The Environment
ali reza nosrati, CEO, Iran, Member
Internal and external environment....Sign up

We can Learn from the Customer
Uchitha Pathirage, Student (Other), Sri Lanka, Member
The customer is often crowned as “Queen” because one never can satisfy a queen and this also true for the customer. Even with best service prov...Sign up

Who Teaches the Customer: The Service Provider
Millie Voon, Director, Malaysia, Member
Despite the fact that most customers see themselves as king, certainly the first duty of teaching the customers rest with the service provider....Sign up

Managing Expectations
J. D. Popham, Professor, China, Member
Thank you all for your comments.
My role in the organizations in which I worked was to be an analyst of all "sorts". My "customers" were my fe...Sign up

Sales and Customer Care Officers
Wilma Merello, CEO, United States, Member
I must agree with Palister Yeboah. The sales and customer care officers are the main link between the company and the customer.
They need ...Sign up

How the Customer Learns...
AWOUMEPE William Rostand, Manager, Cameroon, Member
I think that customer have many kinds of teachers, but the first of them is the environment such as writers of books, journalists of radio, tel...Sign up

The Customer is a Self-Learner
Smitha, Student (MBA), Member
The customer is his own teacher. Customers learn through experience of the past product quality or service rendered to them by the company, and...Sign up

Modern Customer is Educated
Saad Alan Al Damen, Director, Yemen, Member
I agree that the customer learns from experience, but still the agents can teach their customer some things, although it's not "direct teaching".
...Sign up

Who Teaches the Customer: The Entrepreneur
Luigia Petti, professore associato, Italy, Member
The entrepreneur teaches the customer by his example.
Just as he is treated, he will treat people part of his network of relationships....Sign up

Before you can Teach the Customer...
Selliez, Student (Other), France, Member
An internal or external 'provider' or 'supplier' can better assist the customer's learning process when they understand why the Sign up

The Impact of Media to Teach the Customer
mesloub mohammed, Professor, Algeria, Member
The role of media is very important.
You should use the best kind of media,...Sign up

Wrong Question
Leodegardo M. Pruna, Professor, Philippines, Member
Probably, the question should be rephrased: From what or whom do the customers learn?
We shall expect differing responses which may center...Sign up

The Customer is a Self-Learner
seema Akhter, Student (Other), Bangladesh, Member
Who teaches the customer? In my opinion the customer is a self-learner....Sign up

Customer Cloud Factor
Rakesh Bhatia, India, Member
Today's customer is very smart. Before purchasing, customers study everything whether through internet or friends / relatives or wind...Sign up

Customers Teach the Company
Dilip Khanal, CEO, Nepal, Member
Teaching customers is irrational. The company could get ideas FROM customers. A social net that customers can access and describe their viewpoi...Sign up

Understand the (Latent) Needs of the Customer
Peter Loubele, Director, Netherlands, Member
For me, the question is already making a wrong assumption, that the customer has to be taught?
Our main task, as supplier, is to understand the V...Sign up

Customer + Supplier + Neutral Parties
TOM BARASA, Lecturer, Kenya, Member
It may require that all stakeholders are involved. The supplier has an obligation to let the customers know about their products and benefits t...Sign up

Marketing and Experiences and Regulators
Jim Larkin, Entrepreneur, Ireland, Member
I believe marketing creates an expectation for the customer, this expectation increases when the major players in a strategic group follow a si...Sign up

Supplier Methods
Mansour Bilel, Coach, Algeria, Member
I think that the information and the 3rd P of the marketing mix should be a great strategy to be interesting ...Sign up

Training and Simulation
Joseph Bushnell, Management Consultant, United States, Member
Unfortunately where most processes taper off is that the end user is left unknowing what will take place, how the processes will work, and most import...Sign up

Leaders must Understand their Customers
Raymond J. Wennier, Consultant, Guatemala, Member
The leadership of a company should announce to the customers that they know they, the customers, have many expectations of the company. Therefo...Sign up

Trust and References
For sure customers need education. Words like "perfect" and "zero defect" is what the customers are always using. However, not a single thing is pe...Sign up

Needs, Channels and 7P's
kavithavenkatesh, Professor, India, Member
The customer needs and wants will motivate the customers & teach them about the market of ...Sign up

Managing the Expectation of the Customer
Tim Connor, Manager, Member
Aren't we all guilty of over-selling?
I work hard to convince people to set expectations at the right level which in turn makes delivery ...Sign up

Who Teaches the Customer
Ravindra Kumar Sharma, Management Consultant, India, Member
In competitive market condition, suppliers should teach the customer and media will also be helpful in this regard....Sign up

Customers Need to Educate Themselves
Margaret Siason, Project Manager, Philippines, Member
Benchmarking is always a good method of setting expectation levels towards a company's service.
Everyone...Sign up

Many Try, But The Customer Learns by Himself
Jagdish B Acharya, Consultant, India, Premium Member
First, who SHOULD teach the customer - ideally products, services or reports or data about them should teach customer.
Second, who TEAC...Sign up

Who Teaches the Customer? Everyone!
Moura, Student (University), Portugal, Member
Everybody in the company, at anytime, everytime and anywere!...Sign up

Educating the Customer???
Sabine Pitcher, Manager, United Kingdom, Member
I completely agree with Tim Connor. And in addition, everybody in the organisation should be involved in "customer care". It is wrong to assume...Sign up

Who Teaches the Customer?
Arif ur Rehman, Professor, Pakistan, Member
The customer's efforts comes to him in the shape of his paycheck. This check carries both intrinsic and extrinsic values, which in turn ...Sign up

Who Teaches the Customer?
John Michael Donohue, Business Consultant, United States, Member
Dr. Schumpeter responded to this point a century ago in his theory of economic development: "... Innovations in the economic system do not as a...Sign up

Who Teaches the Customer
Raymond J. Wennier, Consultant, Guatemala, Member
The "kingmaker" has to see the difference between fad and options the customer sees.
Long term loyalty is hard to find in these days. It o...Sign up

Customer Ring Educates Also
Jagdish B Acharya, Consultant, India, Premium Member
In this particular chain of comments the starting point was earnings management and how "teaching" (manipulating) helps this. With practical la...Sign up

Educational Aids
Connor, Manager, Member
Are we fooling ourselves to believe that we can educate our customers?
Surely, in a marketplace as competitive as the one that we operate in and...Sign up

The Environment Teaches the Customer
ROSEMARIE F. MACKAY, Project Manager, Philippines, Member
The environment is teaching the customers. What the customers need comes from the requirements of their environment. What is lacking from the envir...Sign up

Who Teaches the Customer
Raymond J. Wennier, Consultant, Guatemala, Member
The companies top management has to "read" the needs and the environment to be able to provide products that will satisfy the customer....Sign up

Thousands of Teachers...
Dilip Khanal, CEO, Nepal, Member
If one has the apt for learning, everyone help you understand. In Hindu mythology there is a saying that 'A learner (dakshprajapati) has thousands ...Sign up

Social Net
Arif ur Rehman, Professor, Pakistan, Member
Mr Dilip Khanal's above idea of a social net deserves consideration. At the end of the day it is the ultimate consumer who dictates the terms (...Sign up

Who Teaches the Customer
kvssiyer, Consultant, India, Member
I am regular visitor to the premises of suppliers and inspectors there in for an audit of the inspectors. So I am in the role of a customer to them.Sign up

Who Teaches the Customer
Arif ur Rehman, Professor, Pakistan, Member
While endorsing Kvssiyer's views that though you - the provider - provide solutions, yet it is the customer who provides the information as to how, an...Sign up

A Pitcher Put in Receiving Mode Fills Up, Otherwise Empties
Jagdish B Acharya, Consultant, India, Premium Member
Everyone of us acts like a transceiver (transmitting and receiving at the same time). This can be seen as a pitcher (Ed: ~amphora, bottl...Sign up

Who Teaches the Customer
kvssiyer, Consultant, India, Member
Mr Acharya and Mr. Ehman brought out the realities of the situation.
The customer gives an opportunity to the service provider to experiment w...Sign up

Filling and Empyting the Pitcher
Arif ur Rehman, Professor, Pakistan, Member
Jagdish's transceiver expresses the concept beautifully; what he could have added is that the liquid in the pitcher assumes the 'shape' of the pitcher...Sign up

Non Conformances in Supplies
Arif ur Rehman, Professor, Pakistan, Member
While responding to an earlier entry by Mr. Dilip entitled the social net, in response to kvssyer I still contend that it is ethics, above else, th...Sign up

How to Educate the Customer?
Andrew Blaine, Business Consultant, South Africa, Member
The buying process involves the customer, who wishes to satisfy a need, and a supplier, who strives to provide the customer with a means to satisfy th...Sign up

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