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Anneke Zwart, Student (University), Netherlands
Personal characteristics - such as cognitive ability and emotional intelligence - facilitate the process of acquiring particular types of information. But when you're working in an international or intercultural environment, these two characteristics are not sufficient. In such circumstances is needed as well. In fact, CQ can have a reinforcing effect on both your cognitive abilities and your EQ. How? - Cognitive abilities. These include the ability to solve problems, to explain and think in an abstract way so that certain types of information can be processed accurately. However, there is one specific important weakness if CQ is not present simultaneously: cognitive abilities do not entail the ability to process inter personally important information (information out of social interactions, especially among different cultures). For that CQ is required. - Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Includes the ability to assess one’s or someone else's emotions and to appropriately respon (...) Read more? Sign up for free

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  Joanne Filancia, Student (Other), Denmark

(When) Cultural Intelligence is Needed

I wholeheartedly agree. CQ requires that you proce (...)

  Metin , Student (MBA), Turkey

Cross-cultural Studies and Cultural Intelligence

The way you describe CQ is well constructed. Sinc (...)

  Eyal Policar, Entrepreneur, Israel


Perfect.. Well said.. Culture is about understandi (...)

  Bill Johnson, United States

Cross Cultural Communications

I was assigned to The Netherlands twice for three (...)

  swamy, Professor, India

Personality Includes All Qs

A good thought!, congrats! Ultimately it tells ab (...)

  Charles Alter, Consultant, United States

Cultural Intelligence in EQ and IQ

Very interesting discussion about adding Cultural (...)

  antonio esquivias villalobos, Teacher, Spain

Cultural Intelligence versus Emotional Intelligence

Muy interesante y clara la afirmación. Sin embargo (...)

  richard lopez, Student (University), United States

IQ, EQ and CQ; a Symbiotic Relationship

An interesting topic. I have not considered CQ as (...)

  Alejandro Torres, Management Consultant, Colombia

EQ, CQ and Cultural Awareness

Indeed the issue here is that EQ should not be use (...)

  deborah rodriguez

Communications, Media, Cross-Cultural @ Ethics Major Studies

I am a student of life and an academic professiona (...)

  sam katz, United States

Understanding Culture

Cognitive Intell = the ability/skill to "think" th (...)

  karl writer

Is Cultural Intelligence a Separate Subsystem of Kaheman´s System 1?

In the book "" Daniel Kahneman wrote. We will take (...)

  kvssiyer, Consultant, India

Influence of Cultural Quotient on IQ and EQ

EQ and IQ have definite influence on the CQ. And l (...)

  vincenzo de vera, Manager, Italy

Interaction between IQ, EQ and CQ

All Qs interact with one another in a very persona (...)

  Maryam Bidmeshgipour, Student (Other), Malaysia

Cultural Intelligence Elements

@: Thanks for sharing your experience. Will you ex (...)

  Maryam Bidmeshgipour, Student (Other), Malaysia

Cultural Elements

@: Thanks for your comments. I feel it's time we a (...)

  karl writer

Phenomenological Concept of Emotional Intelligence

In many respects it is a terminology question. If (...)

  De Monte, Canada

Cultural Intelligence Feedback

Agree, with a proviso/assumption/presumption. The (...)

  Vincent Miholic, Manager, United States

Norming and C-E-I Quing

Always illustrative to return to classic definitio (...)

  Onyangore Peter Ogendi, Teacher, Kenya

Fertile Ground for Deep Research

This is a well thought and fertile ground for furt (...)

  deborah rodriguez

Phenomenological Concept of Emotional Intelligence

@: I can appreciate your post on the value of empa (...)

  karl writer

CQ is a Separate Intelligence from IQ and EQ

The brain can process information rapidly (instinc (...)

  Gregory Johnson, Coach, United States

Cultural Intelligence and RESPECT

CQ is an interesting and long overdue topical area (...)

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