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Cultural Intelligent Countries
Are people from certain countries on average more cultural intelligent than from others? If yes, what could be countries with a high and a low average level of cultural understanding?

Nationality and Cultural Intelligence
I think it was Hofstede who researched this, Scandinavians seem to be particularly good at adapting to the local culture, whereas for some reason, we Anglo Saxons (Yes Yanks you as well ! :-) ) have a reputation for thinking our own ways are best

Cultural Intelligence
Isaa Chowrimootoo
Cultural Intelligence is the ability to respect people of all nationalities. No one culture should impose and or attempt to dominate and shape the thinking of others. We can all build a better world by respecting each others' cultural difference and similarities.

Cultural Intelligent Cultures
Leah Stickley, Trainer, Facilitator, Coach, China, Member
I'm not sure! I have worked in China for 10 years with expatriates and locals alike assisting them in adjusting to a new culture through cross cultural training programs. It seems to me that there isn't one country whose nationals adapt more quickly or are more culturally intelligent. It does seem to be a personality issue. Those who have travelled widely, are more detached, are more big picture and less concerned about time, seem to adapt better to China and Shanghai in particular (this is where I'm based). Also, those who are curious about others' history, language, traditions - Culture - may fit in more easily. those who are open to seeing themsleves in a different way and those who are willing to accept that there are other ways of doing tend to get better results. These are my observations from 20 years of working multi-culturally and 10 years of working in China. It is not the absolute truth.

Countries of Cultural Intelligent People
Jaap de Jonge, Editor, Netherlands
People coming from relative small countries (with few inhabitants) such as Scandinavia, The Netherlands or Belgium are sometimes said to be more open for other cultures and languages out of necessity. Since their culture / language is unknown to others, they are good at adapting and often master several languages.

Cultural Intelligence in Countries
Per Ohstrom, Business Consultant, United States, Member
Cultural intelligence depends more on an individual's humility and openness than on a national culture. Having said that, I agree with @Jaap de Jonge that businesspeople from small, northern European countries have a couple of things going for them: they need to speak languages if they want to do business with larger countries, they are exposed daily to other cultures in media (subtitles are much better than dubbing for learning languages), and being affluent they are keen travellers both for business and pleasure. Finally, if you live in a small country it is by definition easy to visit other countries, and many do!

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