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Marcel Wiedenbrugge, Consultant, Netherlands
It all depends on the organizational culture and how an organization communicates this among its employees. Keep it stupid simple, choose the right people (cultural fit) for your organization. And before they start to work, give them a training in company goals, company structure, communication, collaboration and explain what your global company values truly mean in a cross-functional and cross-cultural manner. A lot of companies simply don´t work this way, they just focus on getting the job done. (...) Read more? Sign up for free

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  Patrick Kinane, Management Consultant, United States

Culture and Climate, Strengths and Weaknesses

I will agree with most of the article but an organization is composed of more than culture. Organizational culture is how things are done, representing reality. Climate is what people think of the way things are operated representing collective conscience. And control which are the rules and policies representing the way things should be done, the ideal. When all are aligned we have synergy and a well run organization.
My last and final point in the 6 steps states to examine the strengths and weaknesses and then concentrate on the weaknesses. This is a fallacy that many organizations have fallen into. They concentrate on the weaknesses believing the strengths will take care of themselves and what happens is that the strengths turn into weaknesses. You never get out of the spiral of reactionary management and progress to proactive management.

  Jane Farran, Business Consultant, United States

Senior Execs Should Focus on Strengths

I agree with Patrick Kinane's point about the fall (...)

  Daniel Verheyen

Establishing Cultural Intelligence in Organizations

I agree with Marcel Wiedenbrugge that you have to (...)


First Cognition of a Foreign Culture

I think to get cognition of a foreign culture firs (...)

  D P BABU, Strategy Consultant, India

Socio-cultural Environment in Organizations

No doubt that organizations are social systems emb (...)

  Manepalli Vinay Babu, Partner, India

Cultural Intelligence and RESPECT

Cultural intelligence in any organisation revolves (...)

  Madan Gopal Agarwal, Business Consultant, India

Think Global, Act Local

Successful global organizations have taught the go (...)

  Arif ur Rehman, Professor, Pakistan

Cultural Intelligence Starts with 'Inviting'

From the 'supple' to the 'soft' through the 'hard' (...)

  Moise Mungala Tshimbu, Congo, Democratic Republic of the

Building Cultural Intelligence

I do appreciate the content of this article and th (...)

  Ray Roberts, Management Consultant, United Kingdom

Cultural Intelligence is About Adapting to Differences

Cultural intelligence is an interesting concept on (...)

  Marcel Wiedenbrugge, Consultant, Netherlands

Cultural Intelligence in Mergers

To Daniel Verheyen. In mergers often typical (huma (...)

  Arif ur Rehman, Professor, Pakistan

Cultural Intelligence and the Will to Equate

Marcel's observation where success 'emerges' becau (...)

  A.J. Heideman, Management Consultant, Netherlands

Constant Learning Needed

If we agree on the statement that CQ is largely de (...)

  C.J. Mlilo, Manager

Merging of Organizational and Societal Habits

I think the key lies in a smooth, compatible mergi (...)

  Lien Nguyen

Personal Sub-cultures

Though it is vital for anybody doing business inte (...)

  Marcel Wiedenbrugge, Consultant, Netherlands

Cultural Report

As a suggestion, wouldn't it be interesting if (in (...)

  felix owolabi, Student (University), United Kingdom

CQ Deficit, the Difference Between Royal Dutch Shell and Others

The difference between a multinational company tha (...)

  Ochora Onek, Student (MBA), Uganda

Organizations are Melting Pots

Reading through the comments, one thing that can b (...)

  Dr.S.K.Baral, Director, India

Establishing Cultural Intelligence in Organisation

Successful interaction across cultures requires cu (...)

  Mohamad Nasir Mahmood, Director, Malaysia

Cultural versus Organizational Intelligence

Organizational intelligence can be defined as the (...)

  Marcel Wiedenbrugge, Consultant, Netherlands

Cultural Fit in Hiring Phase

There are some wonderful comments here. Let me sha (...)

  Arif ur Rehman, Professor, Pakistan

Cultural Intelligence

While endorsing brother Baral's views where 'match (...)

  Olga Aros, Consultant, United States

Cultural Dexterity

All organizations involved in global enterprises n (...)

  Paulkalule, Student (University)

Culture Intelligence is Continuous Learning Process

We must appreciate that cultural intelligence is a (...)

  Olga Aros, Consultant, United States

Cultural Intelligence and Cultural Dexterity are Both Critical

As a point of note, no matter how much cultural in (...)

  Gwande, Project Manager, Zimbabwe

Learning Languages

One needs to be a good language learner, accommoda (...)

  Wulf-Dieter Krueger, Teacher, Thailand

Balancing Act with Language Learning

Yes indeed, that's a very tricky bit, since learni (...)

  Marcel Wiedenbrugge, Consultant, Netherlands

The Importance of Language

I totally agree about the relationship between lan (...)

  Wulf-Dieter Krueger, Teacher, Thailand

Learning Languages is Part of CQ

Well, since I speak five languages, but only read (...)

  Arif ur Rehman, Professor, Pakistan

Balancing the Language Learning Act

One of the best translations of the Quran in Engli (...)

  A.J. Heideman, Management Consultant, Netherlands

The Importance of Language

There are good reasons to learn a foreign language (...)

  Arif ur Rehman, Professor, Pakistan

Importance of Language

Absolutely, AJH! Our problems tend to emerge - in (...)

  Wulf-Dieter Krueger, Teacher, Thailand

Importance of Language

To Arif Your Rehman The more languages you learn, (...)

  Marcel Wiedenbrugge, Consultant, Netherlands

Importance of Language / Concept of 'face'

The concept of 'face' is very typical for Asia, bu (...)

  Mrs. Josephine Idele, Partner, Nigeria

Cultural Intelligence and the Workplace

In today's business environment and even outside t (...)

  Olga Aros, Consultant, United States

Reasons for Cultural Change in Organizations

The idea that people will automatically change and (...)

  Wulf-Dieter Krueger, Teacher, Thailand


Absolutely right. However, what do you do, if your (...)

  Daniel Newton Obaka

Techno-cultural Shared Values

Olga, you seem to be seeing the future as it is un (...)

  Marcel Wiedenbrugge, Consultant, Netherlands


I think Daniel's observation is a very interesting (...)

  Gwande, Project Manager, Zimbabwe

Information Technology

Information technology has revolutionised communic (...)

  Marcel Wiedenbrugge, Consultant, Netherlands

What we Say / How we Act

I agree with Gwande about expectations. What you o (...)

  Anneke Zwart, Student (University), Netherlands

How to Enhance Cultural Intelligence Within Companies?

As many people know, there exist a clear positive (...)

  Olga Aros, Consultant, United States

Steps to Increase your Personal Cultural Intelligence

1. First comes the will to know your own culture (...)

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