The Second Principle of Deming: Quality Philosophy

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The Second Principle of Deming: Quality Philosophy
Sokolova Tatiana, Member
I would like to emphasize the second principle of Deming, being a quality PHILOSOPHY, which I think is the most important one to reach quality parameters.
Take for example the Japanese economic growth, that was based on their own beliefs or philosophy... Wasn't it amazing? The achieved high quality in production or services is the best evidence for a good organization and for the right attitude of the people involved in the process.

The Second Principle of Deming: Quality Philosophy
P.Ramkumar, Member
Dear Sokolova, nowadays people are focusing on quality only for the sake of it. But in reality the bottom level of the employees is the primary creator for the meaning of 'quality'.
This quality can be integrated with "productivity, SOPs, specifications, customer satisfaction and self discipline".
Since the word "Quality" describes infinity meaning...

Quality Management, Knowledge Management
Sokolova Tatiana, Member
@P.Ramkumar: Thank you for your comments, but honestly speaking I don't understand what the quality for the sake of it is.
There are two different types of QUALITY:
- the first is absolute, which is objective and cannot be measured (a masterpiece of art, for example), and
- the other is relative or measurable, proved by certain features or parameters presented in a certain product or services.
In both cases it is the result of individual or collective labor or creative activity. So it doesn't matter how many management levels of organization take part in the process, the process itself should be well balanced and consolidated talking about people's intentions and ideas about what quality they are seeking for.Here the decisive role to make collective communication efficient is the second principle of Deming, in other words, the right philosophy...

My Point of View on the Importance of Quality Philosophy
Rogov, Member
Tatiana, in order to reach good results in quality indicators it is necessary to have a strong team including managers and operators who believe that "there must be a better way...".
Continuous improvement and a strong corporate quality culture at all levels of company form the basis to achieve outstanding quality results.

Quality as a Philosophy
Jan Janssens
Dear Tatiana, I think I very well understand what you mean. Working for some years now in TQM and dealing with quality in translation (management), I believe that quality should first of all be present in the attitude (mind, culture) of people.
Measuring quality inside an organisation is usually a necessary evil because quality assurance and control is costly and a cost-benefit analysis is needed.
On the other hand, as 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder', we may say that quality is the eye of both the supplier and the customer, but there may be gaps, of all size and nature.

Quality Philosophy
Sokolova Tatiana, Member
@Jan Janssens: Thank you for your reply, I agree with you that the the process of quality evaluation is costly and can not give any objectivity in practices, as it lies in plural vision of all customers and suppliers, however, we are trying to define quality to reach better features of product or services.


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