How to Maintain High Quality: 4 Entities

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How to Maintain High Quality: 4 Entities
Ibrahim Mendahawi, Manager, Jordan

Four entities should be maintained to have high quality:
1. Service - Maintain high quality services and always look for chances of improvement.
2. Employees - Continuous education, motivation, empowered and space for innovation and new ideas. Recognize and reward excellence.
3. Management - Do customer satisfaction studies and remove the barriers in the work environment to improve the communication.
4. Production - Always maintain the production capability to have high quality of production.

Maintaining High Quality: Add a 5th Entity
John Vincer, Manager, Canada
Perhaps - 5. Suppliers should be added as # 5 on the list ~ ensure you have quality suppliers so that the products and services you recieve from them contribute to quality production.

Maintaining High Quality
ALABI OLUSHOLA, Management Consultant, Nigeria
I would like to replace the suppliers with customers (external and internal). Their input has a great impact on the output of an organisation.

Maintaining High Quality Requires Continuous Monitoring and Audits
ganessan, Business Consultant, India
Ibrahim's five points (including the added 5th one: Suppliers) are good with regard to maintaining high quality.
Continuous monitoring and audits will help continuous improvement of the quality in all areas.

Maintaining High 'Quality'
Note that 'Quality' is a concept which is always in a mind of a person.
The definition of it changes from person to person and according to requirement.
Hence we can define quality as the "NEED OF THE CUSTOMER AT SOME POINT IN TIME"
I am completely satisfied with the points above.


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