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Isaac Worthalter
Business Consultant, Mexico

Culture of Accountability

Any experience with a Culture of Accountability?
There are different books and suppliers of the concept, workshops and consultants.
I was wonderng about how effective it is.


Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands

Culture of Accountability

Please elaborate and explain what you mean with a culture of accountability?
Do you mean to refer to Corporate Accountability?
Or do you mean to refer to an Ownership Culture?

Isaac Worthalter
Business Consultant, Mexico

Ownership Being Direction

Beyond Ownership.
Assuming personal responsability and execution with KPIs and follow up
No excuses, no finger pointing, no blaming others. No denying reality.

John Henry
Project Manager, United States

Culture of Authority, Responsibility and Accountability

There are three main components to what I think you are asking.
Authority - Do you have a position within the organization that gives you the authority to make decisions, or are you acting in behalf of one in authority.
Responsibility - Has someone with the authority to do so given you the responsibility to complete the project, the work task etc.?
Accountability - Will you be able to take credit, or blame (preferably equally) if things go well, or poorly?

I am not sure anyone can create that culture, unless they subscribe to those principles I just noted. Too often, those with authority and responsibility, want to hold someone else accountable for the blame, while retaining the responsibility for the credit. If that is the situation, then the person assigned the task, must protect themselves with decisions made by others. It is a very hard position to be in to have the tasks assigned, but not be given at least responsibility and accountability. The person who does the work, must be rewarded if they are successful, and they must be given the opportunity to fail without being cast aside.
Now if you have in your organization managers who take credit for work they do not do, and blame others, then you do need some kind of training, and stick, to make that stop. Nothing will destroy morale faster than knowing that everything you do well someone else will take credit for, and everything you could have done better, becomes your reputation.
Changing that kind of an environment will prove challenging, and it will have to be supported from the top down, and the bottom up folks will thank you profusely...

Rufat Jahangirov
Management Consultant, Azerbaijan

What is Accountability Exactly

@John Henry: What you describe above as Accountability is similar to what Ichak Adizes calls Reward.... Sign up

Consultant, Indonesia

Accountability in the Culture is the End of a Process

For me, culture accountability is the end of a social transformation process. CA could be emerging f... Sign up

Paramathmuni srinivas Kumar

Culture of Accountability

It also includes transparency, trust, continual improvement... A simple example is that of sharing a... Sign up

Soeb Fatehi
Business Consultant, India

Using Open Boards for Transparency

@Srinivas: Going beyond what you shared... We have used "open boards" for sharing of all projects, w... Sign up

John Henry
Project Manager, United States

Reward is not All Emcompasing Enough I Think

Responsibility - is organizational; it is your job to accomplish this. No excuses. Authority - is a... Sign up

Maurice Hogarth
Consultant, United Kingdom

An Accountability Culture from Accountable Leaders

@Isaac Worthalter: I would suggest that the current discussion on Accountable Leadership overlaps th... Sign up


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