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Paradigm Shift - Consumers
Sergio Leite, Analyst, Brazil, Member
Customers are increasingly demanding, less loyal and ephemeral. I am convinced that the speed and mass of information also generated the speed with which consumers began to change habits, brands and preferences, in turn directly related to the emergence of numerous management techniques in place, whatever the field of knowledge, all at the bottom looking for the most appropriate means to gain or keep market.
Even the core competences of a firm will not be able to keep it in business for long. Maybe the best positions in the future market will be occupied by those companies that best relate to the consumer. Then we will need to study behavior and changes in consumer motivation, when goods and services will be more and more customised. My thought is that increasingly companies must be capable to quickly adapt, not to customers' intrinsic preferences, but to their temporary motivations....Sign up

New vs Repeat Business
Adam Sheikh, Operations Director, Kenya, Member
A cardinal rule of any rational business person is to study the habits / preferences of the plethora of new customers out there who do not buy ...Sign up

Customer Loyalty
Charles Daley, Management Consultant, United States, Member
Loyalty is important however depending upon your market it is also important to grow your business. The two goals, improve loyalty and a...Sign up

Customer Value Driven
Firstep Eapl Astimen, Manager, Indonesia, Member
The essential thing dealing with customer loyalty is delivering product and service with dynamic aesthetic value for customer. It will create d...Sign up

Customer Loyalty
Dr Sanjeev Sood, Entrepreneur, India, Member
Customer loyalty is more important than the first visit for any organization. This is even more true for healthcare organizations....Sign up

Changing Customer Loyalty - How to Retain the Customer?
Aleksandra Lah Steblaj, Consultant, Slovenia, Member
It is very difficult to retain customer nowadays because there are so many offers on the market. Maybe the right strategy is to dose new par...Sign up

Changing Customer Loyalty
Emiel Veenstra, Business Consultant, Netherlands, Member
It is correct and I hear that from my customers more and more, that their customers are becoming less and less loyal. On the other hand though, I also...Sign up

Customers Became More Price Sensitive
Faiz Laulloo, Mauritius, Member
In the present economic context, it is extremely challenging to maintain repeat business. Customers tend to be more price sensitive. On the oth...Sign up

Factors Leading to Customer Loyalty Changes
D P BABU, Strategy Consultant, India, Member
Marketing insights provide us guidance how to consolidate the factors leading to (changes in) customer loyalty.
Various demographic, psych...Sign up

Customer Care
Etienne CHACON, Coach, Benin, Member
I think the most important now when we want our customer to be loyal is to enhance customer care service. That is, beside the product we sell a...Sign up

Learning to Listen Will Make All the Difference
Edwin A. Ortiz Mundo, Professor, Puerto Rico, Member
More than loyalty, the issue is information. Customers today are much better informed about their options and feel more empowered to make their own...Sign up

Paradigm Shift - Consumer
Gospel U Osadebe, CEO, Nigeria, Member
The effect of the economic downturn actually forces consumers to demand increasingly value for their hard earned money on non-essential goods a...Sign up

Fast Changing Customer Loyalty Places Strong Demands on the Marketing Wing
SAMSON CHIKAVIRO, Manager, Zimbabwe, Member
I believe the marketing wing of an organisation has a tall order in maintaining customer loyalty. Marketing people need to be hands on and in sync ...Sign up

True Customer Loyalty vs Control
Josh Hammermeister, Project Manager, Canada, Member
I agree with Gospel Osadebe as well as Ahmed al-Kindi in the words "Seek first to understand, then to be understood" -
Many consumers in west...Sign up

Paradigm Shift - Consumer II
Sergio Leite, Analyst, Brazil, Member
Plenty of information can generate rapid changes in the motivations of people. It is clear that preferences will always exist. They are a result of ou...Sign up

Paradigm Shift - Consumers III
Sergio Leite, Analyst, Brazil, Member
Many times and without noticing it, we are reviewing our values due to the contact with information directly related to any of them.
Infor...Sign up

Customer Loyalty in Service Industry
Peter, Accountant, Kenya, Member
From experience while working in an education sector, I have noticed that customer loyalty is not easy to achieve, especially in a highly competitive ...Sign up

Paradigm Shift in Customer Loyalty
Harold J. Monger, Consultant, Liberia, Member
Consumers constantly go through paradigm shifts as they experience life changes in age, income, friends and more. Maintaining customers is best associ...Sign up

Customer Loyalty May Involve Religious Belief
MERIAM ALLIAS, Malaysia, Member
In my country, religion plays a very important role in customer loyalty. Products or services have to adhere to religious principles to be wide...Sign up

Is Loyalty an Illusion? The Empowered Customer
Edwin A. Ortiz Mundo, Professor, Puerto Rico, Member
The concept of customer loyalty itself was always a stretch to begin with. Customers were "loyal" when they perceived they had no other choice ...Sign up

Customer Loyalty in Regards to Our Own Views of Loyalty
Kenneth H. Casola, Business Consultant, United States, Member
I completely agree with Charles Daley of Japan in regards to "raving fans" being our best marketing tool. If we all consider that each of us is...Sign up

Customer Loyalty Changed over Time
Peter, Accountant, Kenya, Member
Perfect competitive market conditions obviously offer many product offerings that customers can choose from. Therefore customer loyalty is lower. In m...Sign up

Customer Loyalty Vs. Exponentially Production Capacity
adrian hidalgo, Manager, Ecuador, Member
The current economy is very volatile, the low economic alti make consumers consider other possibilities. This creates loyalty factors pro-and anti-loy...Sign up

Customer Management is Important
Pushyamitra, Entrepreneur, India, Member
Indeed the demands of customers is increasing and there is less loyalty towards a particular brand. It is true and valid in today's Y generation. They...Sign up

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