Common Errors Leaders Make during Crises

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Common Errors Leaders Make during Crises
Anneke Zwart, Moderator
Hirsch (2014) did research on crisis management and examined the most common errors top managers make in times of crisis. He found an interesting pattern of problematic behaviors among senior leaders in crises:
1. Passivity: In the early stages of crises, leaders are very inactive. They hope and believe that the crisis will pass without serious consequences for their organization. Leaders should have a more open and objective view and be aware of the possible negative consequences of the crisis. Besides, they should... Register

Common Errors Leaders Make During CrisesSign up
Adrian Horodniceanu, Member
The above errors can have objective reasons (at le...

Another Common Error During Crises: Not Learning from itSign up
Miguel Sacramento, Member
Another usual error besides the 5 already mentione...

On Crisis Management Error #1: Being Too PassiveSign up
Raj Mohan, Member
In many cases the CEO does not realize or gets the...

Looks Like Standard Reactions on a Traumatic ExperienceSign up
Seelig, Member
The passivity, denial, false hope and anger seem l...

Many in Senior Positions are not Capable to Handle a CrisisSign up
Niraj Kumbhat, Member
In addition to above mentioned problematic behavio...

Leadership EQ - Giving Emotional Stability in Times of StressSign up
Stephen van der Merwe, Member
Point 4 is a typical reaction that exists because ...

Leadership Behavior to Avoid in the Event of a CrisisSign up
Manager, Member
There are even more reasons why so many top people...

Common Leadership Errors during CrisesSign up
Leaders always forget that they are chief servants...


Common Errors Leaders Make During CrisesSign up
Sunday ELKANA (koachkonsult), Member
Searching for a scapegoat seems to be the order of...

Crisis Management must Become Another Competency of Effective Change AgentsSign up
Tom Boren, Member
An old adage tells us that whatever can be imagine...

A Crisis is Like a Tsunami: The Pressure for it Develops over the YearsSign up
kvssiyer, Member
Many crises are the consequences of errors traceab...

The Article is on a Hypothetical 'Myth' Rather than RealitySign up
C.L. Kappagomtula, Member
Anneke Zwart's article on the common mistakes of l...

Crisis Management and Effectiveness of SurrenderingSign up
srinivas, Member
In a crisis situation if a leader 'surrenders' to ...

Leadership and ManagementSign up
Andrew Blaine, Member
The original study was of senior management, which...


Common Errors Leaders Make During CrisisSign up
Borje Vickberg, Member
Many wise comments on JP Hirsch´s research. I woul...

Attitudes of Leaders During Crisis Management: ImpatienceSign up
Augustine Ngmentomo Beakana, Member
I agree with all the various views expressed expre...

On Common Errors of Leader in Crises #5: MistrustSign up
Tran le Phuong, Member
Thank you so much for bringing this up. Through my...

On #12. Common Error of Leaders in Crises: Not Opening up and Involving OthersSign up
Pros Yiga, Member
I agree to other views already aired.
I also ...

Leader Errors before a Crisis Occurs: Not being Sensitive to Warning SignalsSign up
Alhaji Jabbi, Member
All views mentioned can be useful. In addition to ...


Not all Kind of Leaders Make these Common ErrorsSign up
Friday O. Ngbodi, Member
The points by other contributors are valid to the ...

Frequent Mistakes by Leaders during a CrisisSign up
Fernando Ochoa, Member
A related factor to #12 is:
15. Rely...

Another Common Error of Leaders During a CrisisSign up
Zahid asghar, Member
16. Not staying accessible, keeping c...


Leaders Need to Be Open and ClearSign up
I completely agree to all 16 points mentioned so f...

More Common Errors Leaders Make During CrisesSign up
Ali Wagfi, Member
I think following errors may happens during crises...

On #1: Indecision is Worse Than Bad Decision During CrisesSign up
Ayele Abdata, Member
Most leaders and managers are indifferent and duri...

On Crisis Management Error #12Sign up
kvssiyer, Member
Potential crises are better diagnosed and prevente...

Crisis Management Error #20: Interfere At Operational LevelSign up
Quenin, Member
One of my observations from own experience (Busine...



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