Could Working Hard be an Extra Habit?

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Could Working Hard be an Extra Habit?
Can I add another habit: The attitude to work hard. I find that hard work is one of the most important habits, not found in all persons...

Work hard?
I respect what you say...but wouldn't it be better to say Work Smarter not harder?

Extra Habit
By hard work you can get paid... but with SMART WORK you can reap!

Harder / Smarter!
We are talking about results ... So working harder is walking or running faster or stronger or more energetic. Working smarter is about making sure you are in the right direction... It's about putting your ladder on the right wall.

Harder doesn´t mean better
My father had a compulsion to work. He could not stay idle. He worked througout his life, but he was always so poor. He was not able to accomplish anything. Working hard doen´t mean anything. Rather you must do the right things for yourself and for the people you love to be happy and live a fruitful life. That is all that matters.

Extra Habit?
Anneke van Waveren
Work harder means 'being involved' in my opinion. Work not only with your mind, but also love your work, work with your heart and go for it. Be involved with the things you do, and of course basicly think before you act.

Extra Habit
Seyed Jaafar
I partly agree with your statement. But want to add: Hard and SMART Work would pave the way to become SUCCESSFUL!.

Working Harder Should not Be an Extra Habit
Working harder or smarter should not be an extra habit. The 7 habits themselves are a guide to work smarter.

Smarter All the Way..
Fehlauer, Manager, Mexico, Member
I agree, results is all what matters, and working harder does not guarantee any results. We jeopardize focusing on effort, and losing sight of the end. That's the second habit... You need to work towards an end... And if you do it with an ax under the sun or sitting on the beach sipping a margarita, doesn't matter, if and only if you get things done.

Covered in Habit 3
Gary Wong, Consultant, Canada, Premium Member
Habit 3 is Put First Things First. This is the time when I discuss both working harder and smarter in 7 Habit workshops I conduct.
Using an IT programmer analogy: in Habit 1: I am a programmer. Habit 2: I plan a program. Habit 3: I run the program.
Working harder is managing your time (i.e. clock) and choosing to work on what matters most to you.
Working smarter is leading your life (i.e. compass)and influencing the people with whom you have important relationships.
In a typical week, one works hard to deliver results. However, conflicts will arise that will force you to make a choice. For example, do I work late tonight to finish the report my boss unexpectedly just gave me and desperately needs or do I go home as planned to attend my son's birthday party? The choice I make falls under working smarter.

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