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Seven Habits: Sharpen the saw?
What is the meaning of Covey's: Sharpen the saw?

Meaning of Sharpen the Saw
Sai Sriram
It means keep ugrading the skills so that one can be upto date. It can be in terms of keeping intouch with news, technology, enrolling to new programs or getting certifications etc.

What is Sharpen the Saw (Covey)
Covey means that, just as you need to sharpen the saw now and then, or just as you need to brush your teeth to keep them white and healthy, you also need to invest time and effort at regular intervals to keep your body and mind in good shape. They are your tools. Managers who (think they) are too busy to do some exercising or take a break can indeed easily fall into a trap of working with poor 'tools'.

Meaning of Sharpen the Saw
Its simply means to improve your knowledge through CONTINOUS LEARNING.

Sharpen the saw
My friend, this quote means: prepare yourself to deserve that better things come to your life.

Sharpen the saw
I think, my friend,it means that you have to use what you've learnt before and you have to "use" even the mistakes you've made... Simply don't lose what you've aquired during your life.

Sharpen the Saw
Ulf Nilsson
"It's about finding balance in life"

Take some time to Sharpen your Saw
Jan De Wael
Ever worked for hours with an unsharp saw?
Now and then you should take some time to reconsider if what your are doing is still effective and appropriate for what you want to achieve.

Sharpen the Saw: Always be Prepared
Jayanti, Educationist, India, Member
I think the process of sharpening the saw must be regular based on observations and analysis. It's a matter of being always ready. A sharp saw definitely cuts well and faster results in success. The way they say in the Indian air force - the more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war. So always be prepared.

Meaning of Sharpen the Saw
Venugopal Rao Pendyala, Financial Consultant, India, Member
Continual improvement, learn from every step in professional life. Because there are lot of uncertainties in life, we do not know what sort of challenges you face in future, be prepared and create win win situation for you and your company.

Sharpen the Saw
Teca Pedro, Consultant, Angola, Member
Sharpening the Saw is all about the 4 Ls: Live, Love, Learn and Leave a Legacy.
Stephen Covey used an interesting metaphor to talk about how we can take care of our physical, emotional, mental and spirtual needs. We can live a balanced life if we meet the above mentioned needs. Not meeting the needs of one of the 4 areas leads to frustration.

The Meaning of Covey's Sharpen the Saw
RAKOTO, Events Marketer, Member
Sharpen the saw, learn from what you did past, learn from mistakes, from experiences. But the key word is learn, do not stop learning.

Meaning of Sharpening the Saw
Lon A.. Wilcox, United States, Member
Sharpen the saw means you must be willing to take the time to keep your (relationship) skills well managed before trying to solve a situation that requires them.

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