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Stefka Nenkova
Student (University), Netherlands
DEFINITION Remanufacturing refers to the “process of disassembling, cleaning, inspecting, repairing, replacing, and reassembling the components of a part or product to like-new condition” (Thorn and Rogerson, 2002). It is important to make the distinction between remanufacturing on one hand and repair or reuse on the other. Remanufacturing reduces waste and has a positive impact on the environment. But customers are still reluctant to buy remanufactured products unless their price is lower than for new ones. REASONS FOR RELUCTANCE As pointed out by Harms and Linton (2015) the reasons for reluctance of customers to buy remanufactured products could be found in: The perceived products’ lower levels of functionality, because of their re-manufactured content (Hamzaoui Essoussi and Linton 2010; Guide and Li 2010; Durif et al. 2012), Their low seller reputation (Subramanian and Subramanian 2012), Consumers’ low tolerance of ambiguity (Hazen et al. 2012), and the D (...) Read more? Sign up for free

  Jesus Cedeno
Business School Marketer, Puerto Rico

Example of Marketing 3.0 (Kotler)

Excellent article. Currently I work on a cellphone (...)

  Peter Desmond
Business Consultant, United Kingdom

Remanufacturing is Part of Circular Economy

Thank you Stefka for a stimulating article. Remanu (...)

  Deepak Agnihotri
Consultant, India

Selling Remanufactured, Refurbished Products

Apart from the price, both seller reputation and s (...)

Business Consultant, India

Re-manufacturing is Recycling

Excellent topic, the culture of using and then thr (...)

  Papantonopoulos Panos
Business Consultant, Greece

Remanufacturing, Recycling

Whether I buy a brand-new cartridge, a new PC, or (...)


Re-manufactering ⇒ Upcycling!

Great (!) Topic! We should name it 'UPCYCLING' in (...)

  Mehdi Gharbi

Refurbishment in the New Economy

Thank you for this article. Very good synthesis of (...)

  Norman Dragt

Theory of Planned Behavior

You could take a look at the Theory of Planned Beh (...)

  Barney Wade Howard
Manager, United States

All in But with Some Trepidation

This type of production is not only intelligent, b (...)

  melchiorre calabrese
Manager, Italy

How to Improve Popularity of Remanufactured Products

The reasons for the reluctance to use "regenerated (...)

  Stefka Nenkova
Student (University), Netherlands

Thank You for your Comments

Thank you all very much for your input and comment (...)

  Peter Bergstroem

Some Points on Remanufactured Products

Very interesting subject and it certainly is worth (...)

  Norman Dragt

Remanufacturing is not the Total Answer

@Peter Bergstroem: You are right to state that it (...)


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How to Improve Popularity of Remanufactured Products?
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