How to Improve Popularity of Remanufactured Products?

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How to Improve Popularity of Remanufactured Products?
Stefka Nenkova, Student (University), Netherlands, Premium Member
Remanufacturing refers to the “process of disassembling, cleaning, inspecting, repairing, replacing, and reassembling the components of a part or product to like-new condition” (Thorn and Rogerson, 2002). It is important to make the distinction between remanufacturing on one hand and repair or reuse on the other.
Remanufacturing reduces waste and has a positive impact on the environment. But customers are still reluctant to buy remanufactured products unless their price is lower than for new ones.

As pointed out by Harms and Linton (2015) the reasons for reluctance of customers to buy remanufactured products could be found in:
  • The perceived products’ lower levels of functionality, because of their re-manufactured content (Hamzaoui Essoussi and Linton 2010; Guide and Li 2010; Durif et al. 2012),
  • Their low seller reputation (Subramanian and Subramanian 2012),
  • Consume...Sign up

Example of Marketing 3.0 (Kotler)
Jesus Cedeno, Business School Marketer, Puerto Rico, Member
Excellent article. Currently I work on a cellphone store, and everyday refurbished articles arrive. Customer expectations are totally negative, but wi...Sign up

Remanufacturing is Part of Circular Economy
Peter Desmond, Business Consultant, United Kingdom, Member
Thank you Stefka for a stimulating article. Remanufacturing is an integral part of a subject I am working on - the circular economy. Certification is ...Sign up

Selling Remanufactured, Refurbished Products
Deepak Agnihotri, Consultant, India, Member
Apart from the price, both seller reputation and seller identity are significant attributes that a buyer would consider.
In addition to th...Sign up

Re-manufacturing is Recycling
SATISH PANDE, Business Consultant, India, Member
Excellent topic, the culture of using and then throwing away products is a result of spare money in hand and goods being used as a status symbol. Also...Sign up

Remanufacturing, Recycling
Papantonopoulos Panos, Business Consultant, Greece, Member
Whether I buy a brand-new cartridge, a new PC, or something else, it usually comes with a guarantee. In fact in the case of cartridges very often they...Sign up

Re-manufactering ⇒ Upcycling!
Boers, Member
Great (!) Topic!
We should name it 'UPCYCLING' instead of re-manufacturing... It sounds better and consumers will be more willing to buy it....Sign up

Refurbishment in the New Economy
Mehdi Gharbi, Belgium, Member
Thank you for this article. Very good synthesis of this market reality.
In terms of the environment, it allows to reduce waste generation and Ear...Sign up

Theory of Planned Behavior
Norman Dragt, Netherlands, Member
You could take a look at the Theory of Planned Behavior to try to understand...Sign up

All in But with Some Trepidation
Barney Wade Howard, Manager, United States, Member
This type of production is not only intelligent, but necessary.
My parents grew up during the Great Depression. In these days, you just didn't th...Sign up

How to Improve Popularity of Remanufactured Products
melchiorre calabrese, Manager, Italy, Member
The reasons for the reluctance to use "regenerated" products are not always valid at all, because:
1. Remanufactured products may have yields equ...Sign up

Thank You for your Comments
Stefka Nenkova, Student (University), Netherlands, Premium Member
Thank you all very much for your input and comments. It turned into an interesting discussion. Every comment is useful....Sign up

Some Points on Remanufactured Products
Peter Bergstroem, Sweden, Member
Very interesting subject and it certainly is worth exploring.
A problem with remanufactured products is that every product has a lifespan and old...Sign up

Remanufacturing is not the Total Answer
Norman Dragt, Netherlands, Member
@Peter Bergstroem: You are right to state that it all starts with thinking at the design level of a product. However...Sign up

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