Pyramid of Corporate Social Responsibility (Caroll)

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Pyramid of Corporate Social Responsibility (Caroll)
Jaap de Jonge, Editor
An early and widely applied CSR framework that distinguishes "CSR layers" is the Pyramid of Corporate Social Responsibility by Caroll (1991). The 4 layers of Responsibilities are, from bottom to top:
- Economic Responsibilities (refering to the basic role of businesses to produce goods and services, to create jobs, to be competitive and to make a profit while doing so)
- Legal Responsibilities (involving the compliance to laws and regulations set by the state, local governments, and by society)
- Ethical Responsibilities (involving the compliance to norms and values set by religion, culture, and local society and are not codified into law)
- Philantropic Responsibilities (refering to voluntary activities of businesses by means of improvement of the society in which they operate, and to being a good corporate citizen)

Source: Carroll, A. B. (1991), "The Pyramid of Corporate Social Responsibility: Toward the Moral Management of Organizational Stakeholders", Business Horizons, vol. 34, pp. 39-48

Business of Business is Help All Stakeholders @ Profit
Ruwan Bandara, Member
All businesses' Strategic Intent must be CSR. CSR must not be the decoration of the cake (meaning the business); CSR must be the cake itself (meaning the core of business).
All human beings are damaging our ecological, biological environment at an alarming rate. Developed nations are accountable for a greater portion of this environment damage.
CSR has been manipulated in business circles. Cooperate Social Responsibility should be nothing else than protecting our mother earth for future generations. What is actually happening is damaging execution by consumerism or post modernism or CSR as just bill boards or lip service. Real CSR is WALK THE TALK. My definition of CSR is we must enjoy without harming future generation's enjoyment. We all have to be accountable for not vanishing our mother earth.

CSR is a Platform
Ssamanya M.Geowillis, Member
Sincerely we have to agree that The pyramid of CSR can function as a platform or foundation for the business, and the growth and sustainability of the business.
I can assure you that without those four layers mentioned above, the success of any business remains in suspense. To be able to build a network, one has to understand the working environment and know/understand the principal stakeholders
Then CSR can help to strengthen the business being undertaken.



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