Corporate Responsibility: Different for Large and Small Firms?

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EJ Amankwaa
Student (MBA), Netherlands

Corporate Responsibility: Different for Large and Small Firms?

🔥NEW There is an ongoing debate:
"Should small companies be equally held responsible as conglomerates, in terms of corporate social responsibility (CSR). Why or why not?"
⇒ What would be your position?

  Bernhard Keim
Business Consultant, Germany

CSR for Small Companies: How Small is Small?

IMHO also in small firms some kind of responsibility is welcomed. But it's different. Small companies (up to 100 employees) are normally driven by an owner who knows everyone and is known by everybody. The relationship between him and his employees is far more familiar, less formal and more natural. People can expect to be treated fairly.
The CSR of big companies works differently. It's formalised, bureaucratic and hardly affordable for small companies.

  Graham Williams
Management Consultant, South Africa

Corporate Responsibility: Different for Large and Small Firms

Clearly, the larger the organisation, the larger it's geographic reach and ability to upscale and size of available spend and impact are likely to be (all other things being equal).
Irrespective of size, all companies and organisations (including NGOs, Parastatals, SOEs, Public and Private sectors) have an equal responsibility to act as good citizens and care for the economy, society and environment. This means developing the right values, purposes, mindsets; employing right tools such as integrated thinking relative to all capitals.
A primary driver of this standpoint is the nature and magnitude of the problems we are facing together.

  Teun Wolters
Professor, Netherlands

CSR: Society First at Different Levels

CSR is highly contextual. Both large and small com (...)

  Gregory Johnson
Coach, United States

CSR is Not about Company Size but is Personal

It is easy to use the scapegoat of size in managin (...)

  Isaiah Maisiba
Manager, Kenya

CSR is Essential Notwithstanding Company Size

CSR is a way of appreciating the society where we (...)

  Tim Dibble
Project Manager, United States

Corporations Only Reflect the People

There is no such thing as a corporation as an enti (...)

Lecturer, India

CSR for Quality of Experience

Irrespective of the size of an organisation, if CS (...)

  Hangi Bashir
Journalist, Uganda

CSR has to be Part of the Organization's Values, Strategy and Practices

Small is not defined in this discussion, so I am a (...)

  Helen Strong
Business Consultant, South Africa

CSR Can Be Strategic

Totally agree that CSR depends on people. It is ab (...)

Manager, Korea (South)

There is no Difference Between Sizes of Company in CSR

The main idea behind CSR is equal for any company: (...)

  Elizabeth Mwangi
Student (University), Kenya

CSR is Paramount for Big and Small Firms

No matter the size of the firm, CSR is important t (...)

  Maurice Hogarth
Consultant, United Kingdom

CSR-Corporate Citizenship and Size

I see no distinction from size, though scale and r (...)

  Teun Wolters
Professor, Netherlands

CSR: Differences Between Small and Large?

I agree that both small and large companies should (...)

  Ismael Bena MBA
Management Consultant, Netherlands

Small Companies can Shift the CSR Paradigm

Which parties are most likely to cause a paradigm (...)

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