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CEO Profile and Corporate Repuation
Ideally, should the profile of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a firm match the main characteristics of the corporate brand or reputation? Does it matter if the firm we are dealing with is small or large? Does it matter in what industry the firm is active? Why (not)?

Corporate Reputation and CEO Profile
Madan Gopal Agarwal, Business Consultant, India, Member
Corporate reputation is much bigger and more important than the CEO profile. Of course, in most of reputable companies, the CEO profile matches...Sign up

Corporate Reputation Quotient
STEVE MWANSA, Business Consultant, Zambia, Member
The ideal CEO must have a combination of all attributes indicated above. (S)he should also have a balanced family life which aids in maintenance of co...Sign up

CEO Profile and Corporate Reputation
Shiela Lumsden, Consultant, United Kingdom, Member
Since the reputation quotient is based on an analysis of all the elements that influence someone's view of a company, it is very similar to brand imag...Sign up

Personal Modeling has Big Influence on Corporate Reputation
Jorge Gonzalez Lasso, Teacher, Mexico, Member
Government institutions make big efforts to change their reputation and spend tons of money with apparently no results: people still think they are op...Sign up

Which is Key: CEO and/or Management Team?
Erdohegyi Gabor , Management Consultant, Hungary, Member
The personality of the CEO has undeniably an impact on both corporate culture and reputation (w...Sign up

CEO Profile and Corporate Reputation
Julius Belleza, CEO, United States, Member
Time and time again, we have seen business cases where the CEO caused the downfall of a reputable firm regardless of the size and industry. And also w...Sign up

Governance Plays a Key Role
Sapan, Manager, India, Member
More than the CEO, it is the board that contributes to corporate reputation, particularly ...Sign up

CEO and Corporate Reputation
Qais Zahir
Before entering the subject I would like to go through the definition of reputation.
Reputation can be defined as the opinion regarding th...Sign up

CEO Profile and Corporate Reputation
KATHRYN STEINER, MBA, Entrepreneur, United States, Member
Yes, the profile of the CEO of a firm should match the characteristics of the corporate brand or reputation.
It does matter if the firm is large ...Sign up

CEO, Board and Corporate Reputation
Javid, Accountant, Pakistan, Member
To me, corporate reputation is reflected by both reputation of the CEO and the board of directors as a whole. Because CEO have to work within the boun...Sign up

CEO (the Leader)
SANKHA SUBHRA RAKSHIT, Manager, India, Member
CEO is someone who is in charge of execution of the dreams of employees. Or is responsible to create a milestone. A leader in one word. Whereas cor...Sign up

BOD > Corporate Reputation > CEO
Ofwono Willy Osinde, Project Manager, Uganda, Member
I quite agree with most of the contents of the respondents above except for one statement (by Kathryn from the USA) who says the reputation of a corpo...Sign up

Authentic Leadership
Victor Manuel Monteiro Seco, Entrepreneur, Portugal, Member
There is an interesting way of getting information about organizations Authentic Leadership ...Sign up

A Spotless Reputation of the CEO
Qais Zahir
Shakespeare once wrote: “The purest treasure mortal times afford is a spotless reputation.” Truly, the reputation of the CEO has become vital t...Sign up

CEO's Impact on Corporate Reputation
Dan Govender, Manager, South Africa, Member
The CEO strongly influences the corporate reputation of the organisation. Everything the CEO does has some sort of impact on the corporate reputation....Sign up

Corporate Reputation Reflects that of the CEO
Jubril Salaudeen, Consultant, Nigeria, Member
The reputation of an organisation is a reflection of the personality of the CEO. A brand conscious CEO will sure lead the way for a brand focus...Sign up

Collective and Directors' Reputation
Inna Borodina, Professor, Russian Federation, Member
Big companies must have good collective reputation. They use media.
Small companies live off the reputation of their directors....Sign up

CEO Represents Company
Eugene, Manager, South Africa, Member
The CEO's reputation is important as (s)he acts as an ambassador for the company and represents it wherever (s)he is....Sign up

Teaching Role of CEO
KATHRYN STEINER, MBA, Entrepreneur, United States, Member
The CEO must communicate and ensure accountability among all shareholders/stakeholders, including but not limited to employees, investors, board of di...Sign up

Market's Perception of the CEO
COL SUNDER LALVANI, Coach, India, Member
No organization is stronger than the quality of its leadership, or ever extends its constituency far beyond the degree to which its leadership is repr...Sign up

An Inspired and Inspiring CEO
Talal Ismail, Saudi Arabia, Member
The inspired CEO is not only for the employees but for all the company's personnel.
Some companies or organizations enroll the CEO's task ...Sign up

CEO's Vital Role
sudhakaran, Professor, India, Member
The CEO is of vital importance in building the corporate reputation. He or she is always more visible to the public than the board. Even if an effecti...Sign up

CEO's Impact on Corporate Reputation
M Johnson, Management Consultant, Australia, Member
Corporate reputation is a major asset, and loss of reputation is a significant potential risk for all organisations.
Not only is co...Sign up

CEO Reputation Not so Important
Dilip Khanal, CEO, Nepal, Member
Corporate profile is not confined with CEO alone. Actually, in many cases, many stakeholders may not know the CEO but know the product or service o...Sign up

CEO Profile and Corporate Reputation
Leodegardo M. Pruna, Professor, Philippines, Member
There is a direct correlation between the CEO profile and corporate reputation. A company can develop Sign up

CEO Profile and Corporate Reputation
Dr. V.N.Tikku, Management Consultant, India, Member
The CEO profile has a direct impact on the corporate reutation. Reputation persists when benefits to stakeholders persist. Stakeholders can be ...Sign up

Great Information
Bharat gupta, Student (Other), India, Member
Its absolutely awesome to read information from this website. Its absolutely amazing, great....Sign up

CEO Profile & Corporate Reputation
Julian Mike, Project Manager, South Africa, Member
A CEO of an organisation must honour and show respect for everything and everyone. In return there will be great respect for the organisation b...Sign up

CEO Profile and Corporate Reputation
Augustine Manyau, Student (MBA), Zimbabwe, Member
The CEO profile has measurable impact to the corporate reputation. Some reputable organisations have folded because the CEO's emotional appeal for ...Sign up

CEO's or Corporate's Reputation?
Alabamarjara Itama, Entrepreneur, Nigeria, Member
For small to medium-sized organizations, to some extent, yes, the CEO's reputation may proxy the orgnization's.
However for large organization...Sign up

The CEO, Reputation and Mission
thelma g aranda, Professor, Mexico, Member
The CEO being the leader in some ways represents the image of the organization. The CEO´s role as a leader is to support achieving the mission ...Sign up

The Less they Correlate, The Better is the Organization
Jagdish B Acharya, Consultant, India, Premium Member
When it comes to building the reputation of a company, the CEO profile has a small role along with many other factors.
When it comes to Sign up

The CEO and the Six Drivers of the Corporate Reputation Quotient
Seraphia Mgembe, Financial Consultant, Tanzania, Member
The CEO has a major influence on the performance of the organization. The realization of the six drivers depends on the CEO's ability to make them hap...Sign up

Reputation Depends More on Employees
revina ama, Student (Other), Ghana, Member
Taking into consideration all the six drivers of the corporate reputation quotient, reputation does not depend on the CEO ONLY.
Most of th...Sign up

Involve HR in Corporate Reputation
edward sevume, Sweden, Member
While the CEO is like a the captain of a ship, there is an overly belief that it is only the acts of the CEO that affect corporate reputation.<...Sign up

Corporate Reputation Quotient adds Value to CEO(s)
patience modimoosi, Student (University), Botswana, Member
A good reputation is an investment from as early as university until joining the workplace and for somebody who wants a leadership role, CRQ is...Sign up

CEO Profile and Corporate Reputation are Interdependent
AMOS APPIAH, Manager, Ghana, Member
CEO profile should demonstrate the capacity to achieve laurels for the organization. However, irrespective of how perfect the CEO's profile might be, ...Sign up

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