Building a Corporate Reputation Takes a Long Time

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Building a Corporate Reputation Takes a Long Time
Reputation cannot be built over night and there is no short cut to reputation building at the same time. It takes years of toil and hard work not only for the CEO but also the employees to be in line with the company's vision and long term goals. Then sky is the limit for the company and the corporate reputation quotient goes soaring sky high.

Corporate Reputation Based on Consistent Performance
Aparna Pandit, Member
Corporate reputation primarily is created based on the performance of the company and consistency of such profitability.
However, in these days, where in scams and unethical practices have become quite common, it is also essential that such reputation is consistent over a period of time, not only for its financial growth but also for the hygienic factors such as proper accountability and clear allocation and sources of funds. A period of time may be 5 years, 10 years or more.
Essentially there must be ample time for the frauds to come out if any. Hence integrity and social responsibility would be one of the important reputation elements.

Building a Corporate Reputation Takes a Long Time
D.B.P. Huguenot PhD CFA, Member
I agree with Mr. Dimri. There is no shortcut, no instant formula, no marketing effort that will build a sustained corporate reputation. Like personal character, it is something that comes from within and is earned everyday, mainly in the way you treat your people (empowered, humane) and the way you treat every customer.
It's also interesting how quickly reputation (character) is lost. Example: Hewlett Packard company - before 1999 a company well respected in the market and by customers with USD MMM - IT budgets. All of that eroded quickly under an ineffective but command-and-control CEO. It is unlikely HP will recover it's culture, character and reputation, though it is under good management.
My points are "reputation quotient" is a doubtfully-measured thing that like a person has to do with character; it starts inside and is imbued outward. Finally, like personal character, once damaged it's hard to reclaim.



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