The Need for More Accountability in Africa

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The Need for More Accountability in Africa
Andrew Blaine, Business Consultant, South Africa, Member
In Africa accountability is a dirty word. Until accountability becomes a part of societal behavior, it will remain the dark continent.
To avoid being accountable is an essential precursor to success in Africa, particularly in politics. Every negative event, or occasion, is blamed on "colonialism", the "previous regime", foreign powers, or some such historical evil that is immune and impossible to hold to account. Current political leadership in Africa, in general, is self-serving, venal, selfish and limits their country's potential for growth and development.
The 21st century has been dubbed the "African century" but, for this to become reality, it is necessary that a group of true leaders is found who place the needs of their people before their own and truly serve their countries. Without such a group, Africa will continue to be the "dark continent", dependent on foreign aid for funding its development, and with an ever-widening gap between the "haves" and the "have nots".
It is no surprise that over 90% of development projects operating under the aegis of the African union are funded by non-African funders, is it?

Missing Accountability in Africa
Worknesh, Business Consultant, Ethiopia, Member
I absolutely agree with the comment above. We African's should get over with our numerous scapegoats for our brutal selfish acts causing disorder in our political and economic environment.
It is time for us to take responsibility to act responsibly. By not doing so we are losing our opportunity to serve the world, specially now where the strong economies have saturated their part, we need to take advantage of maximizing our opportunities for the betterment of our societies.
Let us get our acts together and claim our rightful place to influence the world for positive impact in the 21st century. Let us invest in young leaders, nurture healthy private sector development through promoting professional corporate culture, etc..

Avoiding Accountability in Africa
inekwe murumba, Accountant, Nigeria, Member
It is a fact. The worse aspect of the development is that if you stand up for accountability, you are labeled the odd one. You are given all sort of names.
Our political leaders are so neck deep in corruption that they lack the capacity to, all of a sudden, become accountable.
We need accountable leaders that will engender accountability in society if we are to achieve sustainable development.

Why Accountability is Avoided in Africa
Regis Nyere, Financial Consultant, Zimbabwe, Member
You hit the nail on the head, Andrew. The political superstructure in most African countries does not support economic systems modelled along European economies founded on democratic principles.
Our leaders behave like traditional chiefs, and so can not be brought to account for their actions.
As a result. business suffers.
African "rebirth" is a long way off if leaders refuse to embrace modern leadership.

Need for Corporate Accountability in Nigeria
Alade Olayinka Olajumoke, Consultant, Nigeria, Member
Its due to shady deals, self interest and misconduct that makes people run away from accountability. There will be drastic progress and development in our nation if our leaders are made to be accountable for all actions.

Accountability Challenges in Africa
Regis Nyere, Financial Consultant, Zimbabwe, Member
While I think that media should project a positive image of our dear continent, I do not think that it would also be fair to sweep under the carpet the numerous crude cases of poor governance.
Rather, we should be urging our political leaders to put in place systems that make it easy for their people to demand accountability.
Without accountability Africa will continue to be the recipient of international sympathy.
We have the duty to promote self determination and this can only be possible when our leaders do not refuse to account for their misgovernance. We owe this to ourselves as a continent!

Accountability as a Tool for Trade
Andrew Blaine, Business Consultant, South Africa, Member
@Regis Nyere: Thank you Regis for your commentary. Without accountability, trade becomes difficult as the recipient is open to undercover inducement and all that results is the immoral getting richer and the rest getting abused.
Obviously this does not apply in all cases, but those who are inclined towards corruption, simply become less careful as to how they act, to the detriment of everybody else.

Accountability in Africa is Improving Through the People
Hamad Al Sadd Al Ali, Student (MBA), United Arab Emirates, Member
Dear @Regis Nyere: Think of it, some level of accountability is still provided although with limits and sometimes with fear. Limitations used to be a result of being raised among few guys to trust, and fear used to be a result of wrong information being fed into the system.
Information is now coming via people not leaders, and tracking people is the hardest job in life. Sounds we have found a solution!

No Sustainable Economic Development Without Transparency and Accountability
Kumsha, Student (MBA), Sao Tome and Principe, Member
Dear @Andrew Blaine, I am inclined to agree with you on the issue of the overriding need for accountability and transparency. I assume you will agree with me that in South Africa there are strong corporate accountability measures in place through the King Codes as well as the JSE and not forgetting Company Law as recently reviewed.
Similarly, it is also important to note the positive strides that the continent is making in developing its economy. Transforming an old establishment which prides itself of the fact that it is old is not at all easy. Rather than an event, it is a process and we have to contend with it.
The new generation of leaders - not in the political sense; I mean academics, emerging business people and captains of industry - in Africa are beginning to see the bigger picture as they are aware that without accountability and transparency there can be no economic sustainability.

Accountability and Entitlement in South Africa
Andrew Blaine, Business Consultant, South Africa, Member
The control measures you mention, like an increasing range of other legislation, is only effective as long as it is accepted by those in power. What is happening in South Africa is that the elite appear to consider themselves immune from the effects of these measures and absolved from submitting to their limitations. While this happens, if only by one person, the effect of these measures is diluted, in my opinion. "One rule for some, and another for the rest?" is a position which imperils the future for Africa as it leaves countries and societies open to fundamental abuse.

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