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Marketing in the Internet Age
Jeff R.
We should not think about Internet Marketing, but about Marketing in the Internet Age.
The internet and similar (mobile) new technologies enable changes in many things: the position of customers, the way supply chains work, the availability of knowledge, new ways of learning, communication and interacting, etc, etc
The Web Marketing Mix is a useful tool to analyze this in a practical yet strategic way from the perspective of starting a new business website.

Internet Marketing Allows Small Firm to Reach a Global Market
The use of the intenet in marketing is very useful especially for micro and small enterprises which may not be in the position to embark on large-scale advertising campaigns. Through the internet they may be able to reach a large target market.

Benefits of Internet Marketing
Zhu, assistant to manager, China, Member
Internet marketing does help some small firms to achieve their goals. Take exporting company for example, instead of using a real, physical exhibition they can spend less money and create an internet catalogue or website.
However, they have to spend more time to communicate with potential customers and to persuade them to believe their products' quality are good.

Marketing is not Defined by What Media is Used
Rich Kottmeyer, Business Consultant, United States, Member
Marketing remains the same conceptually overtime and during periods of change. The concept of marketing is remarkably similar in emerging economies and mature economies. What differs are the tools and techniques used to execute this similar if not same concept. So marketing on the internet perhaps makes more sense than marketing in the Internet Age (which implies the core of marketing changed) or Internet marketing (which is too narrow).

Internet Marketing is Lacking in Africa
Wilber Nabimanya Katungwa, Student (Other), Uganda, Member
As the MDCs are enjoying the cost effectiveness of e-marketing, lDCs especially in Africa are still suffering high costs. Whatever is done using the Internet is perfectly and cheaply done and this is lacking in our countries. For example: a locally manufactured product is twice as expensive as an imported one and this is mainly attributed to lack of effective modern communications technologies in terms of both technical knowledge and infrastructure.
Most people in our societies do not understand the Internet, hence making it very hard for the marketing communicators. The only possible way to reach them is by using the traditional 4Ps which is very expensive compared to the use of the Internet.
How can one design an effective e-marketing campaign in such a case?

Marketing has Changed due to the Internet
sally, manage, China, Member
Internet has changed marketing principles. See Kelly's 12 Principles of the Network Economy.
However there are some drawbacks, we can not see the real product, just the pictures...
How can we ensure or proof the products are really the same as the pictures?

4 P's in Internet Age
Michael Goss, Student (University), Ireland, Member
I believe that the 4p's in the new marketing via the internet no longer has the same validity as it had in the past.
The only one that is a constant is the product, the rest are variable, because of this it now vital that those in the marketing end of business rethink what they are trying to do.
Marketing in the digital age is changing by the day, and as a consequence thinking outside the box is necessary. Using Facebook, Google, Twitter etc is bringing a whole new dimension into the market. The market place is no longer your local store but it now stretches through the entire planet.
Where one has to go is another story and hopefully I can find some of the answers.

Many Internet Buyer are having Fear of Being Cheated
Ankur Khalasi, Manager, Thailand, Member
@Sally: many people believe that companies expand their business by cheating their customers.
So before making a purchase, buyers should have in-depth details about that company.

Four Ps of Marketing Remain the Same
S Shyam Prasad, Professor, India, Member
The 4 P's of marketing remain the same. The web marketing mix is part of either promotion or place(distribution). Only that much has evolved, and the principles of marketing remain the same.

Marketing in the Internet Age
Jaap de Jonge, Editor, Netherlands
Note that the discussion is not just about the 4Ps in the internet age, but about MARKETING in the internet age.

Different Ways to Interact and Engage with the Customer
DeviP, Teacher, India, Member
The latest web technologies are providing various tools for the companies to interact with their customers. For example a chat application, feedback forum, open discussion forum, call back facility, etc.
If the companies could effectively utilize the current technologies to communicate with their clients and potential customers, the fear factor of the client to buy products online can be reduced. By providing a response to their queries in a timely fashion and provide them with information regarding the products and the service that they are offering etc.
Customers also use social networking websites like Facebook, Google+ etc to communicate with their peers and to the outside world. So if a company is providing a good service, definitely their worth is spread across to millions of people by the people themselves rather than by the company.

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