The Value of Knowledge in a New Job

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Lloyd Lawrence
Manager, Australia

The Value of Knowledge in a New Job

Knowledge is an interesting thing: in one respect, once we have it, we never lose it. In another respect, when a change occurs our previous knowledge typically has limited application to a new situation.

Having just moved from the Aviation industry to a State Government Education organisation, in a lot of ways I need to start all over. Time for me to step back, observe and learn the new organisation. Time for me to evaluate my previously gained knowledge and see how I can apply it for the best for my new organisation. I'm looking forward to getting stuck in and contributing!

⇒ What successes have you had applying previous knowledge in a new organisation just after a job change?

  Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands

The Value of your Knowledge when you are Starting over in a New Organisation

Indeed knowledge is a funny thing.
My experience with starting in a new organization is that after an initial apparent decrease in the value of your knowledge, after a while as you learn new things and combine that with what you already knew, the value of your knowledge increases considerably.

That's why I think that changing jobs now and then is good for your own development, but also for the organizations you work for. Indeed if a person works for a very long time for the same employer, that is no longer considered as a pre like perhaps in the past.

  Ahmad Sultan Abdulla
Consultant, Malaysia

Value of your Knowledge When Starting Over

Agree with Jaap. Starting in a new job is actually a good thing in all respects, as it opens up new horizons and new way...

  Geoffrey Athey
Director, United States

Value of Knowledge in a New Position

Every new person changes an organization. The key as a new guy is to not tear down fences too quickly (before you unders...

  Lloyd Lawrence
Manager, Australia

Knowledge in my New Position

I am now five weeks into the new role and indeed I have been able to apply my "base" knowledge on a daily basis. I'm fre...

  Paramathmuni srinivas Kumar

Some Value Factors on Changing Jobs

Coping with the different culture of the new organisation requires an adaptive mind set. By observing and learning you c...

  Rajesh Sharma
Manager, India

What is the Value of Changing Jobs?

My opinion is very clear and firm that when one meets new employees, people and stakeholders that will certainly enhance...

  Pio Mandizvidza
Manager, Zimbabwe

Application of Previous Knowledge to New Situations

I just want to question the rationale behind stating experience as a prerequisite for advertised jobs. Are employers awa...

  Lloyd Lawrence
Manager, Australia

RE: Value of your Knowledge When Starting Over

@Ahmad Sultan Abdulla: Thank you Ahmad for your reply, I have found what you said to be the case. I've been able to comb...

  Lloyd Lawrence
Manager, Australia

RE: Application of Previous Knowledge to New Situations

@Rajesh Sharma: Thanks for your response Rajesh. It's true, as we have new interactions, knowledge exchange has a mutual...

  Lloyd Lawrence
Manager, Australia

RE: Application of Previous Knowledge to New Situations

Hi Pio, your response is quite valid. Only this week I read about the importance of evidence or track record over experi...

  Ahmad Sultan Abdulla
Consultant, Malaysia

Previous Experience is Still Relevant for Job Applicants

@Pio Mandizvidza: whilst I do not disagree with you in general Pio, I still think previous experience is still relevant ...

  Ed Neri
HR Consultant, Philippines

General Functional Knowledge and Portability to a New Job

Businesses in a country would tend to have similarities in basic or general functional knowledge. Functional areas such ...

  Isaiah Maisiba
Manager, Kenya

Value of Experience in a New Job

The new job poses two pertinent issues: A new environment and a new job. Of the two, the latter is easier to navigate t...

  Maurice Hogarth
Consultant, United Kingdom

Job Change Knowledge and Learning

I am recruited to apply my knowledge and cumulative experience. Moving within a career line, even across industries, th...

  jeymerd bello

Knowledge is Valuable for a New Job

The knowledge we already have is always important for a new job. One's knowledge contributes to the new job as innovatio...

  Lloyd Lawrence
Manager, Australia

Widened Expertise, Scope and Breadth

@Jeymerd bello: What I have observed in my present role is that past team members have focused on particular aspects. A ...


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