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Society Should Value the HELP of Level-5 Leaders
Harlen Williams, Student, United States, Member
In a world where business and economic systems interact and adapt to turbulent forces from their external environment, society should recognize and embrace ambitious leaders that desire nothing less than success for their organizations. In a quest to enhance corporations or nations, the Level-5 leader exhibits a modest, fearless, and willful disposition, despite the level of unwarranted disrespect, unfair criticisms, and unjustified repugnance for their selection as Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

In order to receive the greatest benefit from the abilities of a Level-5 leader, society should value the
H - Humility
E- Effectiveness
L - Loyalty, and
P - Professional will
(HELP) they contribute, regardless of traditional or organizational differences.

Level-5 leaders carry out their role with a genuine and passionate ambition for the cause and organization for which they have been appointed. Furthermore, leaders that exhibit Level-5 attributes are instrumental in the successful turnaround of organizations by making decisions that inspire standards and ensure the best long-term results. Remaining focused on building an enduring organization, against insurmountable odds, without manufacturing competition between personal ego and the greater cause, is consistent with Level-5 leadership. Presidents Abraham Lincoln and Barack Obama, Civil Rights Activist Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and General Colin Powell top the list of executives exemplifying the degree of humility that distinguish this class of leader.

Level-5 leadership champion transformation through commitment and the passionate pursuit of a clear and convincing vision designed to stimulate effective performance. The ability of this leader to confront unrealistic and impractical expectations coupled with the brutal facts of reality results in an unwavering resolve to generate an efficient outcome. The office of leadership at this level maintains absolute faith in the ability to prevail, which creates a culture of discipline and ignites the enthusiasm of those in support.

Creating a structure loyal to building a great organization is an essential quality of Level-5. In addition, these leaders are devoted to distributing credit to others for achievement and accepting responsibility for unproductive outcomes. Principals measuring up to a Level-5 classification are content with seeing subsequent leaders experience further accomplishments and comfortable with individuals being unaware the roots of success trace back to them.

Focusing on consistently doing what is right for the good of an organization constitutes the professional will that epitomizes Level-5 leadership. Furthermore, a personal investment of time along with a non-negotiable level of character is instrumental when achieving a classification equivalent to this degree of development. Professional resolve also require Level-5 leaders to recognize it is necessary to place the “right people in right places” to create conditions for effective decisions to be made.

Level-5 leadership organizes people and resources toward the pursuit of a predetermined strategy to be carried out with a passionate ambition for the cause and organization. Leaders at this level often confront unrealistic and impractical expectations coupled with the brutal facts of reality, which constitutes an unwavering commitment to generate an efficient outcome. Society should recognize the exceptional qualities exhibited by executives at this level and appreciate the magnitude of humility, effectiveness, loyalty, and professional will (HELP), regardless of long-established differences.

Recognition of Level-5 Leadership
Ray Goco, Management Consultant, Philippines, Member
Society, in general, can be expected to recognize only the outcomes that benefit them and not the leader's exceptional qualities that caused delivery of these outcomes. Recognition of the greatness of leaders usually comes after they are no longer amongst us.

Public Awareness of Level 5 Leadership
Harlen Williams, Student, United States, Member
@Ray Goco: Absolutely agree, as mentioned, these leaders are comfortable that individuals are initially unaware the roots of success trace back to them. Thanks for the feedback.

Level 5 Leadership Gifts
Nirmala Herrkaur Strange, CxO / Board, United Kingdom, Member
Failure to embrace the creator of these God given attributes is a failure of senior management to develop the growth of their organization's long term portfolio.

The Value that Level 5 Leadership Focuses on
kvssiyer, Consultant, India, Member
Level 5 leadership focuses on value creation to society and the company and people they work for irrespective of the results of their actions on them.
They plan and execute with the people along with them as a team with loyalty inspired in them through purposeful actions distributing the successes amongst them while accepting the causes for the failures.
As Jim Collins says they go to the windows for the distribution of the credits for successes but face the mirror asking the mirror "Where did you go wrong?'
This happens when the right people are in the right slot, but never otherwise.

Level 5 Leadership - Balance and the Few
Neil M Bennett, Manager, Kuwait, Member
I like your piece Harlen: it portrays a healthy passion and enthusiasm for studying and learning leadership.
I would propose some balance esp in your opening para: it is not simply a case of swallowing the Level 5 leader concept lock, stock and barrel.
I agree with your thrust; however, "leaders that desire nothing less than success for their organisations", but what of individual employees, the clients/customer, the wider human race.

What price for this org. success? Consider dark organisations e.g. terrorist, drug cartels in your machinations. Disrespect, criticism and repugnance does not chime with authentic leadership or Collin's Level 5 leadership - we need to be aware of toxic/bad/narcissist leaders who can have a L5/HELP demeanour and still hit targets…. Many won't confront such leaders (see Charaff's 'Courageous Follower').
Your 4 leaders indicate they are far and few between - two are distant. Mandela - an easy one, but we don't seem able to rattle off a dozen more. Vale.

Leadership, Level 5, is Hoping for a Better Future
De Monte, Canada, Member
Leadership, whatever level, requires a clear vision of the organization, whether personal, corporate or societal. The building blocks for managing the vision will always remain effective planning for efficient organizing to direct/ control time, resources and budgets.
According to my information, 2% of the population have leadership qualities. Yet, 98% of the population may not know, recognize or desire a leader, to select somebody that is not a leader.

Human society as a whole still struggles with how to select workers based on talent, skill and knowledge/ experience, especially leadership.
Look carefully at the global positions of power, authority and corruption, and reality will stare back that either leaders are failing or we are failing leaders.

Either we construct ways of recognizing/selecting/ encouraging "true" leaders or we will continue to struggle with unclear visions with consequences. Best leadership remains personal to remain true to one's self. Now, crises find leaders.

Level 5 Leadership - Balance and the Few
Nirmala Herrkaur Strange, CxO / Board, United Kingdom, Member
We can't rattle them off like we used to, probably because too many legalisms have throttled true opinion forming. For example, politics became swamped with QC's desiring public notoriety (Blair et al) as opposed to previous states people (Healey, Heseltine etc) who knew how to impact sociological norms as well as economics.
Only the Church still knows how to balance the accounts and invest in people both at the same time - but even that is not without its pitfalls when successive denominations have ignored the prophetic and bastardised their liturgies.

Level 5 Leaders - a Rare Breed
Marc Tremblay, Manager, Canada, Member
I have met very few level 5 leaders in my 40 years in the workforce. They have the qualities mentioned and more. I have found them intelligent and driven. They were also deep thinkers, tireless doers and great communicators. You could call them Level 6 leaders if the term existed.

Leadership Level = Dimensions
De Monte, Canada, Member
@Marc Tremblay: Marc:There are infinite levels of leadership, meaning definitions. However, there are only 6 directions: up/down, front/back, left or right, and any deviation therefrom.
If one is at the centre of a room or organization, one must observe all six directions to know where one is and wants to be. The leader is a sigma-7 in the centre, envisioning every node (cornerstone), arc (pillar) and region (side) of the "box", to manage vision, mission/ business lines & values, simultaneously.
A level 6 person sees all 6 sides of a room/organization, to know and change the look of the room/organization. Humans use words to describe the attributes/function of a leader and the sides of a room/organization. I recognize the geometry/inter-relationship digraph to measure the uncertainty versus certainty curve to effectively plan time, resources and budgets required for an efficient organization to sustainably direct/control time/ resources/ budgets.

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  • Society Should Value the HELP of Level-5 Leaders

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