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Heba, Business Consultant, United Arab Emirates
Once upon a time a grain merchant loaded wheat on his camel's back. He managed to load 50 kilograms of wheat on one side. In order to balance the burden, he loaded another 50 kgs bag of sand on the other side. A passing man noticed this and asked the merchant: "Why you don't split the wheat to 25 kilograms on each side. That will help to lighten the weight and will allow the camel to move faster." The merchant liked that idea very much and immediately implemented the advice of the man. Then the merchant asked the man "Oh sir, you seem very wise, who are you, are you a known scholar or did you study in some well-known school?" The man replied to him: "No, I'm just a common man and have no strong credentials as you assumed". Following this answer, the merchant restored the sand bag and wheat and positioned them as they initially were! To explain the strange events even in this simple short story properly you need at least 3 cognitive biases: - AUTHORITY BIAS. The tendency to attr (...) Read more? Sign up for free

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  srinivas, Lecturer, India

Relying on Lobbying Instead of Facts in Decision-making

While I was working in a construction firm at Doha (...)


Facts and Figures not Used in Decisions

I have seen this kind of behavior in many of my se (...)

  Yochanan Kirschenboim, Director, Israel

Character is the Main Issue

Since I have had events like that, I noticed that (...)

  Rahul Sinha, Business Consultant, India

One Needs to Stumble Upon it Yourself

I have experienced a similar funny phenomenon too (...)

  Meheresh, Management Consultant, India

Bias Story #2: the Man, the Boy, and the Donkey (Aesop Fables)

Here's another funny story… A man and his big son (...)

  Heba, Business Consultant, United Arab Emirates

Biases Sometimes Rule the Events

@: I completely agree with your input Yochanan, I (...)

  Heba, Business Consultant, United Arab Emirates

You Hurt Yourself by Paying that Much Attention to what Others Believe or Think About You

@: This is a clear example that no matter what wou (...)

  Meheresh, Management Consultant, India

Stoic's Decision Making Algorithm

@: Please go through the . I leave it to you to ex (...)

  Yochanan Kirschenboim, Director, Israel

Do You Want to be a Manager?

@: Your nice parable shows that someone like him c (...)

  srinivas, Lecturer, India

Listen to what Others Say, Without Hastening Analyze to Find the Truth

Being insensitive to what being said is also not g (...)

  Maurice Hogarth, Consultant, United Kingdom

Sense and Sensibility

As the opening story indicates, some people would (...)

  Heba, Business Consultant, United Arab Emirates

Story #3 About Biases

A father is about to bring his son to a job interv (...)

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Cognitive Bias
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