Does Business Coaching Really Work?

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Management Consultant, Netherlands

Does Business Coaching Really Work?

Hypothesis: coaching helps the coachee (and his team) to perform significantly better in achieving business objectives.
Is this a dream or a fact? Experience?


PCN Scheurwater, Netherlands

Does Business Coaching Really Work

There is no perfect human being on this planet so I think that everybody in this world including all business related objectives needs coaching.

Toy Radebe
Coach, South Africa

Coaching is Assisting

Coaching assist one to create and act on the reality that you want to create. The coachee does all the work not the coach - the coach only guides / drives you to the destination. The coachee's commitment and follow through on his / her your word determines the outcome. The coach creates awareness of what is possible to create around tendencies that sabotage you living the life you want or obtaining the results you desire e.g. committing to submitting your taxes in time, reading two books a month, etc.

Katia Tripod, CPC
Coach, Canada

Does Business Coaching Really Work

Coaching does work as long as the coachee is willing to move on and feel committed to the goals set.... Sign up

Management Consultant, Netherlands

Coaching and Business Objectives

Thanks Katia. I agree that the coachee should be committed to his/her tasks and targets. By setting ... Sign up

Katia Tripod, CPC
Coach, Canada

Coaching Works But Needs the Right Environment

Actually, yes. But it is important to create also the right environment. Trusting that the employee ... Sign up

Paul Clare, United Kingdom

Does Business Coaching Really Work?

I agree with Katia, in as much as the environment has to be correct (strategy and values) so that co... Sign up

Tim Brosnan
Manager, Ireland

Coaching of Sales People

In a sales environment, I feel the benefits of having sales managers that are good coaches has a dir... Sign up

Management Consultant, Netherlands

Compatibility with Performance Reward System?

Thanks for your comments. The right learning environment in the organisation is very important indee... Sign up

Tleli Makhetha, South Africa

Does Business Coaching Really Work?

The answer depends on what the coachee is trying to accomplish. Business coaching is like sports coa... Sign up

Paul Chung
Consultant, China

Does Business Coaching Really Work?

I would add to Tleli's comments with "in an appropriate environment". As an external business coach,... Sign up

Lynda Byrne
Manager, Australia

Business Coaching Does not Always Work

Yes it does, however you must remember that not all incidents/items/tasks/problems etc are coachable... Sign up

Boudewijn Krijger

Does Business Coaching Really Work

Yes! Coaching always works and creates results when a coachee is willing to go beyond his/her comfor... Sign up

said, Morocco

Absence of Regulation for Coaching

I'm not very confident on the effectiveness of coaching, due to the increase of the number of coachi... Sign up


Business Coaching is a Must Today

In today’s competitive world, business coaching is a must for any business. There are many companies... Sign up

David Smith
Business Consultant, United States

Business Coaching Might Benefit Everyone, But...

@PCN Scheurwater: It's a fact that nobody is perfect so everybody might benefit from coaching, but t... Sign up

Sreejith M
Business Consultant, Netherlands

Compatibility of Coaching and Performance Reward System

@Kuiper: Yes, its possible. But only if there is a proactive consensus from the top-down (high-level... Sign up


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