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Preconditions for Successful Coaching
Javier Barria Pimentel, Business Consultant, Panama, Member
I believe that coaching is a tool that helps to facilitate the learning progress of certain practices or habits. It does not produce a change on its own. It depends a lot on the WILL of the one being coached.
I have also seen that there is a greater impact when the coach has a certain degree of INFLUENCE, is more ADMIRED and / or is recognized as better PREPARED by the person being coached.
Another point that can make the progress of a person being coached easier, is the LEVEL OF SELF-AWARENESS that the person has of the changes that are required to improve your life situation. I mean, whether she/he has arrived at a deep conviction that change is needed. This is something that the coach must identify in a diagnostic session.
If these elements are not present, it is very difficult for the self-learning process to be successful.
(translated by 12manage).

Conditions for Successful Coaching
bill, Coach, South Africa, Member
Coaching... there is more to it than we think... I agree with you that coaching is in itself a network of relationship connections within connections and interactions and reactions...
There has to be a:
  • Willingness from both coach and coachee
  • Desire to want to improve or change from the coachee
  • Desire to want to be there for the coachee from the coach
  • The coach needs to woo the coachee into the process of their own discovery to want to and to be willing...
  • The coach needs to very self-aware and very conscious of the fact that the coachee is the context expert and the coach the process expert. They sing a duet together to co-create a super success based on the internal world of the coachee...
Something more to chew on in mastering coaching...

Actitud del COACHEE
Carlos Moreno, Consultant, Venezuela, Member
💡El COACHEE debe mostrar:

C: COMPROMISO: asumir responsabilidad con su proceso y sus metas.
O: ORDEN: aprender disciplina y aplicarla.
A: ATENCIÓN: concentrarse en su preparación, atender a su Coach.
C: CONCIENCIA: abrir la mente a mejoras deshaciendo paradigmas limitadores.
H: HUMILDAD: cooperar con nobleza, lealtad y sin prejuicios.
E: EDUCACIÓN: dedicarse a su formación en tiempo y forma.
E: ESFUERZO: poner empeño en las exigencias trazadas.

Translation by 12manage:
Attitude of the COACHEE
💡The COACHEE should show:
C: COMMITMENT: take responsibility for your process and your goals.
O: ORDER: learn discipline and apply it.
A: ATTENTION: concentrate on your preparation, attend to your Coach.
C: CONSCIOUSNESS: open the mind to improvements by undoing limiting paradigms.
H: HUMILITY: cooperate with nobility, loyalty and without prejudice.
E: EDUCATION: dedicate yourself to your training in a timely manner.
E: EFFORT: to put effort in the outlined requirements.

Condiciones Clave para que un Proceso de Coaching: Definir la Brecha
Cortes, Consultant, Mexico, Member
Indudablemente una condición clave para que un proceso de coaching sea exitoso es la disposición del coachee.
Mas allá de esto, para que un proceso de coaching sea exitoso es fundamental la habilidad del coach para ayudar al coachee a determinar la BRECHA, es decir, identificar lo que se quiere trabajar, modificar o lograr y para qué.
Existen varias estrategias que se pueden usar para lograrlo que van desde evaluaciones 360, Evaluaciones del estilo de liderazgo, inteligencia emocional, etc... combinadas con técnicas específicas de coaching desarrolladas para este propósito.

Translation by 12manage
Key Conditions for a Coaching Process: Define the Gap
Undoubtedly, a key condition for a coaching process to be successful is the coachee's disposition.
Beyond this, for a coaching process to be successful, the coach's ability to help the coachee determine the GAP is essential. What you want to work, modify or achieve and for what.
There are several strategies that can be used to achieve this, ranging from 360 evaluations, evaluations of leadership style, emotional intelligence, etc. combined with specific coaching techniques developed for this purpose.

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