Mentoring versus Coaching

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Mentoring versus Coaching
Cynthia Crump, Member
Mentoring has high interest for me. Based on my observation and that of other officers, a great gap exists in planning and delivery. So mentoring should help to improve teacher competencies. A more experienced expert will work with a novice or inexperienced teacher. On the other hand, a coach could include an expert, a supervisor or even a colleague.

Coaching / Mentoring
John Wright, Member
In the context of business, I do not see a material distinction between mentoring and coaching. For me, coaching / mentoring is providing information, insight and motivation for the person being coached / mentored.
The goal is to give a person the opportunity to perform at a higher level than they currently are performing at.
The focus is to:
- Correct a performance issue
- Provide the performer with an opportunity to elevate his/her performance to a higher level
- Prepare the performer to accept more responsibility
- Prepare the performer to undertake a new position.

Mentoring and Coaching
bt myo, Member
I was practicing mentoring and it also involved coaching. My working area is civil society strengthening. In my learning it alternates in the reflection process. Coaching reflects to the directive learning and mentoring reflects the opportunity to learn and idea generation.

Coaching / Mentoring
Paul Clare, Member
I believe that mentoring involves someone with intimate subject matter Knowledge, Skills and Attitude (KSA) assisting someone with less KSA. The mentor is able to provide support across these domains within context of the environment/task.
On the flip side coaching seeks to unlock potential of individuals and is not context specific (but does not have to be in the role of an internal team coach).
When you acting as a coach for an SME, this line becomes blurred. Here, a coach with mentoring experience (i.e. context expertise) can only be a good thing.

Mentoring versus Coaching
Vera Tam, Member
As Paul said, a mentor is something who's in the same professional field with the protege and able to give him/her expert information within that profession.
With regard to coaching, the coach will not advise on anything regarding the profession, but instead help the coachee to reflect on what he/she has done and/or said, and then help them to rethink these in a more logical way.
Coaching also deals more with interpersonal relationships and matters between the coachee and his/her workmates.

Qualitative and Quantitave Aspects
Coaching and mentoring has a quantitative and qualitative attribute by themselves. Depending on how intricate an individual is with the finer details of each factor.
While coaching adopts the positivism approach, where there is a generic overview of the activity, mentoring adopts an interpreventism approach where there is more effort to delve into the intricate details and trying to know the 'how' factors.

Coaching versus Mentoring
Mon , Member
Are they the same: coaching and mentoring?
I think mentoring is a more intimate approach where an expert wants to deliver precious expertise to a 'chosen' staff / student.
So unlike coaching, mentoring is a more intimate approach that will enhance not only the hard-skills of newcomer, but perhaps also the soft-skills or tacit knowledge of the expert.

Mentoring and Coaching
Christine Snars, Member
Mentoring is a long term relationship where 'an expert' in the field supports someone to develop. A mentor may use a coaching process as part of mentoring. A coach is not usually a mentor but can be from outside the discipline and works with the coachee for a period of time, using a selected process to help them set goals and find ways of embedding them in practice.

Coaching versus Mentoring
MKKhanduja, Member
A professional coach should refrain from providing his suggestions unless otherwise seriously asked for.
His primary job is to support the coachee to identify the real problem, help him developing strategy to solve through actions which are realistic, achievable and time-bound.
Mentoring is providing solutions, here I agree he should be a domain expert in order to reduce the failure rate.

Coaching versus Mentoring
Stefania Di Cristofalo, Member
A mentoring relationship is a senior-junior relationship. The mentor behaves, according to circumstances as a teacher, a friend or a coach. The mentor is an experienced person with teaching and coaching competencies. Inside the mentoring relationship both parts, the mentee (junior) and the mentor (senior or experienced) develop each other. Life mentoring or business mentoring is a never-ending relationship.
Coaching is a profession, mentoring is not. No remuneration is given to the mentor for this role.

Differences Between Coaching and Mentoring
Bernard Liebowitz PhD CMC, Member
In my experience and from my point of view, coaching and mentoring are frequently the same.
I coach both high potential and remediation candidates in business. My mentoring is arranged through Menttium 100, a non-profit organization that provides mentors to high potential women (and, lately, men) in business. The firms select the candidates for mentoring with their agreement.
The skills I use are the same in both, particularly with the high potentials in both groups. The types of goals are frequently the same, the issues are frequently the same, etc.
The differences I've noted tend to fall into several categories:
- Some (not all) mentees have difficulties with their bosses who are experienced as stifling their growth -- I don't see this as much in coaching high potentials.
- The second is that contact with coachees is more frequent. Feedback from and my contact with peers and bosses is more pervasive in coaching.
- Lastly, I get paid for coaching but volunteer for mentoring.

Coaching versus Mentoring
Arthur Panton, Member
I see the distinction as quite straight forward, although there can be subtle cross-over points:
- Mentoring is imparting knowledge, skills and attitude, whereas
- Coaching is getting those characteristics out of someone who may not even be aware of having them.

Coaching versus Mentoring
Bayissa Milkessa, Member
As I understand things, there are minor differences between coaching and mentoring:
- Mentoring is a life-long process of nurturing someone to transfer knowledge, skills and positive attitude so that he/she may realize their destiny.
- Coaching is goal-oriented nurturing of an individual to release his/her potential for facing the challenges ahead.
Mentoring is helping the mentoree develop potential to realize predetermined destiny. On the other hand, coaching is a goal-oriented process of releasing the stored potential to meet or overcome the (perhaps unknown) challenges the trainee is/will be facing.

Mentoring versus Coaching
Andrew Blaine, Member
In my opinion, the major difference between mentoring and coaching lies in their focus:
- In the case of coaching, the focus is on the individual who, through the coaching process, becomes a better or improved operator.
- In the case of mentoring, the focus shifts from the individual, and their personal potential, to the job (business) and how the job/business becomes more able to realise its true potential.
In any business both are important and helpful, but the choice lies in the needs of the entrepreneur/business owner as to which job they need done.

Mentoring is Similar but not Equal to Coaching
Bayissa Milkessa, Member
@Andrew Blaine said that the difference between the two "lies in their focus". I think that they not only differ in their focus, but also in their process and aim that gives rise to coaching and mentoring.
It is undeniable fact that both of them do have something in common: both of them are meant to help people to advance their career for a better future.
However, they are quite different methods considering they aim at accomplishing different goals:
- Mentoring is an approach for life long learning, aiming at withstanding challenges in life. In this regard, the most important mentor is the parent and social environment.
- On the other hand, coaching is an expert aided education approach to accomplish a particular purpose in life.

Mentoring V Coaching
Andrew Blaine, Member
@Bayissa Milkessa: My understanding of the difference is not the same as yours. As I understand it, mentoring concentrates on the business, using the person mentored as the tool whereby the business becomes more efficient, while coaching concentrates on the person being coached, trying to improve their efficiency and effectiveness, thereby improving the business.

Mentoring Versus Coaching
Bayissa Milkessa, Member
@Andrew Blaine: I do not think that you have clearly stated the differences. As far as I know, coaching and mentoring are not focused on business. Rather they are dealing with people irrespective of the activities. In this regard, both of them are alike.
But their differences are based upon time and purpose for which they are given. Accordingly, MENTORING is directed toward life-long learning while COACHING is directed for attaining specific purpose. As a result, it is expert-aided education. Generally speaking, we cannot live together peacefully without being mentored.In the same token, we can not attain our short- term objective without being properly coached.

The Artisan and his Apprentice
Andrew Blaine, Member
In the good old dark days, school leavers who wished to learn a trade, became apprenticed to a qualified professional. It was the task of this professional to train the apprentice in the conduct of their trade. This, in my opinion, is the histic background of MENTORING.
In the modern world, it is assumed that everybody can improve their life through the benefit of external advice and guidance. This process has the objective of making the individual a "better" and more effective person in their own right. This, again in my opinion, is COACHING.
I hope this explains the difference more clearly?

Mentoring versus Coaching. Counsellor/Coaching Student
As @Paul Clare and @Vera Tam have agreed, MENTORING is passing on the Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes/Attributes of the Mentor to the Mentee. It is simple, but all-inclusive.
COACHING for me is a collaborative relationship where the Coachee is the one who has the agenda/answers to where he/she really wants to be, do and have. The coach believes that the coachee is resourceful, creative and well being able to achieve his/her goals if well guided.
The coach is never an expert on any subject matter of the coachee, because he really does not know. Having any expert knowledge/opinion of a subject matter quickly turns them to a mentor role right there and could easily lead them to being biased.
The "learned skills" of the coach (this is their expert area) is what they use to guide, and the questions they ask the coachee to find their own answers/goal. The coach is only acting as a "catalyst".

Mentoring versus Coaching
Winston Chew, Member
Eugene has said it well. My mentor coach has explained as such: COACHING is a process and therefore a coach is said to be a process expert.
Whereas MENTORING involves subject matter expertise and a mentor must therefore be a subject matter expert though he may well be a coach.
Theoretically, a coach can coach any professional without needing to be in the similar profession; a coach can be a mentor to a civil engineer if only he himself is an experienced civil engineer in the specific business-related setting.
However, a coach can mentor another student coach on the subject of "coaching" and all coaches can mentor any younger /older persons to improve on attitude and life success principles, provided he himself has the right attitude and success story to tell!


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