Mentoring versus Coaching

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Mentoring versus Coaching
Cynthia Crump, Antigua and Barbuda, Member
Mentoring has high interest for me. Based on my observation and that of other officers, a great gap exists in planning and delivery. So mentoring should help to improve teacher competencies. A more experienced expert will work with a novice or inexperienced teacher. On the other hand, a coach could include an expert, a supervisor or even a colleague....Register

Coaching / Mentoring
John Wright, Consultant, United States, Member
In the context of business, I do not see a material distinction between mentoring and coaching. For me, coaching / mentoring is providing infor...

Mentoring and Coaching
bt myo, Student (MBA), Myanmar, Member
I was practicing mentoring and it also involved coaching. My working area is civil society strengthening. In my learning it alternates in the refle...

Coaching / Mentoring
Paul Clare, United Kingdom, Member
I believe that mentoring involves someone with intimate subject matter Knowledge, Skills and Attitude (KSA) assisting someone with less ...

Mentoring versus Coaching
Vera Tam, HR Consultant, Hong Kong, Member
As Paul said, a mentor is something who's in the same professional field with the protege and able to give him/her expert information within th...

Qualitative and Quantitave Aspects
Coaching and mentoring has a quantitative and qualitative attribute by themselves. Depending on how intricate an individual is with the finer details ...

Coaching versus Mentoring
Mon , Student (University), Malaysia, Member
Are they the same: coaching and mentoring?
I think mentoring is a more intimate approach where an expert wants to deliver precious expe...

Mentoring and Coaching
Christine Snars, Coach, Australia, Member
Mentoring is a long term relationship where 'an expert' in the field supports someone to develop. A mentor may use a coaching process as part of mento...

Coaching versus Mentoring
MKKhanduja, Management Consultant, India, Member
A professional coach should refrain from providing his suggestions unless otherwise seriously asked for.
His primary job is to support the...

Coaching versus Mentoring
Stefania Di Cristofalo, Coach, Italy, Member
A mentoring relationship is a senior-junior relationship. The mentor behaves, according to circumstances as a teacher, a friend or a coach

Differences Between Coaching and Mentoring
Bernard Liebowitz PhD CMC, Management Consultant, United States, Member
In my experience and from my point of view, coaching and mentoring are frequently the same.
I coach both high potential and remediation candidate...

Coaching versus Mentoring
Arthur Panton, Consultant, Kenya, Member
I see the distinction as quite straight forward, although there can be subtle cross-over points:
- Mentoring is imparting knowledge, skills and a...

Coaching versus Mentoring
Bayissa Milkessa, Business Consultant, Ethiopia, Member
As I understand things, there are minor differences between coaching and mentoring:
- Mentoring is a life-long process of nurturing someone to tr...

Mentoring versus Coaching
Andrew Blaine, Business Consultant, South Africa, Member
In my opinion, the major difference between mentoring and coaching lies in their focus:
- In the case of coaching, the focus is on the ...

Mentoring is Similar but not Equal to Coaching
Bayissa Milkessa, Business Consultant, Ethiopia, Member
@Andrew Blaine said that the difference between the two "lies in their focus". I think that they not only differ in...

Mentoring V Coaching
Andrew Blaine, Business Consultant, South Africa, Member
@Bayissa Milkessa: My understanding of the difference is not the same as yours. As I understand it, mentoring conce...

Mentoring Versus Coaching
Bayissa Milkessa, Business Consultant, Ethiopia, Member
@Andrew Blaine: I do not think that you have clearly stated the differences. As far as I know, coaching and mentori...

The Artisan and his Apprentice
Andrew Blaine, Business Consultant, South Africa, Member
In the good old dark days, school leavers who wished to learn a trade, became apprenticed to a qualified professional. It was the task of this profess...

Mentoring versus Coaching. Counsellor/Coaching Student
EUGENE AKPOFURE, Coach, United Kingdom, Member
As @Paul Clare and @Vera Tam have agreed, MENTORING is passing on the Knowledge, S...

Mentoring versus Coaching
Winston Chew, Teacher, Malaysia, Member
Eugene has said it well. My mentor coach has explained as such: COACHING is a process and therefore a coach is said to be a process expert.

Coaching versus Mentoring
Greg Johnson, Coach, United States, Premium Member
This is an interesting discussion with interesting pro's and con's of the Coaching service. The distinction between Coaching, Mentoring and Consulting...


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