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Effective Coaching
Jeff Condell, Management Consultant, France, Member
An effective coach is a skilled and knowledgeable individual who understands that all individuals, if they are not already achieving their true desires, are offering some form of resistance in terms of the vibe that they are sending out relative to their thoughts on the subject in question.
Therefore the role of the effective coach is to facilitate the individual in recognising the non-constructive pattern(s) of thought, developing in them an understanding of their emotional guidance system, and then working with them on strategies to become more consistent conscious creators of the experiences they truly desire, using a range of tools and techniques that work for them.

Coaching Benchmarks - a Combination of Deep Analysis and Empathy!
Aditya Bahl, Management Consultant, India, Member
Thank you Jeff! Your definition is one of the best that I have ever come across. I specially appreciate the comprehensiveness of coverage (data, analysis and strategic action) and the conciseness with which you have created a benchmark for an effective coach. Very nicely done!

Identifying Weaknesses and Potentials of Team Members
Albert Ofosu, Student (MBA), Ghana, Member
Many thanks for Jeff''s insight on effective coaching. In identifying the potentials of team members, the coach should be interested in identifying weaknesses that can be improved.
Also an effective coach will ensure that the strenghts of team members are harnessed and blended to function as one whole unit like an orchestra or sports team.

Coaching Effectiveness
Azim Ali, Manager, Trinidad and Tobago, Member
Coaching focuses on helping a coachee to develop specific skill sets in order to improve job performance specific to the business. By asking the right questions, a coach is very effective when the coachee learns through self discovery.

Psy-coaching the Current Trend?
Bridget Hamilton, Professor, Australia, Member
Is this is direction management consultations now take? Sounds like CBT for MBAs. Might be a good idea to consider what role wider forces play, beyond the individual - like the law, discriminatory structures, workplace practices...

Effectiveness in Coaching
akhilesh rawal, Manager, Thailand, Member
That's very wisely said, I welcome the concept of pondering over the thoughts that lead to the non construction...
And to be effective the most viable and the strategically important point should be the communication. The effectiveness of the coaching lies in the way his or her communication remains effective.

Effective Coaching in a Nutshell
Kelvin H Mwiinga, Student (MBA), Zambia, Member
Coaching is guiding, inspiring, and also collabrative. i.e. it takes two to tangle. The sessions should start with being aware of the past and current status of things.
Once the awareness is there, deliberate efforts are made to align with the desired vision.
Then there can be reflection on failures, success.
As put forward, use strengths to develop and use failures to learn from them and to grow from failure to success.
The coach should be a facilitator, poking, curious, open ended questioning, allowing ideas and solutions to flow. he should ask, listen, and challenge positively seeking inner solutions, support actions, allow autonomy and accountability, and get reasonable feedback.

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