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Qualities of a Good Coach. Checklist
Everest Turyahikayo, Manager, Uganda, Member
The importance of coaching cannot be underestimated. However, identifying a good coach is far from easy. Here's a checklist of qualities for a good coach I recommend:
- More knowledgeable in the area
- Humble enough to accept corrections from the coachee
- Maintains a professional relationship with the coachee
- Is able to identify and weaken the 'sleeping giant' in the coachee
- Maintains records of appraisals in respect of coaching
- Listens to and observes verbal and non verbal communication from the coachee
- Knows that the coachee is not in 'tabula raza' but one who knows
- Respects the concerns of the coachee
- Communicates to the supervisors of the coachee
- Maintains confidentiality and protection of dignity of the coachee
- Prepares the coachee for transition from the current state to the next
- Empowers the coachee to coach others in the future.

Checklist Effective Coach
Ifeanyi Uka, Management Consultant, Member
An effective coach should be a communicator, disciplined not judgmental. A good coach should be:
1. Creative. Get immersed in what you are doing and answers bubble up to the surface. Get it done/work hard.
2. Structured. Train them to bring solutions not problems.
3. Intuitive. Follow your intuition (instinctive knowledge)
4. Knowledgeable. Be ready to learn what works changes, share what you know.
5. Committed. Be a diplomat for the company. Don't cut corners.
6. Setting examples/standards.
7. Versatile. Avoid straightjacket thinking.
8. Light (sense of humor, set the boundaries). Don't bad mouth your boss/team.
9. Disciplined/focused. Face the future, be prepared for pain and pleasure. Seek feedback on your performance.
10. Big picture, small actions (the big picture is seeing your future reward from the present endurance).

Coaching Traits Checklist
Olowolagba Ranti, Business Consultant, Nigeria, Member
No two coaches are the same in achievement, mental attitude, perspective, methods and believe system.
- A coach is someone who understands the person he's coaching, and desires him to better than he is.
- He must be able to translate and transform a weakness into a strength, and impossibilities to possibilities.
- His philosophy should include all things are possible if you believe.
- A coach is interested in every aspect of life of his coachee.
- A coach must me trustworthy. A coachee must be willing to tell him/her personal things and trusting the coach to seek his/her advice.

Ineffective Coaching...What Now?
Isaac E. Kruger, HRA, Management Consultant, South Africa, Member
In light of the aforementioned. What then is left to do with ineffective, self proclaimed coaches, who do not have a clue what they are doing? For them its just a way to boost their egos. To make matters worst: What to do when they are the "clients"?

A Coach is a Well Developed Consciousness at a Certain Level
srinivas, Lecturer, India, Member
We all have a consciousness which guides us to a righteous path. Unfortunately its voice is often ignored. However, a coach is a well developed consciousness. Her/his energy of will, knowledge and action are aligned. By association with such person we tend to want to become like him or her.

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