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Graf, Robert
Business Consultant, Austria

Coaching by Managers and Leaders

I've been a long time manager in multinational companies and I am since 8 years a self-employed business coach. As a professional coach I support my coachees in finding their own solution of their own problems. Their solution is completely neutral to me.
Managers and leaders can use coaching methods and attitudes to help and facilitate their co workers to find solutions for their problems and questions. But by definition a manager/leader can't be a coach as such solutions must be accepted by the leader - he/she is not in a neutral position.
So coaching from a leader's perspective facilitates solution focused thinking, participation and "growing" of the coworker - if the leader wants to develop the coworker. In some cases leading is the preferred method (e.g. emergency situations, new co workers, single time opportunities, etc.).

  Alidou Moussiliou
Coach, Benin

Coaching versus Supervising

Leaders can be supportive to their subordinates if (...)

  Glenn Marshall
HR Consultant, Qatar

Coaching versus Supervising

An internal coaching role is often mandatory, and (...)

  Charles Oloo

Coaching by Managers

Coaching can be detrimental if not handled properl (...)

  Madhukar Sakorkar
HR Consultant, India

Coaching by Managers and Leaders

I agree with you. Using coaching methods leaders c (...)

  Prakash Deshpande
Professor, India

Coaching Versus Supervision

In a business set up the supervisor's primary unwr (...)

  Lloyd Madzokere
Student (Other), Zimbabwe

Leaders Must Be Coaches

In the book 'Becoming a Leader' by Myles Munroe, h (...)

United Kingdom

Managers as Coaches

It sounds like there is a whole debate to be had a (...)

Coach, India

Effectiveness of Coaching by Managers & Leaders

Coaching aims to improve performance at work or fa (...)

United Kingdom


Depends on your definition of coaching! (...)

  Blanche Magnotti
Student (Other), United States

Coaching by Managers and Leaders is good for Themselves

This requires excellent coordination of leader and (...)

  Madhukar Sakorkar
HR Consultant, India

Switching the Management Cap and Leader Cap

I completely agree with you, Blanche. I like the m (...)

  Sonny Vicente
Coach, Philippines

Coaching by Managers and Leaders

I have worn both hats, being a manager and much la (...)

  ton voogt

How to Build Coaching in the Daily Managerial Practice?

Under the umbrellas of 'leadership' and 'coaching' (...)

  Kasper Hiddema
Student (University), Netherlands

Benefits of Coaching by Managers

There are managers who coach and managers who don’ (...)

  Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands

4 Coaching Profiles of Managers

Research by Gartner distinguishes 4 types of coach (...)

  Maurice Hogarth
Consultant, United Kingdom

Removing the Barriers Preventing Changing to a ‘Coaching / Supporting’ Style

In the Performance Appraisal forum, in the topic “ (...)

  Gregory Johnson
Coach, United States

Coaching by Managers and Leaders

The various perspectives presented are interesting (...)

  Maurice Hogarth
Consultant, United Kingdom

Combining the Conflicting Caps

Every supervisor, manager, director is the Managin (...)

  Graham Williams
Management Consultant, South Africa

Coaching by Managers and Leaders

Of all a leader's armoury of coaching purposes, ap (...)

  Ignatius D
Manager, India

Tips to Improve your Coaching Skills as a Manager

Whenever you try to teach something to someone doe (...)

  Dr. Alan Williams
Professor, Thailand

Coaching by Managers and Leaders

@Maurice Hogarth: I agree with your post, especial (...)

  Maurice Hogarth
Consultant, United Kingdom

The Consequences of not Listening as a Manager-Coach

I agree, Alan. - In case a committed individual b (...)

  Dr. Alan Williams
Professor, Thailand

The Consequences of not Listening as a Manager-Coach

All agreed, if the leader doesn't listen and in th (...)

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