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Is Value Innovation Disruptive Innovation?
Anwar Adari
Should value innovation, the corner stone of Blue Ocean Strategy be considered disruptive innovation?

Value Innovation
In this era of internet and technology breakthroughs, value innovation is often - but necessarily - based on disruptive innovation.

Value Innovation
Brendan Dunphy
Only if it disrupts! The point about disruptive innovation is that it requires a change to the way resources are allocated, challenges existing values and processes etc etc. If this is not the case then maybe it is not disruptive, but so what? The goal of innovation is to create new value, regardless of the theory that underlies it or the name we use to describe it.

Value & Disruptive Innovation
In my experience the results of an innovation strategy are to create competitive advantage and differentiate a product, service or company from its competition. In this context, finding Blue Oceans is the ultimate goal but developing a sustainable plan that generates value (& profit) is of equal importance.

Disruptive Innovation
As far as I understand, disruptive innovation occurs through continuous over development of product improvements by which the direction of new product development will be altered by disruption. Value innovation perhaps refers to innovations primarily occurring at the cost and value level. However, some product innovations of disruptive nature may ultimately bring about value increments.

Value Innovation must fill a need-gap
Dr. Uditha Liyanage
Value Innovation becomes disruptive when, in its wake, existing value propositions become obsolete or superfluous. The point that is often missed is that value innovation can be be disruptive or sustained only if the new value fills a need-gap of the customer.

Creating new Needs ?
Benjamine Vo Vinh
Is disruptive innovation "understand what people really need" or rather "propose new needs to people"? Was post-it really needed? We could have lived without it, surely. But what made it a disruptive innovation?
A researcher's personal need to singing at church, a strong willingness to defend his project within the company and an unexpected market for the company which decided to cross industrial borders and explore new markets. Big companies fail by defending their territories, they succeed when taking risk in new environments.

Disruptive Value Innovation Innovation is not NecessarilyTechnology-Driven
marc romano, Strategy Consultant, United States, Member
As I see it, disruptive innovation is the development of new ways to solve new and existing problems. These new ways displace the old or existing due to their ability to solve problems in a way that is better in any one or more ways, and they are directly pointed toward delivering something undeniably more valuable/more desired by the customer. In some cases, the customer does not even know that a new value innovation is missing in their lives. The customers are unaware of the need-gap. They don't realize it exists. They realize this only when they have experienced a valuable new experience that may not have solved an existing problem, but rather, created a far better experience.
Point being, technology, which seems to be pointed out in this discussion as the mandatory component of disruptive innovation is not necessary. In the case of Starbucks, it was a better cup of coffee that created the foundation for a new and better environmental experience to enjoy the coffee. Disruptive? - Yes. Innovative? Yes.

Special Interest Group Leader
Rick Mueller

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