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Bernhard Keim, Business Consultant, Germany
America had to be discovered more than once, until it really had been discovered. The Apple Newton was a superior answer to a question that people did not bother at that time. Likewise, Kodak invented the first portable digital camera (), but the quality of the pictures was so inferior compared to traditional technologies at that time, that they dismissed it. The camera weight was 8 pounds, the resolution 0.01 Megapixel, there were no printers available nor internet services to transmit the picture to a laboratory. There were just floppy disks, and these were low in storage and high in size. It's easy to claim that Kodak missed an opportunity at that time. But there was no opportunity. The time had yet to come for it. Brilliant inventions need a supportive environment to innovate. That others like an idea is not nearly enough. There has to be a need, a real market opportunity. And you have to be able to find the people first willing to buy the product to finance its advancement. (...) Read more? Sign up for free

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  Gabi Levin, Israel

Yes, But You Can Decide and Make the Timing

Kodak missed the opportunity. It's as simple as th (...)

  Bernhard Keim, Business Consultant, Germany

Remember Leonarda Da Vinci

Leonarda Da Vinci made many inventions well ahead (...)

  Gary Wong, Consultant, Canada

Where Good Ideas Come From

Steven Johnson in his 2010 book identifies the ne (...)

  Gary Wong, Consultant, Canada

Timing is Critical

@: I suggest innovation can sometimes go further t (...)

  Gary Wong, Consultant, Canada

Kodak Could Read the Writing on the Wall (but Wasnít Willing to Pay the Price)

@: I recently read about Kodak's failure in the bo (...)

  Maurice Hogarth, Consultant, United Kingdom

Short Versus Long Sightedness

@: I agree Gary. I am sure that there are many cas (...)

  Charles Alter, Consultant, United States

Relying too much on the Historic Core Business

@: I agree the case of Kodak and many other compan (...)

  Helen Strong, Business Consultant, South Africa

Can't Ignore Other Factors Conducive to Disruptive Innovation

Totally agree that timing is important, even criti (...)

  Allemeersch, Interim Manager, Belgium

Timing and Technology Impact

A technology upgrade which is not disturbing the h (...)

  Maurice Hogarth, Consultant, United Kingdom

PEST as Disruptor

You can use the (domains) to explain the disrupti (...)

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Disruptive Innovation
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