The Jobs to be Done Approach (JTBD) and Disruptive Innovation

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The Jobs to be Done Approach (JTBD) and Disruptive Innovation
Akshay Nirmal, Business Consultant, Australia, Premium Member
The theory of disruptive innovation helps companies navigate threats coming from their external environment. However, it fails to explain what companies should do to innovate.
Traditionally, companies segment their markets by customer demographics or product characteristics and differentiate their offerings by adding features and functions.

The theory of “Jobs to be Done” (JTBD) can be closely related to the theory of disruption and provides a tool to come up with disruptive strategies. Building on earlier work by Tony Ulwick on Outcome Driven Innovation, Clayton Christensen argues that when customers buy a product from suppliers, what they REALLY want is to hire them to do a job. So we should think of ideas that make this job for the customer more simple, faster, better, more convenient, more fun or cheaper.
Understanding such 'jobs to be done' can give better, original insights to companies about which products or servi...Sign up

Jobs To Be Done Approach
srinivas, Lecturer, India, Member
To me, the jobs to be done approach is useful where the processes are relatively stable and continual improvement is done by measuring the metrics. On...Sign up

Jobs To be Done is about What They Say versus What They Think
Jeff Washburn, Strategy Consultant, United States, Member
The real advantage is not in making improvements in products for customers.
As Akshay points out, they say that they want a 1/4 inch drill, but t...Sign up

Jobs to be Done Approach is a Bit Like Lateral Thinking
Ivan Kohlinsky, Management Consultant, United Kingdom, Member
I found this very interesting, but can't really add much. In some ways it is akin to 'Late...Sign up

Customer Focus of Staff Needed for JTBD
Morriss, HR professional, Australia, Member
Empathy and good listening skills are required from the staff to understand the custom...Sign up

Jobs to Be Done is Thinking Ahead
umarani, HR Consultant, India, Member
In my opinion, Jobs to be Done Theory really helps an organisation to think how to develop its processes to address customers requirements, desires an...Sign up

6 Basic Ideas Behind the Jobs to Be Done Theory
Annalisa Cordoba, Manager, Spain, Member
Hi, I found following 6 basic 'tenants' of Jobs To Be done Theory in an interesting article by Anthony Ulwick, a pioneer of jobs-to-be-done theory:Sign up

Job to Be Done is about Customer Experiences
Neilson Asiedu, Strategy Consultant, United States, Member
Job to be Done identifies the first step in creating good quality products with attributes that customers want, based on their specifics and on what p...Sign up

Simply: Means to Ends
Aaron Agassi, Member
An objectives may be a goal (end) in and of itselve, or a means to achieve some other end. This is nothing new. And to know where and when to be flexi...Sign up

Use of Jobs2Bdone in Prediction and Practice
Rick Mueller, Professor, United States, SIG Leader
@Aaron Agassi: In the final lines or your response you come far closer to the answer than you may realize.
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Functional Analysis and Value Analysis
Olaf de Hemmer, Business Consultant, France, Member
Clay Christensen rediscovered (in the marketing area) what is implemented since the '50s in the purchasing and product design areas: products answer '...Sign up

Special Interest Group Leader
Rick Mueller

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