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Rick Mueller, Professor, United States
A few days ago I was in a conversation with Adam Hartung, who observed brand managers are constrained, as a matter of practicality, to focusing exclusively on sustaining innovation. They normally donít focus on entirely new, disruptive innovation. The thought I explored with him was making brand managers responsible for making some portion of each yearís sales come from markets which are entirely new to that industry. And whether (or not) this would be a good way to incorporate innovation initiatives which would necessarily have disruptive potential. Iíd be curious to know whether you believe this might be an effective way to incorporate disruptive innovation into the development mainstream of large, multi-brand corporations. Or do you see other, better ways to incorporate disruptive innovation as part of the management agenda? Thoughts? (...) Read more? Sign up for free

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  Charles Alter, Consultant, United States

Getting Management Attention for Disruptive Innovation

The dilemma is that the skills that brand managers (...)

  Rick Mueller, Professor, United States

To what Degree Might Productive Efforts (and Initiatives) Be Diluted Through Political Posturing and Infighting?

Hi Charles and thanks so much for leading off this (...)


Problem with Precise Definition of Disruptive Innovations

In any organization, large and small, without a cl (...)

  Rick Mueller, Professor, United States

Defining Disruptive Innovation

Hi Jaymie and thanks and agreed. Note that the req (...)

  Eyal Policar, Entrepreneur, Israel

Disruptive versus Sustainability - Personalities

Is first and foremost about personalities. A disru (...)

  Rick Mueller, Professor, United States

Perhaps It's Time to Redefine the Job

Thanks Eyal, your concerns, similar to those of Ch (...)

  Mark Fuller, Director, South Africa

Innovation You Can Sell

Rick I agree with you entirely. I have used Value (...)

  Rick Mueller, Professor, United States

Great Example in More Than One Way

Hi Mark and thanks! I think the Yellow Tail wine e (...)

  Gandhi Heryanto, Management Consultant, Indonesia

Disruptive Innovation is Client / Market Oriented

The term Disruptive innovation was first populariz (...)

  Rick Mueller, Professor, United States

The Role of Brand Managers in Disruptive Innovation

Yes Gandhi, that is the Disruptive Innovation topi (...)

  Elizabeth Fowler, Student (MBA), United States

Company Size Matters for Answering the Question

I agree with @, a marketing person might be better (...)

  Rick Mueller, Professor, United States

Indeed Marketing Should Be Involved, But Held Responsible?

Hi Elizabeth and thanks, size does matter, but in (...)

  Gandhi Heryanto, Management Consultant, Indonesia

Disruptive Innovation Responsibility

Rick, as an alternative of Christensenís recommend (...)

  Rick Mueller, Professor, United States

Responsibility for both Disruptive and Sustaining Innovation

Hi Gandhi and thanks for the opportunity to make i (...)

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Rick Mueller

Disruptive Innovation
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