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How to Sustain Disruptive Innovation?
Ade Tola, Management Consultant, Member
After gaining entry into some (new) market segment through disruptive innovation, how do you SUSTAIN your position and growth...
Does that require other cycles of disruptive innovation, or will regular incremental innovation do?...Sign up

Cycles of Disruptive Innovation
Sabareeshan C.K., Director, India, Member
I guess the only way to sustain a disruptive innovation would be to follow up with CYCLES of disruption innovation. Incremental improvement may not be...Sign up

It Depends on the Innovation and the Competition
Martin Lekoski
The person who invented the wheel is long forgotten, and yet his/her innovation has changed many markets.
Sustaining a position is not that hard ...Sign up

Sustaining Disruptive Innovation Through Business Model Innovation
Errol Francke, Management Consultant, South Africa, Member
In my view disruptive innovation (ironically, like any other innovation) also needs to be supported with an appropriate business model. This often cal...Sign up

Disruption is Unsustainable
Willemsen, Manager, Zambia, Member
Disruption is by definition unsustainable. It changes the market, so that it must find a new equilibrium. Once that is reached, the disruption is over...Sign up

Sustaining a Disruptive Technology & Innovation [DTI]
Len Pretorius, Project Manager, South Africa, Member
By definition a DTI is disruptive for as long as it maintains being disruptive to existing, or new players in the market segment, or creates a new mar...Sign up

Re-Disruption Recurs Seldom Quickly Within a Given Industry
Rick Mueller, Professor, United States, SIG Leader
Albert Willemsen's answer is closest to being correct (and quite insightful actually). One is seldom alone in the p...Sign up

No Sustained Position and Growth
Sandy Musallam, Editor, United States, Member
In my opinion, a sustainable position and growth are temporary concepts in current volatile global market. The only ways to build on the temporary gai...Sign up

How to Sustain Disruptive Innovation
Miguel Fernandez, Business Consultant, Paraguay, Member
I agree with Sandy... a combination of motivation and luck is required... The motivation is associated with a competitive environment and can be devel...Sign up

Sustained Disruptive Innovation by Kaizen
Langlois, CEO, France, Member
Kaizen (or incremental innovation) is the loam of disruptive innovation. It creates a stimulating atmosphere. For some people, after three or four sim...Sign up

Sustained Disruption Requires Willingness to Cannibalize
werkman, Manager, United States, Member
The only way to sustain a disruptive cycle is to be willing to cannibalize your own business model. That goes against human nature, which makes it har...Sign up

Sustaining what is no Longer Novel or Continually and Fundamentally Surprise the Market?
Mach Yam, Singapore, Member
Once the market and competition have reacted and responded to the disruptive innovation, is it still disruptive?
So is it a matter of sustaining ...Sign up

Build your Own Disruptor
Paul Hug, Student (MBA), Switzerland, Member
I think, the only way that works is to found a new organization that competes the old business using a disruptive innovation.
It needs to be a st...Sign up

Innovation is not Always Disruptive But Disruption Requires Innovation
Bennett Alexander, Professor, Member
Evolution of technologies and related practices are expected within the Technology Space (TS).
- From an INVENTOR perspective: Occasionally an op...Sign up

Disruptive Innovation Might Be Sustainable
Michael Chin, Business Consultant, Singapore, Member
To sustain it, you need to a have pipeline of disruptive ideas. This is where the challenge lies - finding and maintaining that pipeline.
...Sign up

Disruptive Innovation Might not Be Sustainable
Bennett Alexander, Professor, Member
If the industry as a whole is unable to respond to the DI, this could lead to a condition of enterprise monopoly in favour of the inventor which could...Sign up

Sustain New Innovations by Implementing a 'Do Different Culture'
Brilman, HR Consultant, Netherlands, Member
A sustained position and growth is mostly connected to COLLECTIVE BEHAVIORS that form the CULTURE where it should be sustained.
So the leverage i...Sign up

Just Hold your Postion Till Next Cycle of Disruption Kills You
Suman Bhattacharya, Management Consultant, India, Member
If you gain entry in a new market through DI, I guess that the best approach would be to sustain and strengthen your position THROUGH INCREMENTAL INNO...Sign up

Sustain Growth After Disruptive Innovation
pierre bernard
From the history of innovation in the hard drive industry, I identify 3 facts:
1. A successful disruptive innovation is often a relatively straig...Sign up

Disruptive Innovation Over a Longer Time Frame
Larry Fisher, CEO, Member
In my opinion, disruptive innovations may be more broadly received and with greater profitability when the customer's adoption is not disruptive. To f...Sign up

Customer Service and Continuous Innovation
Rahamathulla Mohamed Rawther, HR Consultant, United Arab Emirates, Member
To sustain the initial impact, management must ensure:
1. CUSTOMER SERVICE and feedback are fully respected and responded
2. If the organiza...Sign up

Innovation Strategy of the Business
Purna Chandra, Business Consultant, India, Member
A business comes into existence with a vision and can survive and grow if its product & service offerings are relevant, meet or exceed customer requir...Sign up

Measuring Innovation Like HYPE Cycles
ANDRES RAMOS, Professor, Colombia, Member
I suggest to use the dynamics of HYPE CYCLES:
- First the evaluation with the early adoption (at market).
- Then, a peak with inflated expec...Sign up

Powerful Leadership is Mandatory to Disruptive Innovation
Denilson, CEO, Brazil, Member
I believe that a POWERFUL LEADER is mandatory to maintain the risks, costs and energy that are necessary to develop disruptive initiatives....Sign up

First Mover Leverage of the Disruptive Innovator
Dr. Luis De La Cruz, Professor, United States, Member
Discontinuous or disruptive innovation provides a level of customer value far exceeding what has been available before, yielding not just an increase ...Sign up

There is No Such Thing as Sustained Disruptive Innovation
Alex Cristescu, Strategy Consultant, Member
Hello gents, from all the answers I did read it appears that none of them are tuned up with the true Disruptive Innovation (DI) terminology of Christe...Sign up

How to Sustain a Disruptive Innovation?
Majoyeogbe Samson, CEO, Nigeria, Member
It's all about being consistent in understanding the market trend and needs by driving towards achieving the "ultimate" satisfaction to end users at a...Sign up

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