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Anneke Zwart
Student (University), Netherlands
Innovation leadership requires other approaches than general leadership for the core business. Furr and Dyer (2014) outline some unique leadership skills/approaches required for successful innovation: 1. RATHER THAN DICTATING A VISION, SET A BIG CHALLENGE In traditional approaches to leadership, creating a vision in the sense that the strategic priorities of the company are outlined implies that the leader is the decision maker and directs the company to comply with those priorities. In order to be a successful leader in innovation processes, it is important to “carve out the metal space within which the innovation process can be carried out” (ibid.). This means that a leader first need to set the expectation that the particular innovation will push the limits, which means that you transform some of the most important assumptions about your company’s goods, clients and business models. This can be a difficult task that can be shocking for people as it brings uncertainty, therefore (...) Read more? Sign up for free

  John Geurts
Consultant, Netherlands

Approaches for Successful Innovation

First it's assumed that it's about innovation in a (...)

Business Consultant, United Kingdom

Leadership Skills & Approaches for Innovation

Some nice points but I have to side more with John (...)

  K.Narayana Moorthy
HR Consultant, India

Leadership Sklls & Approaches for Innovation

A. A good Leader has to be GREAT ACHIEVER: Innovat (...)

  Zaddock Oguta
Consultant, Kenya

Innovation Management Skills

1. Leadership and people management skills: attrac (...)

  John Geurts
Consultant, Netherlands

Focus Areas for Innovation Managers and Leaders

Leadership should do the following: 1. Think abou (...)

  Jos Kok

Disruptive Change Management

Why is the gap between theory and practice this bi (...)

  Ali J. Boru
Student (Other), Kenya

Innovative Leadership Should Motivate Organization

I agree with recommendation #3 that leadership sho (...)

  Kurt Ludikovsky
Consultant, Austria

It Depends on the Organization

I can agree to most what has been said here and di (...)

Manager, France

An Innovation Leader Should not Be Alone, from Experience

Practice and theory are still not compatible! From (...)

  Davor Markota
Management Consultant, Croatia

The Context of the Innovation Leadership

I agree fully with Mr @Kurt Ludikovsky, what matte (...)

  Paul D. Wilson
Manager, United States

Innovation Leadership Must Demonstrate Need to Change

While I believe that Furr and Dyer are "spot on" w (...)

Consultant, Sweden

Innovative Leadership or Leadership for Innovation?

Like Ludikovsky and Markota, I feel that the discu (...)

Management Consultant, France

Innovation Types

At first many thanks for your work, from my part I (...)

  m fransson
Manager, Sweden

Innovation Leadership Skills

In my opinion such leadership must set the vision (...)

  John Geurts
Consultant, Netherlands

Leadership and Followership in Innovation

Innovation is a growth strategy. Also a broad conc (...)

Management Consultant, France

Innovation Leadership

At first, I may thank you for your explanation, an (...)

  John Geurts
Consultant, Netherlands

Leadership & Innovation

@Kurt Ludikovsky: Dear Kurt, I disagree with you. (...)

HR Consultant, Kenya

Innovative Leadership and Vision

@m fransson: Coming up with a vision should be a c (...)

  Pablo Illingworth
Business Consultant, Ecuador

Cultural Aspects in Leadership Skills in Innovation

The 4 Areas mentioned sound really interesting but (...)

Management Consultant, France

Leadership and Innovation,

Many thanks for your comments, the normal way in d (...)

  Gary Wong
Consultant, Canada

Into the Unknown is a Different Paradigm

When dealing with the unknown and I also include u (...)

Management Consultant, France

Leadership and Innovation

At first many thanks to Gary Wong, for this point (...)

  jorge anibal hoyos hoyos
Manager, Colombia

Innovation as a Core Business Philosophy

I think the innovation could not be something to g (...)

  K.Narayana Moorthy
HR Consultant, India

Leadership and Innovation

Thanks Mr. Calligaro, good day. Since we we were d (...)

  m fransson
Manager, Sweden

Innovation Leadership Skills

@Janekariuki: I agree, the board have to sign off (...)

Coach, Palestine, State of

Effective Innovation Leadership

To be an effective innovation leader, you should m (...)

  K.Narayana Moorthy
HR Consultant, India

Leadership and Innovation

Agreed with @abedmadi. But then a discussion is ne (...)

  Anneke Zwart
Student (University), Netherlands

The Leadership-Innovation Relationship: Ambidexterity Theory (Rosing)

Although many studies have researched the factors (...)

  K.Narayana Moorthy
HR Consultant, India

Leadership Innovation Relationship- Ambidexterity

@Anneke Zwart: Ambidexterity is the state of being (...)

Management Consultant, France

Leadership Innovation...

@K.Narayana Moorthy: I have read your comments abo (...)

  K.Narayana Moorthy
HR Consultant, India

Leadership Innovation and Ambidexterity

@CALLIGARO: Earlier I said a good leader has to be (...)

Management Consultant, France

Leadership Innovation...

@K.Narayana Moorthy: Many thanks for your reply a (...)

  Gary Wong
Consultant, Canada

The Brain is More Interdependent Than Once Thought

For years I believed that a left-brained person is (...)

  Gary Wong
Consultant, Canada

Manage the Evolutionary Potential of the Present

@Anneke Zwart: I am intrigued by the concept of Am (...)


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