Innovation Strategy: The Three Horizons of Growth (McKinsey)

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Innovation Strategy: The Three Horizons of Growth (McKinsey)
Charles Alter, Consultant, United States

One of ways of thinking about innovation strategy is to use the 3 Horizons of Growth developed by Steve Coley at McKinsey.
The framework provides a useful mold to formulate an organizationís product and service portfolio strategy. It's a diagnostic tool that allows for evaluating the health of a product/service strategy pipeline and for setting up the alignment of short, medium, and long term (innovation) plans of an organization. The model describes 3 innovation horizons in the following manner:
The Three Horizons of Growth model...- Horizon #1: The Core Business that is most associated with the company in its current state. This typically is an established business that requires most of the attention of the companyís employees and generates the bulk of the sales volume, cash flow a... Register

Three Horizons ConceptSign up
Jeff Miles, Business Consultant, Australia
Great thought prompter. I will use this at my next...

New Ventures have only Horizon 3Sign up
Edith Ohri, Israel
Why starting with a core business when in new vent...

3 Horizons of GrowthSign up
Jorge Urrea, Consultant, Mexico
I agree with Edith Ohri and, as usually, the artic...

Three Horizons: Why?Sign up
Vincenzo Rogione, Management Consultant, Italy
Though I appreciate Charles' comment, in my opinio...

Extensions for the 3 Horizons of GrowthSign up
Anna hanooman, ICT Consultant, Trinidad and Tobago
I agree with Ohri. In my humble opinion, the three...

Three Horizons of Growth is in Practice for AgesSign up
M Y Zainudeen, Management Consultant, Sri Lanka
Edith is correct, not only this model is in the sc...

Three Horizons of Growth Relevant for Established BusinessesSign up
Charles Alter, Consultant, United States
@Edith Ohri: adm...

How to Implement the 3 Horizons within 1 CompanySign up
simon haafs, Student (MBA), Netherlands
I underscribe the model. The challenge is to in...

3 Horizons : Sources for Ideas for InnovationSign up
Gary Stead, Director, United Kingdom
It seems the real innovation is in horizon 3. The ...

Combine the Three Horizons of Growth with the 5 C's of Marketing StrategySign up
Rajan Johri, CEO, India
You can augment the 3 horizons with the
Balancing Product's Innovations and Future ProductsSign up
MdL Mario TERRALAVORO, Interim Manager, Italy
The 3 Horizons combine looking at future products ...


3 Preparation Stages for Horizons of GrowthSign up
Feraidoon Bakhtiari, CxO / Board, Iran
I like the idea and I share the concepts with part...

Status Quo to Boost Future PlansSign up
Saeed Khodaee, Director, Iran
@Edith Ohri: und...

The Three Horizons and CompetitivenessSign up
SAMUEL NDUATI MBUGUA, Management Consultant, Kenya
Whereas the main objective of the three horizons i...

3 Horizons of Growth is Still Valuable as a FoundationSign up
marc romano, Strategy Consultant, United States
This basic framework is very sound. It provides a ...

Three Horizons of GrowthSign up
Leodegardo M. Pruna, Professor, Philippines
The first horizon to my mind is where an enterpris...

Three Horizons of Growth are PracticalSign up
Sorni Tindanzo Namateng, Student (University), Ghana
Thank you Charles, today is my first time at 12man...

Where to Hunt for Innovation Ideas?Sign up
Tadeusz Sudol, Strategy Consultant, Poland
@Gary Stead: The...

The Right Distribution of Resources over the 3 HorizonsSign up
Raghu Bala, Manager, United States
Businesses struggle with distributing resources to...

Exploring Uncertainity with the 3 Horizons of GrowthSign up
Osama Kamal, Management Consultant, Egypt
It's like these 3 horizons. I will use the model i...

Innovation Strategy: the Three Horizons of Growth (McKinsey)Sign up
@Edith Ohri: ste...

Three Horizon Concept for Challenging the Status QuoSign up
Brijesh Dave, Manager, India
Good concept to generate thoughts to challange the...

Look out of the Window and see 3 HorizonsSign up
Falk Heinrichsohn, Business Consultant, Portugal
The three horizon approach may help with the probl...

Time is Important PointSign up
zahra gheidar, Consultant, Iran
Certainly, these frameworks are usual steps for es...

Three Horizons of Growth all about Innovation and MarketingSign up
Charles Alter, Consultant, United States
Thank you to everyone who has replied and shared t...

Don't Focus too much on Horizon 1Sign up
Aladdien Mohamed, Manager, Saudi Arabia
Actually I have a comment on stage 1. Organization...

Senior Managers Should Focus on Horizons 2 and 3Sign up
Jaap de Jonge, Editor, Netherlands
That's right, the 3 horizons of growth are especia...

Where are the Resources..Sign up
Cristina Isenrath, Director, Argentina
@Gary Stead: mor...

Protect your Bread and Butter FirstSign up
GAMANSON, Management Consultant, Sri Lanka
Any business has to ensure first it survives in th...

Consistent Context Using HorizonsSign up
Martin Kerr, Project Manager, Australia
In our organisation the 3 horizons are standard di...

All 3 Horizons are Important, but...Sign up
Jaap de Jonge, Editor, Netherlands
@Gamanson: all 3...

The 3 Horizons of Growth Help to Decide on Innovation ResourcesSign up
Sandy Findlay, Business Consultant, United Kingdom
Excellent model for drawing attention on where res...

3 Horizons of Growth... Only for Large Companies?Sign up
Francesco Cuoco, CEO, Italy
Seems a correct approach for medium- large compani...


Three Horizons of Growth at SMEsSign up
Charles Alter, Consultant, United States
@Francesco Cuoco

Consider the Reasons for Growth in 3 HorizonsSign up
FUNSHO, Accountant, Nigeria
Business growth cannot be limited to these 3 horiz...

3 Horizons Model - A Good Start for the Strategic Planning Process...Sign up
Olawale Christopher Olamiju, Financial Consultant, Nigeria
No doubt, this 3 horizons model is not cast in sto...

Time to Spend on Each Innovation HorizonSign up
Leodegardo M. Pruna, Professor, Philippines
@Zahra Gheidar: ...

Transversal InnovationSign up
ENRIQUE CARLOS POZO, Project Manager, Spain
I think the three horizons must be parallels, not ...

Differentiating Critical Functions and CostsSign up
KATHRYN STEINER, MBA, Entrepreneur, United States
@Charles Alter: ...

Quite Useful Model for our OrganisationSign up
Htin Kyaw Myint, Manager, Myanmar
In fact, it is quite a good model for our organiza...

Model for Industries That Have Complex LogisticsSign up
KATHRYN STEINER, MBA, Entrepreneur, United States
This model would be interesting to translates into...

Length of Horizons is VitalSign up
zahra gheidar, Consultant, Iran
Certainly measuring a precise, definite time and d...

3 Horizons Model is about Strategy StagesSign up
John Moses, Manager, Nigeria
Looking at the three horizons, it is all about dif...

The 3 Horizons for GrowthSign up
Francesco Cuoco, CEO, Italy
I think that the model is quite generic. The real ...


This is only a Theoretical FrameworkSign up
jasmin, Student (University), Lebanon
This framework helps you how to think but not how ...

Combine 3 Horizons of Growth with SWOT AnalysisSign up
Francesco Cuoco, CEO, Italy
@Jasmin: I gues...

3 Horizons of GrowthSign up
Ionelia Iftimie, Director, Romania
I think this proposal would be an interesting star...


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