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Jnanesh Kalbag

Disruptive versus Incremental Innovation

Typically, Incremental Innovation exploits existing forms or technologies... Improves upon something that already exists or reconfigures an existing form or technology to serve some other purpose... It is other wise called marginal or continuous innovation. It primarily serves existing markets.
Radical Innovation is a departure from existing form or technology to a completely new thing in this world. Also called as breakthrough or discontinuous or disruptive innovation. It has the potential to upset industry's business model, standards. Primarily serves emerging markets.


Disruptive vs Incremental innovation

After having read the book and the wikipedia entry I have to disagree with Jnanesh definition. The wikipedia entry (that I consider correct) reads: "Disruptive technology and disruptive innovation are terms used in business and technology literature to describe innovations that improves a product or service in ways that the market does not expect, typically by being lower priced or designed for a different set of consumers."
So disruptive innovation does not have to use a technology that is "new in this world", it may simply serve a market that is currently non-consumptive...


The Innovation Must Actually Reach the Market

Innovation its not only about new products or serv (...)

  Prabhakar Karve

Innovation is Disruptive; Improvement is Incremental

Isn't innovation by definition disruptive? I feel (...)

  Jeswan SinghPS
Engineer, Malaysia

Sustaining versus Disruptive Innovation

Sustaining product development and/or keeping the (...)

  Dr P L Narasimhan

Many Companies Do not Understand Their Customers Fully

I agree with the author on his views. Many compani (...)

  Maqsood Khalid

Innovation is the Opposite of Stagnancy

Innovation is the reverse of stagnancy. Innovation (...)

  Jay Gamble
Teacher, United States

Innovation is Disruptive; Improvement is Incremental

I agree with Khalid that innovation is change whic (...)

  Dr. Luis De La Cruz
Professor, United States

About Disruptive Innovation

The corporation's fundamental goal is growth, not (...)

  Ansuman Gautam
Manager, India

An Example of Disruptive Innovation

The comments in the forum explain the term disrupt (...)

  Fordi Dhliwayo
Entrepreneur, Zimbabwe

Disruptive versus Incremental Innovation

Innovation suggests a new way of doing things, or (...)

  Larry Lemke
Project Manager, United States

Disruptive Invation

Is "Innovation" not Always disruptive? INNOVATION (...)

  adrian kavemba
Student (University)

Disruptive Innovation

I view disruptive innovation as an innovation that (...)

  Errol Francke
Management Consultant, South Africa

Innovation is not Always Disruptive

@Larry Lemke: I don't think so Larry...I sense tha (...)

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