Achieving Change at the Individual Level

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Achieving Change at the Individual Level
srinivas, Member
It is a known fact that in order to have an effective change implementation at the organisation level you need change at the individual level. Every individual aspiring to implement change spends his energy in the form of planning, debating, deciding, taking action, validating and reviewing etc. Even though the same process is implemented on two different individuals, the effect may not be the same for the 2 individuals.

What are the factors that vary? To enable better innovative change, what process could be used?
For example in Srikalahasti, the custom practice found to be effective by many is the following one:
1. INWARD ORIENTATION (one is supposed to have darshan of patala ganapathy and then pray. Every time when a problem is encountered it is not possible to visit Kalahasti then in its place we can have inward orientation by chanting Narayana Sukta and then firm up the faith chant Mantrapushpam in order to have effective in ward orientation
2. WORK ON PURITY OF INNER BEING. In Kalahasti we take the darshan of Lord Kalahisthwara, ideally performing Abhishek. In case it is not possible then performing Abhishek a homet we are actually working on the inner being.
3. ALIGNING THE ENERGY in form of planning, doing, reflecting, reviewing in order to achieve the aspiration. For alignment, we do the darshan of Goddess Gnanprasunamba, symbolic representation of energy we spend. In house we can do lalitha sahasranama, khadgmala etc to harness the energy and to get out of the negativity.
In the current practice of Plan, Do, Check, Act cycle we do not find any provision for inward orientation, working on the purity of innerbeing and incubation.

⇒ Is that the reason for deviation of effectiveness of change implementation from person to person?

Changing Individuals to Change Organizations
Nice point of view, thanks a lot for sharing.
To grant long lasting and real organizational change you must create new habits and behaviors among the team members. It is only possible working to transform or improve how every single worker performs their daily activities. 5S's methodology (Kaizen) gives a choice to achieve this goal.

Changes in Culture Begins with Change in Individuals
srinivas, Member
I agree that having a good structure having outward orientated activities such as 5S is important to bring about change. However the culture of an organisation also plays an important role which is predominantly inward looking. Maybe that is the reason why one organisation excels over others even though the structure is similar.
Change in culture begins with change in an individual. Change happens when one's physical, intellectual, emotional, bliss, conscious, subconscious, inner energy, spiritual being is sufficiently prepared to focus in order to effectively achieve change. In that direction probably association with an idea or concept will help achieve the purity of inner-being so that focus levels are increased there by enabling change implementation.
For example if we consider the intellectual preparation then we can start with the value that needs to be considered for change and have an appropriate strategy for change leadership. Similarly with better understanding and by being wise on number of implementations we can have preparation for emotional being etc. In other words we can have a number of structures at physical, intellectual, emotional levels etc. so as to enable change in culture, irrespective of religious affiliation.

Culture = Knowledge + Habits + Behavior
Organizational culture could be interpreted as combination of knowledge + habits + behaviors derived from the practice of an organization's values and ethics principles.
From this point of view, organizations can use 5S's methodology to implant and develop those factors among each individual that creates the culture model given with the epigram.
I agree with your point of view.

Foundation of Culture=beliefs+attitudes+values
srinivas, Member
I agree with your definition of culture. However the sustenance of quality of implementation of 5S depends on how strong is our belief system. It engages our being which includes our physical, intellectual, emotional etc. In order to change the culture, I suppose preparation at all levels of being is required.


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