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Professor, India

How to Make Employees LOVE Change?

Most of the discussions in this particular knowledge center change iceberg focus on the RESISTANCE to change. My question is how to make people LOVE change... Why not create and exploit that situation? And what are the best options and approaches to accomplish that?

  Bill Boynton
Teacher, United States

Build and Grow an 'Involved' Corporate Culture

I think that there might be several ways or steps that could to be taken to have (followers) employee's become excited and enthused with change.
Most people are afraid for what they don't know, and worse yet, they don't understand.
To address this issue, I maintain that organizations need to establish an "organizational shared vision statement", a statement that everyone can understand, and possibly relate to.
If and when they are able to do this, they will be able to find ways to align their own personal development for career planning and many cases career alterations.
Multi career planning is fast becoming the process for all the change that is becoming our way of life today.
A shared vision that can be communicated throughout the whole organization, especially through a "dialogue" communication process can go a long way in approaching and growing a positive organizational / Institutional culture.
We become what is called a "learning organization", with a whole cadre of followers.

  Nguyen Thai Hien
Business Consultant, Viet Nam

Making People Love Change - the Point is Find Out the Main Resistance

I think the point is to find out the main motives and reasons they are afraid to change. The iceberg can be broken one b...

  Umesh Dharmatti
Manager, India

By Default Human Beings are Averse to Change

By default we human beings / employees are averse to change. But on the day I can relate the benefits of change to me, ...

Manager, Viet Nam

Make People Get Acquaintanced with Change by Helping Them

Always help them to change, starting with the smallest things first, and encourage them when they get better results. I ...

  Andile Ace Kwakweni
Project Manager, South Africa

How to Make Executives Love Change?

@Bill Boynton: Any advice on what to do in a public sector environment (with approx. 5000 employees) filled with politic...


The Ingredients to Make Employees LOVE Change

As per the basic instinct humans don't want to work or change. We are FORCED to work. Yes the force that is used is: Mo...

  Jay Shah
Manager, Australia

How to Make People Love Change and Herzberg's 2 Factors

@niraj: Indeed (according to Herzberg's 2 Factor Theory) people are encouraged to do - whatever they do - for only two r...

  Nomi Hattingh

Making Employees Love Change Bottom Up

Ask for proposals/submissions for change from the bottom up. Immediately implement some, publish the successes. Continue...

  Mohammad Owais
Manager, Pakistan

Getting the Stakeholders On-board

Our organization has gone through some large changes recently, our brand portfolio doubled, head office location changed...

  Brijesh Kumar Agarwal
Manager, India

How to Make Employees LOVE Change?

As we know change is inevitable. Change is going to happen in our life from time to time. Some changes are controllable...

  Trevor Lindars, Australia

Humans are not Averse to Change

@Umesh Dharmatti: Human beings are not simply "averse to change" they are averse to a perceived adverse change. In the a...

ICT Consultant, Zambia

Issues of Culture and Demographics

It's true that change should be communicated and implemented in a way that it encourages employees to embrace it. Issues...

  Jacob Andrews
Entrepreneur, United Arab Emirates

Don't Surprise People with a Sudden Change...

Do not surprise them with a sudden change. Slowly involve them in the change management process and convince them of the...


How to Make People Love Change: Reward Systems

The use of reward systems to link managers' and employees' performance to the strategy will also encourage a change in b...

  Aamir Firoz Shamsi
Professor, Pakistan

Perception and Belief Management

This is nice discussion because without realization, neither acceptance nor love can be created. Love is a lasting facto...

  Essi Zarini
Student (University), Iran

The Dance of Change with Employees

I think first of all you should persuade them to accompany you step by step. But this is difficult because they persist ...

  Roberta Rizzo
Project Manager, Ireland

Change and Love

I think you should convince employees that changes are challenging: a new technology or service or product could be very...

  Dr Ray Chatwin
Lecturer, United Kingdom

This Should be Tackled as a Team

@Andile Ace Kwakweni: Hawkins (2011) makes the point that it is no good trying to tackle this at an individual level bec...

  Pioli Maurizio
Consultant, Spain

Changes and Fear are Connected Inside Human and Animal Brain

The human brain has an automatic system (Editor: Kahneman's Fast System) that works fast and effective to create fear in...

  Keith Milne, United Kingdom

No Easy Route - But Change Can Be Fun

'Change" - The word rings out with trouble - it all depends who is benefitting from the change - is the change structure...

Management Consultant, Benin

INVOLVE People to Make them LOVE CHANGE

It is important to show people the advantages they'll have when a new organization is implemented. Also they need to be ...

  Amina Bajaber
Student (University), Kenya

How to Make Employees Love Change

Change is inevitable, there has to be change in one way or another, it's unpreventable. To make employees love change, ...

Strategy Consultant, India

Tapping Into Employees' Quest for Change Rather than Driving Them Towards Change

Employees will mostly react favorably when their aspirations are going to be fulfilled by the management. They look forw...

  yanney John Parker
Business Consultant, Ghana

Take Time for Change and Employee Involvement

Change is not an easy thing to come by overnight for employees to embrace it. It takes time before it happens. If emplo...

  Mayta Braun
Business Consultant, Netherlands

People Love Change

Someone once told me that people are 'learning devices'. The implication of this paradigm is that they do love to change...

  Rick Forehand, USA

People don't Resist Change, They Resist Being Changed

To get people to love change, engage them as early as possible in defining the problem and the solution. Everyone can't ...

Consultant, India

Organization Culture of Acceptance of Change

Let's not start with a premise that change will always be resisted or that more often than not, change is not accepted. ...

  Isaac Chanakira
Manager, Australia

The Reason Why Employees are Scared of Change

Over the years employees become experienced in the way they perform their work and this experience commands respect and ...

  E Benshetler
Project Manager, United States

How Trustworthy are You?

Resistance to change, particularly with experienced employees, often happens because of bad experiences with past change...

  Abdelillah ATID
Business Consultant, Morocco

Connect Them to W.I.I. FM

Just connect all of them to following magic radio station: W.I.I. FM Help everyone answer the question: What's In It Fo...

  Guillermo Hasing
Business Consultant, Ecuador

Manage Resistance to Change by Empowerment

People everyday make changes into their personal life, move to another house, get married, have children, develop new co...

  David Ricardo Abaunza
Project Manager, Mexico

Change by Decision versus Imposition

The change has to be seen as a change by external aspects such as a change caused by new market norms, where everybody k...

Student (University), Ecuador

Change Will Be Encouraged by Leaders Inside the Organization

I think all business and activities in our live have this kind of problems, we have to understand them and try to motiva...

  Leodegardo M. Pruna
Professor, Philippines

Without Love and Change, Life Would be Boring

Both love and change are constants and as such they should be welcomed in our lives. Without love and change, life would...

ICT Consultant, Malaysia

Make Things Simple and Adaptable

IMHO, make things simple and adaptable with the level of education they might have (this is for general and average) as ...

  Pedro Danilo Diaz Tueme
HR Consultant, Mexico

To Promote the Change, Act as an Example

The only way to promote the change in our people is acting by example, leading, embracing and promoting the change throu...

  Perla P. Palomares, DPA
Professor, Philippines

Make People Love Change by Personal Creation

What really changes who we are comes from our daily experiences and our reactions to them. It is called personal creatio...

  Ab, Netherlands

Change Management is Out, Personal Leadership is In!

It is all about Personal Leadership. Let people find their own WHY! But this is also important for Managers, CEOs. In o...

Business Consultant

Reaction on How to Initiate Change: Use Kotter's 6 Steps

Simply use Kotter's change principles and apply his six approaches of change management such as creating awareness if th...

  Cosmas Phillip Mwaita
Student (MBA), Zimbabwe

Communicate and Educate and Involve to Make People Love Change

Every situation has advantages and disadvantages, benefits and losses. Human beings by nature weigh benefits and losses ...

  van Holten
Manager, Netherlands

Explain, Involve and Evaluate to Make People Love Change

I believe that if you really want people to adapt to change, you need to make them part of the decision making. The exam...

  Guilluy Olivier
CxO / Board, France

Reluctance to Change?

@Umesh Dharmatti: Human beings are reluctant to change... But on the other hand we are the only big animal capable to ad...

  David Coates
Management Consultant, United Kingdom

Making People Love Change Requires Trust

@E Benshetler: I really like this contribution. It's the only comment to mention Trust (so far) and yet this is the vita...

  Guilluy Olivier
CxO / Board, France

Change Management and Leadership

@Bill Boynton: I agree with you. To initiate change you need to create the awareness of why do we need to change, to ma...

  Conrad Brand, South Africa

Making People Love Change by Change Management Methodologies

Very provocative question posed. A number of responses already highlight various techniques/principles to make people lo...

  Dominique SCHWARZ
HR Consultant, Switzerland

How to Make Change Become a Relief?

When does change become a relief? To love change is only possible when the benefits of the change are more important or ...

  Bill Boynton
Teacher, United States

Management by Chaos

@Andile Ace Kwakweni: Very interesting question. The conditions you expressed I refer to as management by "chaos," and ...

  Fernando Ochoa
Manager, Mexico

To Make People LOVE Change, Start with Awareness of the Need to Change

I believe all replies make sense on the subject. I would add that in order to make people love change, there has to be a...

  Jackeline Molina
Consultant, Dominican Republic

Vision + Organizational Learnig

An understandable vision plus a solid and robust organizational learning system are the keys to motivate and make people...

  Leodegardo M. Pruna
Professor, Philippines

Change and Personal Leadership

@Ab: Personal Leadership would be meaningless unless it recognizes that change happens continuously. That is why Persona...

  eustace n wachira

How to Make People Love Change: Lead by Example

I think change like death is inevitable, but change is elusive. I agree with @Pedro Danilo Diaz Tueme that as a leader, ...

  Ger de Waard
Management Consultant, Netherlands

Ezerman Strategies for Change

I apply the Ezerman model of managing change (Editor: This model uses 7 strategies depending on the level of resistance:...

  Samuell Yew
Project Manager, Malaysia

Precursors to Welcoming Change

Since change is inevitable and is here to stay, better love it than resist it. Remember also what's the point of achievi...

  Hans Havelaar

What is Management by Chaos?

@Bill Boynton: Hi Mr. Boynton, what exactly is management by chaos? Searching on the internet I couldn't find a definiti...

  Ian van Jaarsveld, South Africa

How to Make People Love Change

@Andile Ace Kwakweni: Andile, there is no material difference between public organizations and complex businesses. Chan...

  Maria Montero
Coach, Venezuela

Get People Involved

Briefly, the culture of the organization needs to become flat, so everybody gets involved in the process of change. All ...

  Bill Boynton
Teacher, United States

Clarification of my Use of the Word 'Chaos'

@Hans Havelaar: Management by "Chaos" is a term that I have used through the years, that reflects on managers creating a...

  Allen Mushonga
Student (University), Zimbabwe

How to Make People Love Change

The way you introduce change will have an effect on whether employees will love or hate change. As my other colleagues h...

Manager, Ghana

How to Make Employees Love Change

Some individuals have the habit of resisting change, while others readily accept it. The CEO introducing the change coul...

  Pedro Danilo Diaz Tueme
HR Consultant, Mexico

How to Make Your Particular People Love Change

There's a whole universe of people out there. Everybody is different, and they have their own opinion about everything. ...

  Adrian Cosereanu
Entrepreneur, Canada

Loving Change at the Work Place

Hi all, in my opinion, the change should be a normal state of mind for any employee; they have to think about change lik...

Student (University), Malaysia

How to Make People Love Change

Transformation and change are not easier said than done/implemented, because we need to involve the people as a group an...

  Keith Burnett
Director, United Kingdom

Transform the Change into a Motivator!

As previously mentioned I believe change can embraced if the vision/goal is articulated in such a way that it creates ex...

  Perla P. Palomares, DPA
Professor, Philippines

How to Make People Love Change

Consider that action to (personal) change is like a conversion. One makes careful decisions and then pulls the trigger. ...

  Jozef Van Giel
Strategy Consultant, Belgium

Switch by Chip and Dan Heath is a Good Start

An interesting book on change is "Switch" by Chip and Dan Heath, who based their conclusions on the research of Daniel K...

  Edmundo Biter, Philippines

What's the Reason Why they Should Consider to Change?

There should be a compelling reason why they need to consider change. If that reason would affect what they value most i...

Consultant, India

Change and the Employee Puzzle

How often do we hear an employee with a puzzled expression asking "why change?" And "why now?" And how many times do we ...

  Owoyale, Samuel Olaniyi
Turnaround Manager, Nigeria

Leaders Must Make Employees Love Change

The composition of any organization can be broadly classified as Leaders and Followers. Leaders by their responsibiliti...

  Jafeth Quintanilla
Teacher, Peru

How to Make Employees Love Change

Effectively, people refuse change when they are afraid of it or when they don't know it or when they don't understand it...

  Guillermo Hasing
Business Consultant, Ecuador

Understanding Why People do not Love Change

Take resistance to change as a favorable situation. Leaders should view it as a FEEDBACK OPPORTUNITY. People at daily wo...

Professor, India

How to Make Employees Love Change

In addition to all the points stated above,I would like to add this. We can also exploiting the animal instinct; A cow m...

  Tong Tong
Manager, Cameroon

How to Make Employees Love Change

Change management is a complex issue. But if the employees are involved in the change plan and the expected results are ...

  Guillermo Hasing
Business Consultant, Ecuador

Strategy Knowledge is an Important Factor for Changing

@Bill Boynton: I agree with your theory of chaos, a most important matter is to ensure the entire company know what the ...

Professor, India

How to Make Employees Love Change: Transform the Change Into a Motivator

Transform the change into a motivator is a good strategy. By satisfying one or several of the employee's needs which he...

  Nomi Hattingh

If There is Trust, There is Less Resistance to Change

@Trevor Lindars: I have recently attended a personal development course titled 'Leading at the speed of trust'. The cont...

  Jacob Andrews
Entrepreneur, United Arab Emirates

Belief Based Implementation is Better than Rule Based Implementation

I agree if the leaders try to implement the changes through trust and belief, the transition will be easier than through...

Professor, India

Bottom-up Cases of Employees Loving/Demanding Change

Have any of the consultants come across situations where the demand for change in organizational structure, manufacturin...

  Trevor Lindars, Australia

Change is About More Than Trust

@Nomi Hattingh: Yes, trust is very important as it facilitates positive collaboration. However, leaders do not change pe...

  Gautam Mahajan
CEO, India

Employees Love Change Through Customer Circles

We started Customer Circles at the bottom of the organization. The employees champion and manage the change....

  Jevin k. Kiriago
Student (MBA)

How to Make Employees to Love Change

To add to the above contributions: it's true that - with the current trend of changes in technology, globalization - cha...

Professor, India

Making Employees Love Change / Demand Change

I agree with @Gautam Mahajan. Innovation & change circles at the bottom of the organization just like quality circles. I...

Consultant, India

Inspire Change in Employees

A bottom up approach to change is a good model. I agree with @Trevor Lindars's 'Leaders do not change people but people ...

  Olukayode Oyeleye
Journalist, Nigeria

Communicate Change, Don't Decree It

A dictatorial approach to change management is often met with subtle resistance or outright rejection. Getting it right ...

  Leodegardo M. Pruna
Professor, Philippines

Loving, Anticipating and Owning Change in the Enterprise

The best way to communicate and make employees love change is to make people actively participate in the change process ...

  David H. De Jesus
Director, Saudi Arabia

How to Make Employees Fall in Love with Change

The idea to make employees love change is something not easy. It takes a leader to get the job done. Among circles of em...

  Aamir Firoz Shamsi
Professor, Pakistan

4 Elements to Create Love for Change and a Change Ready Organization

To make people love change is a proactive approach rather than a reactive one. If employees love change, they can make t...

CEO, Ghana

Change is Inevitable and People Love Change

Change is one factor no one can run away from. Everything happens and will keep happening. In an organizational set up, ...

  aziza abubakr

Avoiding Resistance to Change

@Rick Forehand: I agree with you Sir, I think people in an organization resist change because they were not aware about ...

Business Consultant, Venezuela

Why we all say 'People' or 'Employee' when Managers are the ones who Resist?

I think there is a misuse of the term "people". Change is a matter of strong leadership shown by supervisors and middle ...

  Nasir Sajjad
Consultant, Pakistan

Change Should be an Initiative of All

If all are involved in the process of designing the change, then they will not resist it and allow the change to happen ...

  Kamal Hajj
Director, Qatar

Assign the Most Resisting Person as the Champion for Change

When I was a kid at school, if for some reason the teacher had to leave the class for a while, she used to assign the mo...

  Glenn Mallo
Business Consultant, United States

WIFM - Know It. Act on It

I agree understanding the "WIFM" ("What's In For Me") is a powerful self-nudge for folks to adopt and improve upon chang...

  Ria Chander
Strategy Consultant, India

Iceberg - Where?

The change is a mind-game. An iceberg exists in the mind of CEOs; not in the mind of tech-savvy knowledge-workers. Think...

  Bernice A

How to Make Employees Love Change

@E Benshetler: Yes, that's true: Building trust and trustworthiness makes employees willing and ready to listen to any k...

Business Consultant, India

How to Make Engineers Love Change

Normally engineers are conditioned to work in the department of their first job. After a few years in that department, t...

Student (University), South Africa

Make Change Exiting

Employer/Managers think that employees resist change, while actually if correctly communicated and having them involved ...

  Sizenando Miguel
Director, United States

How to Make Employees Love Change

There isn't a way to make employees love change. However, companies can avoid employees hating it or becoming a roadbloc...

  Sandy Szilage
United States

How to Make Employees LOVE Change?

In my opinion, a company that seeks input from employees during early stages of planning a potential change, would make ...

  Tendekai Dzinamarira
Manager, Zimbabwe

Importance of Learning and Development (L&D) in Change Management

Organisations should consider L&D strategies as the most important area of concern before implementing change. Employees...

  peter stevens
Coach, United Kingdom

How to Love Change

I don't use the word change, I ask them what could we do to make your job easier... And I have never met anyone who does...

  Gandhi Heryanto
Management Consultant, Indonesia

McKinsey's Influence Model for Changing Peoples' Mindset and Behavior

McKinsey found in both research and practice that transformations stand the best chance of success when they focus on fo...

  Maurice Hogarth
Consultant, United Kingdom

What's in it for Me?

As many of these postings say, people are not averse to change per se. People like and willingly accept change that is ...


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